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Researchers seek to improve success of chimeric antigen receptor-T cell therapy in non-Hodgkin lymphoma
Updates on gene therapy for ‘bubble boy’ disease and cellular immunotherapy at ASGCT
Repair program for heart
Cardiac progenitor cells generate healthy tissue after heart attack
Intranasal human milk as stem cell therapy in preterm infants with intraventricular hemorrhage
Developing Cancer Treatments in Space
New toolkit to engineer safe and efficient therapeutic cells
Cell treatment slows disease in Duchenne muscular dystrophy patients
Researchers load CAR-T cells with oncolytic virus to treat solid cancer tumors
Key protein facilitates regeneration of liver blood vessels
Specialized liver blood vessel identity factor required for regeneration
Penn Researchers Shorten Manufacturing Time for CAR T Cell Therapy
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Establishes Susan S. and Stephen P. Kelly Center for Cancer Immunotherapy
Mount Sinai’s Woojin Han, PhD, Receives NIH Stephen I. Katz Early Stage Investigator R01 Award
Cells dancing harmonic duets could enable personalized cancer therapies
Penn-Developed CAR T Cells Suppress GI Solid Tumor Cells, Without Toxicity to Healthy Tissue,
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Lifespan renew strategic alliance agreement
Potential new Covid immunotherapy could protect vulnerable
Axi-cel proves effective as first-line treatment for high-risk lymphoma
Programming Immune System to Supercharge Cancer Cell Therapies
Human induced pluripotent stem cells improve visual acuity, vascular health
Cellular therapy improves signs and symptoms of Duchenne muscular dystrophy
Scientists ‘supercharge’ cancer-fighting T cells
Chimeric Therapeutics announces final results from Phase 1 trial of CORE NK Platform
Speed limit could be breakthrough for stem cell therapy
Immune cells as squatters
Arovella Therapeutics closes over-subscribed share purchase plan
What is impact of chemotherapy on brain?
Treating type 1 diabetes with stem cell replacement therapy
Researchers use CRISPR activation method to reveal “Rosetta Stone” of immune cell function
CHOP/Penn Study Shows CAR-T Cells Remain Active Decade After Infusion
Study of Penn Patients with Decade-Long Leukemia Remissions after CAR T Cell Therapy Reveals New Details About Persistence
Research of Penn patients with decade-long leukemia remissions after Car T cell therapy finds new details about persistence
Tracking Multiple Genes with Flying Colors
CAR T cells target AML, spare bone marrow
Dexamethasone Enhances Transgene Expression When Administered After Gene Therapy
Tumors dramatically shrink with new method to cell therapy
Improved retinal transplant technique ready for clinical trials
Gene Therapy for Treatment of Huntington’s Disease
Engineers given role in making diagnoses
Four Hollings researchers awarded American Cancer Society grants
Awards & Accolades 13 January
Survival rate of adult patients with relapsed acute lymphoblastic leukemia after hematopoietic cell transplantation has steadily
Vaccine-like mRNA injection can be used to make CAR T cells in body
Placental cell therapy could deliver new treatment options for liver disease
Researchers working on injection-free cell therapy for diabetes
Determining Minimally Effective Dose for Gene Therapy in Hemophilia A
QIMR Berghofer attracts support for potential multiple sclerosis treatment