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New method for micromanipulation goes into practice
Gene Mutations Disrupt RNA Disposal Process
Evidence Presented for Billion-Year Arms Race Between Viruses and Hosts
Cruise Control System Protects RNA Levels in Rett Syndrome Nerve Cells
Insight Into Gene Regulation Process Structure
Wiggly proteins guard genome
How wiggly spaghetti guard genome
Loops in our DNA
New research sheds light on how circadian rhythms work
Membrane Proteins of Cyanobacteria and Higher Organisms Share High Structural Similarity in Newly Discovered Relatives
Molecular biology: DNA packaging supports cell division
DNA Packaging Aids in Cell Division, Molecular Biology Study Shows
CNIO Researchers Unravel Function of Protein Creating DNA Loops in Human Genome
Cytoskeleton Components Boost Power of Sex Hormones
Patrys’ Preclin. Data Backs Synthetic Lethality Mech
Study identifies human genes enabling SARS-CoV-2 infection
Paul Ehrlich Prize Sheds Light on Immune System’s Origins
New Fluorescent Probes for Microenvironmental Monitoring Created
New Molecular Mechanism Found to Aid Planarian Regeneration
Epigenetics, Math Team Up to Fight Cancer Cells
Common Liver Disease Trigger Discovered
UVA Identifies Trigger for World’s Most Common Liver Disease
Protein droplets may cause many types of genetic disease
Long-standing mystery about mRNAs resolved
Group Leader Gets € for Pioneering RNA Research
Building better biopsy
Chloroplast from father
Research Reveals Fruit Fly Circadian Clock Mechanisms
Shedding light on origin of complex life forms
6 Neurodegenerative Diseases Show Shared and Unique Cell Changes
Uncovering Origins of Complex Life Forms
Mammalian Genome Reveals Record-Breaking Diversity
Stresses and Hydrodynamics-Scientists Uncover New Organizing Principles of Genome
Uncovering Glucocorticoid Receptor’s Remarkable Flexibility
Uncovering Keys to Quality Sleep
Antiviral defenses regulate gut function and overall gut health
Team from UB and IBUB reveals extraordinary plasticity of glucocorticoid receptor
Protein Spheres Protect Genome of Cancer Cells
Metcalf Prize awarded to WEHI stem cell researcher
Molecular monitoring of RNA regulation
Key to erroneous activation of immune system
Donation towards new advanced microscope and competence centre
COVID is a ‘smart virus’ that can affect DNA – but that doesn’t mean you can pass it on to your kids
First-ever genetic analysis of Neanderthal family paints fascinating picture of close-knit community
First-ever genetic analysis of a Neanderthal family paints a fascinating picture of a close-knit community
Gene activity in test tube
Commander in cell’s production room
Novel technique reveals surprising way to suppress tumor cells