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Uncovering new details of brain’s first line of defense
Why do we get teary when we’re tired or sick?
Using light and sound to reveal rapid brain activity in unprecedented detail
How wife recognized signs of stroke and helped save her husband
Choroid plexus volume linked to Alzheimer’s
ATP from sensory neuron-interneuron crosstalk is key to spreading inflammation in Rheumatoid Arthritis
New guideline refines care for brain bleeds: compression socks, some meds not effective
New guideline refines care for brain bleeds
Artery stiffness may predict Type 2 diabetes risk better than BP and standard risk factors
Malaria parasites form vortices
6 ways quitting smoking improves your health
Protein related to Fragile X syndrome may be new target for blood pressure medicines
Repair program for heart
Cardiac progenitor cells generate healthy tissue after heart attack
Artificial intelligence technology accelerates super-resolution localization photoacoustic imaging of blood vessels
Long Covid exercise capacity linked to abnormal blood clotting markers
Targeting molecular pathway that causes pulmonary arterial hypertension
Collaboration Shapes Extracellular Vesicle Retention Strategy
Biotech Developing “Tissue Therapeutics” to Treat Diseased Organs Launches from BU and MIT Labs
Study finds large differences in heart attack care across six high income countries
Research pushes closer to new therapy for pancreatic cancer
Research finds effect of extended space flight on astronauts’ brains
New data revealed about origin of circulatory system during development
Leveraging science of hibernation to improve human heart health
UNC blood clot expert working with NASA to study blood flow, clot formation in zero gravity
Lasting brain impacts of severe Covid equivalent to 20 years of ageing
Cognitive impairment from severe Covid equivalent to 20 years of ageing, study finds
New research could help identify babies at risk of brain bleeds
New cardiac defibrillator much safer for patients
Researchers detail brain dynamics implicated in neurological conditions
Novel therapy ameliorates obesity and Type 2 diabetes fed high-fat diet
Biomedical engineering and wonders of plasma technologies
Scientists prove diseased blood vessels communicate with brain
3D bimodal photoacoustic ultrasound imaging to diagnose peripheral vascular diseases
Pfizer and Biohaven’s VYDURA Granted First Ever Marketing Authorization by European Commission for Both Acute Treatment of Migraine
Scientists to trial world-first long-acting injection for high blood pressure
Blood test allows to differentiate severe Covid from preeclampsia in pregnant women
Six KU Leuven researchers receive ERC Advanced Grant
New evidence of how exercise can counter diabetes damage
Researchers develop patent-pending IV injection treatment for sepsis
How blood vessels restructure under pressure
New discoveries about origin of brain’s immune system
Fungal meningitis spreads in brain by blocking and bursting blood vessels
Fungal meningitis spreads by blocking and bursting blood vessels
Providing potential treatment option to infants where there is none
Flexible printable electrical patches for accelerated wound healing
Bone growth protein might help more newborns survive severe lung disorders
Novel treatment effective for sidewall brain aneurysm