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Virtual Reality Explores Autism’s Neural Network Dynamics
Telomere Shortening Linked to Alzheimer’s in Brain Scans
FSU psychologist awarded $5.7M to study PTSD, pain
Visually navigating on foot uses unique brain region
Brain Region Used for Navigating on Foot
Aged Brain’s Meningeal Membranes Linked to Disability
Mriganka Sur’s Research on First FDA-Approved Treatment for Rett Syndrome
Iron intake during pregnancy may impact neurodevelopment
Breast milk boosts premature babies’ brain development
Giant step forward in understanding autism
Drug Treats Autism Symptoms in Mice
Fructose Linked to Alzheimer’s: Study
Promising Alzheimer’s Treatment Found
Diverse Neural Connections Key to Reliable Perception
Small, Diverse Neural Connections Make Perception Reliable, Efficient
Focused Ultrasound Technique Releasing Neurodegenerative Biomarkers
Brainwave Rhythms Speed Up Learning in Adults: Study
Leaking Tap Causes Sleepless Nights
Cause of Excessive Folding in Human Brain Discovered
Ketamine Increases Brain Activity: Study
Deep Brain Machine Interfaces Link Humans and Machines
Brain Stores Fear Memory: Study Finds
Myelin Regulates Energy Metabolism in Brain Cells
Down Syndrome Alzheimer’s Progression Similar to Other Early Onset Forms
Alzheimer’s progression in Down syndrome appears similar to other genetic, early onset forms of disease
GM Mice Enable Tailored Medicine for Rare Disease
How neurons regulate their excitability autonomously
Peek of How Ketamine Acts as ‘Switch’ in Brain
Scientists identify essential signalling pathway for neuronal connectivity during brain development
Drinking during pregnancy changes baby’s brain structure
Brain organoids reveal in detail harms of prenatal alcohol exposure
Neonicotinoid causes ASD-like symptoms in chicks
Time-restricted feeding can alleviate excessive dark-phase sleepiness, ZJU scientists discover
Brain changes in autism are far more sweeping than previously known
Researchers identify model for studying treatments targeting MS progression
CTN: Enabling Accurate Quantitative PET/CT and SPECT/CT Imaging
Study looks inside brain during sleep to show how memory is stored
Researchers find protein complex that regulates migration of neurons and neuroblastoma cancer cells
Mapping human brain development
Brain-like organoids grown in dish provide window into autism
Anton Receives NIH High Risk-High Reward Grant
Research finds main target of Covid in brain and describes effects of virus on nervous system
Babies triggers ‘dad brain’ in new fathers
Dad brain is real: Study reveals men’s brains change after baby arrives
Show me your brain scan and I’ll tell you how old you really are
How microglia, main immune cells of brain contribute to brain development by interacting with newborn neurons
Social touch and its newly discovered neural pathway
UB researchers identify new model of cerebral cortex development linked to reelin protein expression