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New CMJ review article examines link between bacterial infection and colorectal cancer
Gene therapy reveals promise in treating neuropathy from spinal cord injuries
Targeting molecular pathway that causes pulmonary arterial hypertension
Molecular glue for turning on human cell pluripotency
University Researcher Develops New Method for Detecting Tumor Cells
Sugar-coated nanoparticles target macrophages, reverse pulmonary fibrosis
Two-faced protein both inhibits and activates B cell receptor signaling
Lee Ellis honored by AACR for contributions to education and training in cancer research
Mathematicians Identify Key Source of Cell-to-Cell Variability in Cell Signaling
Ludwig Stanford study solves long-sought protein structure, shows how mutation drives blood cancers
Cancer cells’ iron addiction may enable specific drug targeting
Unusual partners aid blood vessel growth
Northrop Grumman Sends NASA Science, Cargo to International Space Station
Research lays foundation for prevention of most common childhood cancer
Awards & Accolades 5 February
Localis-rex: new tool for studying electrophile signaling
Blocking sphingolipids counteracts muscular dystrophy
NASA TV to Air SpaceX Cargo Dragon Departure from Space Station
B-cell signaling factors essential for immunological memory in infections and vaccines discovered
Scientists find new details about how immune system builds long-term memory
Researchers find new details about how immune system builds long-term memory
Researchers Reveal Structure of Itch Receptors on Cells
Targeting Stem Cell Signaling Could Halt Liver Cancer Progression Elucidating novel therapeutic target
Probing How Microbiomes Affect Our Health
UConn Immunology Researcher Unraveling Relationship Between Cytokines and Colorectal Cancer
Dana-Farber’s Philip Kranzusch receives prestigious New Innovator Award from National Institutes of Health
Natural compound in basil may protect against Alzheimer’s pathology
Glycerin is safe, effective in psoriasis model
Differences in cellular signaling offer clues to insulin resistance
Proteins that outwit emerging and re-emerging viruses
Organoid success finds potential target for future treatment of biliary atresia
New insights for sepsis therapeutics
Mechanism Underlying Most Common Cause of Epileptic Seizures Revealed
For psoriasis, targeting skin protein may help control inflammation
Research yields insights into chronic rejection after lung transplantation
Treatment with endothelial cells reverses emphysema in model
Cancer: information theory to fight resistance to treatments
Virginia Tech scientists uncover how molecule improves appearance of surgery scars
Browne lab Earns NIH Grant to Study Cannabis Effects on HIV Reservoir
Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor Structures Uncover Mechanisms of Class C GPCR Dimerization and Activation
A new model of Alzheimer’s progression
UNE’s Karen Houseknecht part of NIH-funded study on sympathetic nervous system-associated bone loss
Early Feasibility Study Shows Flickering Lights and Sound Could Be New Weapon Against Alzheimer’s
Zhu Lab Explains Inhibitory Role of World’s Most Famous Molecule
UO project finds communications risks in a Cascadia quake
Gene therapy in alzheimer’s disease mouse model preserves learning and memory
Method offers inexpensive imaging at scale of virus particles
Conformational Equilibria in GPCRs provides critical clues about activation mechanisms