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Testosterone levels affect risk of metabolic disease and cancers
Patient-partnered research finds clues about a rare cancer’s genetic roots
Limited Submission Opportunity: V Foundation 2020 V Clinical Scholar Program
EUTOPIA invests €10.2m in young researchers tackling real-world challenges
Personalized cancer vaccines
Optical Society Names Toshiki Tajima 2020 Charles Hard Townes Award Winner
IAEA Ministerial Conference Commits to Strengthening Nuclear Security Amid Concerns About Global Threats
What Fuels a “Domino Effect” in Cancer Drug Resistance?
Major project for Munich neurosciences
Single HPV Vaccine Dose May Be Effective Against Cervical Cancer
Toxic hospital waste attracts an EPA fine
New fitness initiative encourages over 65s to Get Moving
Second wind: New technology to help diagnose and manage respiratory diseases
How some mammals pause their pregnancies
Bridging gap between AI and clinic
Researchers learn how cancer-causing stomach bacterium Helicobacter maintains its shape
What’s in North Carolina Drinking Water?
IAEA Partners with UNAIDS to Tackle Cervical Cancer
Novel techniques for mining patented gene therapies offer promising treatment options for cancers
Gut hormone can increase risk of cardiovascular disease
Mechanism of signal transmission in blood cell development deciphered
CHEOPS space telescope takes its first pictures
Funding focus on children’s brain cancer
Combined drug treatment for lung cancer and secondary tumors
Inspirational volunteer’s community work recognised
Sun safety for your eyes
Bowel screening programme detects cancer in 500 New Zealanders
New cancer fighting equipment in action
Collaboration lets researchers ‘read’ proteins for new properties
CRISPR-Edited Immune Cells Can Survive and Thrive After Infusion into Cancer Patients
Cold plasma patch could make immunotherapy more effective for treating melanoma, study finds
£1.5 billion to deliver Government commitment for 50 million more general practice appointments
EPFL spin-off Lunaphore raises 23 million francs
Breakthrough made on next big step to building world’s most powerful particle accelerator
Voting Begins On New Fire Rescue Victoria Badge
‘Sandpit’ workshop in Mexico results in research project to prove diagnostic potential of saliva for breast cancer
“Phoenix” helps to treat bone cancer without reducing bones’ strength
Researchers say: Tan your mushrooms, not your skin
New data uncovers why people aren’t eating enough fruit and veg
CD19 CAR NK-cell therapy achieves 73% response rate in patients with leukemia and lymphoma
Why BU Environmental Researcher Nathan Phillips Is on a Hunger Strike
Researchers discover new cancer-causing mutations in genes’ control switches
Dismantling drug resistance in colorectal cancer
Unprecedented exploration generates most comprehensive map of cancer genomes to date
Most comprehensive map of cancer genome to date
Breakthrough made towards building world’s most powerful particle accelerator
World’s most powerful particle accelerator one big step closer
Study provides new understanding of mitochondria genome with potential for new avenues of treatment for multiple cancers