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Undiagnosed autistic traits common among youths with substance use disorders
Research finds on how veterans’ health, well-being changes during first three years after discharge
Men who worry more may develop heart disease and diabetes risk factors at younger ages
Feelings of fatigue predict death in older adults
Covid vaccines do not cause infertility
Covid vaccination does not reduce chances of conception, study suggests
New hospital certification evaluates quality of care for most complex, critically ill cardiac patients
Uncovering Covid’s Hidden Deaths in US
Ivermectin Rx for Covid: Insurance coverage doesn’t match evidence
Could COVID Pandemic and Vaccine Hesitancy Let HPV, Polio, and Measles Return?
North Pole solar eclipse excited auroras on other side of world
Extreme Heat Could Impact Young and Middle-Aged Adults More than Older Adults
Reducing air pollution could lower dementia risk
Why Do We All Feel Touch Differently?
Ditching cigarettes for smokeless tobacco can help cut cardiovascular risks, study finds
New comprehensive map of portal to cell’s nucleus
Autism screenings in early intervention services can increase diagnoses by 60 percent
Lottery-based incentives do not increase Covid vaccination: research
Research reveals no significant link between in-person schooling and COVID infection rates
Why it is tricky to use race-based prediction for disease outcome
Gains in HPV vaccination coverage after interventions sustainable for several years
Deadly Car Accidents Involving Cannabis and Alcohol Have Doubled in 20 Years
Apps show promise to help heavy drinkers age 21-25 cut back
Amplified signal and extreme sensitivity: on trail of light dark matter particles
Engineering Scholar Greg Blonder Elected to National Academy of Inventors
PPPL continues to expand research portfolio by hiring head of Strategic Partnerships
PPPL continues efforts to expand research portfolio by hiring David Zimmerman to its Strategic Partnership Office
Flutist Marianne Gedigian to join Rice’s Shepherd School of Music
On Alaska’s Glaciers, Life Is Harsh-and So Is Reality of Climate Change
Research reveals Covid pandemic exacerbated anxiety and depression in racial and ethnic minority children
MRI’s may be initial window into CTE diagnosis in living
Research reveals that consumption of pro-inflammatory diet linked to increased odds of frailty onset
How Technology Has Transformed Social and Behavioral Research
Another Breakthrough for Team Studying Our Solar System’s Protective Bubble
SARS-CoV-2 variants are evolving new ways to evade antibodies, vaccines
Researchers develop two-photon microscope that provides unprecedented brain-imaging ability
Human Rights Activist and Music Educator André de Quadros Recognized for Career Dedicated to Justice and Arts
Extreme heat is threat to wider range of people than we thought
With Covid Booster Shots Recommended for All US Adults, Infectious Disease Experts Weigh In
Scientists report novel findings for breast cancer patients with obesity, diabetes
Five Studies Pushing Limits of Science
Children with CMV infection by age 1 more likely to develop tuberculosis in childhood
Health disparities and equitable access to health care persist with transgender adults
Hypertension may increase risk of developing epilepsy
Scientists discover unique metabolic vulnerabilities of subsets of triple-negative breast cancer
Unstable housing, homelessness linked to Covid re-infection
Air pollution disproportionally affects people of color, lower-income residents in DC
Air pollution disproportionally affects people of color, lower-income residents in D.C