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Linker histone’s surprising partnership with single-stranded DNA
New NYU Abu Dhabi research could make cancer treatments more efficient
Why do some experience repeated miscarriages? Research may help us
Protein protects cells from stressful forces, and diseases such as muscular dystrophy, by forming ‘nanoclusters’
New protein structures to aid rational drug design
Protecting fungi
Novel supramolecular CRISPR-Cas9 carrier enables more efficient genome editing
Scientists discover potential key missing link protein bridging eukaryotes and prokaryotes
How immune cells enter tissue
Study of skin biopsies offers potential as new diagnostic marker for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Yukiko Yamashita, unraveler of stem cells’ secrets
RNA map of cell nucleus reveals new insights into gene regulation and cell division
Molecular pathway driving maladaptive processes in heart failure elucidated by scientists at Lewis Katz School of Medicine
Mitosis revealed in detail
Scientists identify shuttle protein required for nuclear import of proteins essential for organ growth and development
Scientists Reveal How Sleeping Immune Cells ‘Wake’ to Confront Familiar Foes
Scientists discover new mechanism involved in learning and memory
Carcinogenesis: important findings on intracellular signal transmission
Researchers profile FDA-approved drugs to potentially treat hundreds of genetic disorders
Untangling DNA replication mystery may lead to new antimalarial drugs
New treatment target ID’d for radiation-resistant cervical cancer
In Down syndrome cells, genome-wide disruptions mimic senescence-like state
New comprehensive map of portal to cell’s nucleus
Live cell DNA architecture in real time
Missing genetic switch at origin of malformations
Researchers call for standards for Biological Imaging
Stem cell memories may drive wound repair-and chronic disease
Critical conflict in cancer cells
By putting cancer cells to sleep, new drug could prevent tumor metastasis
Illuminating dark matter in human DNA
UTSW findings advance RAS inhibitors for use in fighting more cancers
Pernette Verschure appointed professor by special appointment of Functional Dynamics of Epigenome
Researchers identify new pathways to target breast cancer
New active agent against parasites
Machine learning offers high-definition glimpse of how genomes organize in single cells
Scientists Find Toxic Buildup in Eyes of Patients With Blinding Macular Degeneration
Toxic DNA buildup in eyes may drive blinding macular degeneration
New insights into how KLF4 influences gene expression
Microneedle patch delivers Covid DNA vaccine; doesn’t require cold storage
How resistant germs transport toxins at molecular level
German Cross of Merit for former EMBL Director General
Dual-action breast cancer compounds aim to overcome common drug-resistance issues
How to produce proteins at right speed
How to produce proteins at right speed
Evolutionary ‘time travel’ reveals enzyme’s origins, possible future designs
Evolutionary ‘time travel’ finds enzyme’s origins, possible future designs
Machine learning discovers new sequences to boost drug delivery
Researchers discover interior organization of nucleolus