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Are tropical forests threatened by democracy?
Bursaries bringing international students back to WA’s regions
AFPA congratulates international Blue Sky Award recipients
Global Food Prices Continue to Decline: FAO
WHO Releases Landmark Docs on Leishmaniasis
Global food prices decline further in January
Azerbaijan’s Cotton Productivity Boosted by Climate-Smart Farming
Fewer Medals for Host Nations at Olympics
Research Warns of Harmful Effects of Repressive Training for Gymnasts
US State Dept. Names Human Rights Defenders of Year
Breakthroughs for Early Childhood Development in LMICs
Yanomami People in Brazil Face Humanitarian Crisis
Oldest Backboned Animal Brain Preserved In Fossilized Fish
Ultra-processed foods may be linked to increased risk of cancer
Link Between Ultra-Processed Foods & Cancer Risk Found
White House Welcomes President Lula of Brazil
WHO Elects Jarbas Barbosa as Regional Director for Americas
Fishing in tandem brings benefits for people and dolphins
Mechanism Identified to Intensify Cancer Treatment Pain
Diplomats Visit Khan Al Ahmar Ahead of Demolition
‘Oldest Marine Crocodile Discovered on Jurassic Coast’
COVID-19: Muscle Loss Tied to Persistent Symptoms, Study Finds
Radioactive Capsule Lost on WA Highway: What to Know
City welcomes 300 new Australian citizens
UNSC Reviews Peacekeeping Mission Amid Mali Crisis
Exploring rich traditions of Brazilian music
New Technique Developed to Obtain Chemical Inputs Without CO2 Emission
Snacking on Tree Nuts Tied to Lower Cardiovascular Risk, Serotonin Boost
WHO Adds Meds List for Radiation Emergencies
Queensland: Australia’s Deforestation Epicentre
Poor Literacy Linked to Poor Mental Health: Study
UK Backs Expansion of UN Security Council
1/3 of Amazon Rainforest Degraded by Humans: Study
1/3 Amazon Rainforest Degraded by Human Activity: Scientists
EU Consumers Outsource Environmental Damage to East Europe
Bioprinted Skin May Replace Animals in Cosmetics, Drug Testing
Brazilian Forest Benefits with Indigenous Communities’ Legal Land Rights
Indigenous Rights Protect Brazil’s Atlantic Forest from Land Grabs
FIFA Sets Record with 2022 Global Transfer Report
WHO, Gilead Extend Agreement to Boost Visceral Leishmaniasis Access
Sudan Refuses ICC, UNSC Called to Act
Sanctions, War Worsen Syria Crisis: Envoy Tells Security Council
SFU Study: Shark, Ray Populations Recovering in NW Atlantic
Citizenship ceremony leads change and celebrates diversity
UK appoints Advocate to Boost Defence Exports
Sanctions Offer Hope for Haiti’s Recovery: SC Told
Online Trade in Jaguar Parts Poses Widespread Threat: WCS
Brazil’s Largest City Sees Increase in Leisure Facilities, Mainly Targeting High-Income Areas