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Women seeking help for unmet needs often overdue for cervical cancer screenings
Cancer DNA blood tests validated by international research team
Cancer DNA blood tests validated by international research t
Most U.S. adults who vape want to quit, study finds
Columbia Nursing to Offer First Certificate of Professional Achievement in Transgender Health Care
Genes associated with increased risk of cervical cancer identified
Early breast cancer care largely safe and effective in pandemic
Drop-in centre provides a lifeline for sex workers in Ethiopia
Lynch Syndrome: Know your risk for susceptibility to cancer
American College of Surgeons urges patients to schedule cancer screening sooner rather than later
AI method can detect precursors to cervical cancer
People searching for objects in 3D image stacks are less successful than those searching for same objects
ABC News: Impact of pandemic cancer screening pause
High blood pressure controlled in only 2 out of 5 UK cases despite treatment
Expanded lung cancer screening eligibility would save lives
New WHO/IAEA publication provides guidance on radiotherapy equipment to fight cancer
HPV-DNA testing most effective approach to detect cervical precancer among women living with HIV
National Cancer Screening Register – Healthcare provider portal and clinical software integration
Case Comprehensive Cancer Center researchers to lead Northeast Ohio initiative to increase prostate cancer screening
Regular breast checks by trained health workers linked to fewer breast cancer deaths in India
Researchers sound alarm on disparities in lung cancer screening
Researchers develop test to measure effect of breast cancer gene variants
Race, income, education affect access to 3D mammography
Take-At-Home Tests Boost Colorectal Cancer Screening Tenfold for Health Center Serving Minorities
World Cancer Day 2021: Supporting Australians living with cancer
5 cancer research breakthroughs of past 20 years
National Cancer Screening Register – cervical cancer
ACS endorses resuming cancer screening and treatment with leading cancer organizations
Have your say – National Cancer Screening Register Survey
South Australia leading way on immunisation and cancer screening
New Report Calculates COVID-19’s Cost on Lung Cancer Progress, Outlines Recommendations
Why you should get screened for cancer
Thousands of patients may have undiagnosed and untreated bowel cancer due to COVID-19 disruption
Study shows sharp decline in cancer screenings and diagnoses during first COVID-19 surge
Raman Spectroscopy Shows Promise for Diagnosing Oral Cancer
RACGP urges patients to look after their health Pandemic disrupting lung cancer screening
Virtual kidney transplant evaluation allows patients to be evaluated from home
Local 12: Lung cancer screening and COVID-19
Sixfold increase in risk
Study: pandemic’s impact on lung cancer
Cancer risk from obesity differs for men and women
Can mammogram screening be more effective?
How COVID-19 changed way Australians used health services in 2019-20
Novel genomic tools increase accuracy of breast cancer risk assessment
Kimmie Ng, MD, MPH of Young-Onset Colorectal Cancer Center Receives Colorectal Cancer Alliance Grant for Microbiome
New treatment could spare early-stage rectal cancer patients life-altering side effects
Perfect solution for improving health of nation