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Density, benign disease raise risk of breast cancer
Cervical cancer screening happens less often among sexual minority individuals
Benefits of PSA prostate cancer screening found to be more favorable than previous estimates, especially for blacks
Alarming rise in esophageal cancer and Barrett’s esophagus in middle-aged adults
Small Spot of Skin Cancer Can have Big Impact
Improving care and wellbeing of Cancer survivors
Proclamation on National Women’s Health Week, 2022
Age at initiation of endoscopy, colorectal cancer risk among women
Study links Emphysema severity to higher lung cancer risk
Study finds rural cancer patients are missing out on key information
Cancer rates declining in Canada but cases, deaths increasing because of demographic factors
Indonesia takes an impressive step toward cervical cancer control
Does multiple sclerosis play role in cancer screening and diagnosis?
Collaboration Between Leading Health Organizations Aims to Advance Access to Health Care in Communities of Color
Researchers develop model to predict patients with poor lung cancer outcomes
Research suggests over half of eligible women would prefer self-sampling for cervical screening
Less prostate cancer screening reduces overdiagnosis but may miss aggressive cases
Five ways Cancer Council NSW is helping to deliver NSW Cancer Plan
University Researcher Develops New Method for Detecting Tumor Cells
Increased aortic diameter raises risk of heart attack, stroke
Cancer Council welcomes announcement of 2022 -2027 NSW Cancer Plan
Research talent to work on AI, photonics and energy with Veni grant
Research reveals smoking increased in those trying to quit during Covid
Mammography decline seen among breast cancer survivors
Concerning decline in annual screening for breast cancer survivors identified in JNCCN
1 in 3 UK cancer patients diagnosed as emergencies, but not ‘UK-only’ problem
Research led by Case Western Reserve University demonstrates high prevalence of cancer among men living with HIV
Research investigates assumptions about colonoscopy accuracy
Artificial intelligence may improve diabetes diagnosis
Gene deletion behind anomaly in blood cancer cells
Mount Sinai Health System Launches Mobile Prostate Cancer Screening Unit in New York City
Greater awareness of key bowel cancer risk factors needed, new research finds
Dorothy Keefe reappointed as CEO
New hope for Australians affected by pancreatic cancer
Karen Lu honored by AACR for contributions to cancer research
Likelihood of lung cancer screening by health status, race, ethnicity
Cancer incidence in China and USA
Study shows long-term safety of genetically modified immune effector cells
2022 Budget deserves an F
AI Shows Potential in Breast Cancer Screening Programs
Federal Health Budget: steady as she goes, not transformational
Colon Cancer Is Skewing Younger
New method increases preventive health screenings for older patients
SGO 2022 Special Edition
Research finds and addresses US cancer screening deficits due to Covid pandemic
MRI innovation makes cancerous tissue light up and easier to see
‘Worm-on-a-chip’ device could someday help diagnose lung cancer
Columbia Nursing Offers First Certification in Transgender, Non-Binary Care