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Plant based diet may ease painful skin ulceration of baffling blood vessel disorder
Beta blockers can repair malformed blood vessels in brain
Avoid ‘Double Jeopardy’ of COVID-19 if You Have a Preexisting Condition Like Heart Disease
Brigham Patient, First in U.S. to Receive a Second Face Transplant, Reveals Her New Face
3D biopsies to better understand brain tumors
Swimming upstream on sound waves
Statistically, Not Enough People Take Statins
Stents or bypass surgery more effective for stable patients with high-risk cardiac anatomy: study
Imoukhuede, Payne named AIMBE Fellows
Immunotherapy – targeted drug combination improves survival in advanced kidney cancer
Discovery of a new drug for diabetic retinopathy
Drug trial that could improve respiratory recovery from COVID-19 now underway
How to Maintain your Cardiovascular Health to Prevent Both Heart Attack and Stroke
What happens in mouth … doesn’t stay in mouth
Weill Cornell researchers detect key flaw in brain modeling
Anticancer drug may improve outcome for severe COVID-19 patients
Joyce Wong Elected to National Academy of Inventors
An origami-inspired medical patch for sealing internal injuries
Halved risk for severe retinal disease in extremely premature infants
First patient dosed with a new eye drop to treat one of leading causes of blindness
Our gut-brain connection
Biobased Anti-Thrombosis Agent
New gene variant linked to stroke
Can Fluid-Filled Spaces in Brain Help Us Predict Who Will Develop Dementia?
COVID-19 continues to rage, but so does cardiovascular disease
New discovery shows how living longer can be achieved without eating less
FDA approves new cardiovascular drug based on study’s Canadian VIGOUR Centre
Scientists use novel ink to 3D-print ‘bone’ with living cells
Scientists use 3D printer to print ‘bone’ with living cells
Human pancreatic cancer model offers new opportunities for testing drugs
Chemists invent shape-shifting nanomaterial
Study indicates age has distinct influences on sex-related outcomes after heart attack
Enhancing safety innovation in New Zealand
Timing is of essence when treating brain swelling in mice
New cancer drug could also treat heart disease
Increased blood flow during sleep tied to critical brain function
Disrupted immune cell navigation in lymph nodes of breast cancer patients
Biofriendly protocells pump up blood vessels
Understanding malaria
Neutron Research: Shape of Red Blood Cells Influences Oxygen Transport
All vessels are different – new knowledge on their building blocks can lead to better treatments
Contagion Live: Targeting Lung Blood Vessel Inflammation in COVID-19 Patients
Freedom of design for 3D printing
A leap forward for biomaterials design using AI Data-driven approach allows for advanced material screening
Breathing beneath skin
Virus and vasculature
Does immunothrombosis make coronavirus especially dangerous?
Sweet way to 3D-print blood vessels