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Advancing industry convergence through technology and innovation
HSF advises PTTEP on Brazilian oilfield divestment
Visceral leishmaniasis elimination: India gears-up to overcome last-mile challenges
Brazil partners with WFP to provide personal protective equipment to Government of Zambia
NASA’s 10th Space Apps Challenge Increases Global Participation
FSU researchers find La Niña increases carbon export from Amazon River
Witchcraft killings of people with albinism has risen during Covid pandemic, says UN expert
Witchcraft killings of people with albinism rose during pandemic – UN expert
Long-Term Policies Key to Integrating Refugees and Migrants from Venezuela, New MPI-IOM Report Finds
Covid infections rise, Delta variant spreads to 132 countries
World’s climate change progress since 2019 is (mostly) bad news
Aggressive marketing has driven rise of double-cab ute on New Zealand streets – time to hit brakes?
Topical Molecular Imaging Tracer Enables Real-Time Detection of Cervical Cancer
Videos of cosmic proportions
To ensure supply of top 3 drugs used to treat COVID-19, it’s time to boost domestic medicine manufacturing
What we know about SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant
‘Lack of global solidarity’, slow vaccination rates put Indonesia in COVID glare
Farmers are ‘lifeblood of our food systems’, deputy UN chief highlights ahead of key summit
Executive Director attends G20 meeting in Naples
Insights can help inform design of broadly protective COVID-19 vaccine boosters
New ‘atlas’ charts how antibodies attack spike protein variants
Leading to achieve universal connectivity
Release of second genome sequence for eucalypt causes stir among scientists
Women in sport are changing game
Research points to remotely supervised exercise classes as best option during lockdown
Burden of oral diseases in emerging countries
COVID-19 lockdowns: cure is not worse than disease
1.5 million children worldwide have lost parent, grandparent, or caregiver due to COVID-19
Take action to harness unique contribution of plant genetic innovation, government urged
Research links vaccine immune response to age
Research innovates in gluten-free formulations, creating more palatable and nutritious bread
Major international legal report backs growing institutional investor focus on achieving positive sustainability impacts
Finalists of 2021 Global Chemical Leasing Award announced
Lockdown health impact better than Covid
Global study estimates 1.5 million children have lost caregiver from COVID-19
More than 1.5 million children lost primary or secondary caregiver due to COVID-19 pandemic
Researchers tap into how we might better manage water
Study links Research refutes suspicion that dengue increases risk of microcephaly to zika
Starbugs to boldly go further into astronomy’s final frontiers
Role of Amazon as carbon sink declines: Nature study
Tomato fruits send electrical warnings to rest of plant when attacked by insects
Lockdowns reveal inequities in opportunities for walking activities
Epicentre of major Amazon droughts and fires saw 2.5 billion trees and vines killed
OPCW supports Member States from Latin America and Caribbean to improve hazard communication and prevent chemical incidents
Three key habitat-building corals face worrying future due to climate crisis
Long COVID: Unpicking lasting impact of COVID-19
ICC marks 17 July, Day of International Criminal Justice
Individual protected areas in Amazonia differ greatly in how effectively they help to fight deforestation and carbon emissions