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Circadian clock makes sure plant cells have time of their lives
Making patterns visible
Scientists identify key mechanism controlling skin regeneration
New research uncovers key factor controlling ear development at early stages
Amphioxus Sequencing Gives Insight on Vertebrate Evolution
Pushing T cells down “memory lane” may improve cancer therapy
Black box behind embryonic development
Killer T vs. memory – DNA isn’t destiny for T cells
T cell behavior determines which tumors respond to treatment
T cell behavior determines immunotherapy success
Mount Sinai’s Woojin Han, PhD, Receives NIH Stephen I. Katz Early Stage Investigator R01 Award
Study identifies new protection mechanism in breast cancer
Research finds new protection mechanism in breast cancer
SKI Researchers Discover new twist on an 80-year-old biochemical pathway
Scientists develop “musical dish” to induce osteogenic differentiation through music derived microstretch with variable frequency
First-of-its-kind live imaging leads to major discovery in how cells pattern in tissues
Fat’s unexpected role in muscle stem cell fate
Scientists unveil enigma of vulnerability of Achilles tendon
B-cell signaling factors essential for immunological memory in infections and vaccines discovered
Immune and inflammation researchers win 2021 Burnet Prize
New recessive neurodevelopmental disorder identified
Bioengineers find new way heart valves grow – and go wrong
CRISPR/Cas9-directed epigenetic editing
Cells act in unison when next to each other
New findings about cancer cell growth may hold promise for future cancer treatments
Fgr and Numb in retinoic differentiation and G0 arrest of non-APL AML cells
To die or not to die in response to stress, decision regulated by MK2 protein levels
Interdisciplinary team researches potential treatments for intervertebral disc disease
Vital role of PHC1 in maintaining pluripotency
Aging: Cdkn1a transcript variant 2 is a marker of aging and cellular senescence
Researchers reveal key information about how genes turn on and off
Finer touch for tuning stem cell “fate” with substrates of varying stiffness
Sperm development linked to testicular cancer
Researchers map metabolic signaling machinery for producing memory T cells
Unlocking mystery behind skeletal aging
Technique tracks gene expression changes as cells change