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Is myeloperoxidase key to preventing heart attack and stroke?
Gut bacteria can make blood pressure medication less effective
Tempus and Geisinger find ECG-based AI model can predict undiagnosed structural heart disease
New gene identified in arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy
Researchers Find States that Require CPR Training in Schools Have Higher Rates of Bystander CPR
Device to be tested to halt vessel bleeds near heart
Requiring CPR/AED training in schools can improve OHCA rates
Low glycaemic index diet helps heart patients lose weight
Low glycemic index diet helps heart patients lose weight
Alcohol may be more risky to heart than previously thought
Taste buds can adapt to low salt diet
Being unmarried is associated with higher risk of death in heart failure patients
Study links Being unmarried to higher risk of death in heart failure patients
SCAI issues official guidelines for management of patent foramen ovale
Alternative to open heart surgery just as effective for patients with common heart condition
2022 Andreas Grüntzig Ethica Award: Nursing and Allied Professional Community, at heart of cardiovascular care
University of Colorado School of Medicine research defines role of HDAC6 in regulating heart stiffness
Take herbal supplements with dose of caution
El programa de apoyo dirigido mejoró la presión arterial entre adultos negros e hispanos en Bronx
Hormonal changes during menopause are directly related to decline in cardiovascular health
Protein related to Fragile X syndrome may be new target for blood pressure medicines
Screening Some Sooner May Reduce Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Diabetes Diagnosis, Researchers Show
Hypertensive pregnancy disorders linked to higher risk of cardiac events later in life
Heart Failure 2022: improving outcomes for all patients with heart failure
Study Finds Pandemic Led to Decline in Exercise Performance in Children and Young Adults
ACNAP-EuroHeartCare Congress 2022: working with patients to manage cardiovascular disease
Remote programming of cardiac implantable devices is safe for MRI scan
Mending Heart: UVA Discovery Could Lead to Better Heart Attack Outcomes
New cardiac defibrillator much safer for patients
Covid vaccine technique shows promise for heart disease
Covid vaccine technique reveals promise for heart disease
New evidence of how exercise can counter diabetes damage
Western University researchers urge legislation to end organ donation anonymity
Making Game of It: Contests Help New Moms Increase Their Steps
New 14-storey tower at Nepean Hospital
SCAI releases new position statement on percutaneous transaxillary arterial access and training
Johns Hopkins Children’s Center Doctors Fix Hole to Save Newborn Baby
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Launches Research Institute Dedicated to Advancing Care of Pediatric Cardiovascular Diseases
Hypertension center certification is big deal. Here’s why
Pushing boundaries of cardiovascular science: get ready for FCVB 2022
Study shows treating mild preexisting high blood pressure during pregnancy improves outcomes for parents and babies
Sex specific guidelines needed to accurately treat women
International study finds heart inflammation rare among people hospitalized with Covid
History of allergies may be linked to increased risk of high blood pressure, heart disease
Unique team gives mom and babies fighting chance
UC Davis Health offers new, dedicated Pediatric Pulmonary Hypertension Program
Insights into dynamic ultrastructure of heart
Aga Khan University Signs MOU with Baylor College of Medicine