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Cyprus Copper Deposits Fueled Bronze Age Trade Hub
Neolithic Ceramics Show Dairy Processing from Mixed Species Milk
World’s First Horse Riders
First Horse Riders Discovered in Ancient World
Bronze Age Mycenae Well Reveals Ancient Animal Resources
Prehistoric Orkney research project wins top Archaeology Award
Steel Was Already Used in Europe 2900 Years Ago
Early Brain Surgery Found in Ancient Near East: Archaeologists
Brothers Get Ancient Brain Surgery in Bronze Age Israel
Nation to Save Thousands of Treasures with Changed Rules
Drought Speeds Fall of Ancient Empire: Research
Rare drought coincided with Hittite Empire collapse
Caribou Using Arctic Grounds for 3000 Years
Humans Linked to Blue-Green Algae Growth in Lakes for Millennia
Bronze Age Balearic Eating, Social Habits Documented in Study
Marriage in Minoan Crete
Global Database Transforms MOD Historic Site Management
10,000 Yrs of Immune System Evol. Unveiled via Paleogenomics
Genetic History of Scandinavia Revealed Through 2000 Years
Ancient goldworking toolkit from burial near Stonehenge revealed
Gold from Troy, Poliochni and Ur All had Same Origin
First sentence ever written in Canaanite language discovered
Collaboration between Earth Sciences and Archaeology: technology, resources, and synthesis
Why Tutankhamun’s tomb remains one of greatest archaeological discoveries ever made
Discover: Ancient DNA suggests Griffin Warrior ruled his homeland
Stone spheres could be from Ancient Greek board game
Detailing Disastrous Autumn Day in Ancient Italy
World’s Earliest Evidence of Opium Use
Social resistance of Bronze Age communities in response to emerging state societies in Iberian Peninsula
Archaeology: Griffin Warrior was likely local aristocrat
DNA analysis reveals Griffin Warrior ruled his Greek homeland
Southern Arc and its lively genetic history
Prehistoric roots of ‘cold sore’ virus traced through ancient herpes DNA
Archaeological features identified at Seaford Head site
UK’s first magnet refinery given huge financial boost as first ever strategy for supply of critical minerals published
Bronze Age enclosure could offer earliest clues on origins of Cardiff
Industrial manufacturing of wool and wool textiles in Bronze Age Italy
3400-year-old city emerges from Tigris River
Where were Herod Great’s royal alabaster bathtubs quarried?
Genetic origins of world’s first farmers clarified
Livestock and Dairying Led To Dramatic Social Changes in Ancient Mongolia, U-m Study Shows
Livestock and dairying led to dramatic social changes in ancient Mongolia
Research finally answers what Bronze Age daggers were used for
Study reveals Stonehenge landscape before world-famous monument
Ancient skeletons reveal history of worm parasites in Britain
Ancient art and genetics combine to reveal origin of world’s most expensive spice
Manchester academic’s book wins prestigious Current Archaeology prize
Advancement in Hepatitis B cell lines step forward in discovering new treatments