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Role of cerebellum in absence seizures
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Fetal exposure to drugs may affect infants’ brain development
Genetic analysis provides insights into cause of hydrocephalus, or “water on brain”
Poverty, crime linked to differences in newborns’ brains
Study links Poverty, crime to differences in newborns’ brains
Researchers Reconstruct Largest Single-neuron Projectome in Mouse Brain
Artificial Intelligence Facilitates Tissue Substructure Identification from Spatial Resolved Transcriptomics
Fish can calculate
Combination of biomarkers can identify common cognitive disease
Studied dizziness and developed new method for use worldwide
Distant regions of human brain are wired together by surprisingly few connections
Limiting energy in neurons exacerbates epilepsy
Model that mimics malformation linked to severe epilepsy paves way to novel therapies
Decoding Brain Signals to Control Robotic Arm
Stress damages movement centers in brain
Our minds distinguish between various social influences
Visual Facilitation Around Hands: Hand Proximity Attention and Handedness
Is there genetic link between risk of schizophrenia and surface of brain?
Better understanding communication between neurons in brain
Flies possess more sophisticated cognitive abilities than previously known
Older people in good shape have fitter brains
Genetically informed atlases reveal new landscapes in brain structure
Different autism risk genes, same effects on brain development
New sensor grids record human brain signals in record-breaking resolution
New research on human brain development sheds light on neurodevelopmental disorders
Head-Mounted Microscope Allows Long-Term Brain Imaging in Freely Moving Mice
How can our brain still perceive familiar objects even when they become indistinct?
Not one, but three forms of Alzheimer’s disease
New study identifies thousands of novel brain-expressed gene isoforms
Digital reconstruction of brain’s power source
Georgia State researchers reveal surprising findings on how salt affects blood flow in brain
Brain connections have their own tempo
Emory receives $6 million grant to accelerate Parkinson’s disease treatment research
Lab-grown ‘mini brains’ hint at treatments for neurodegenerative diseases
Lab-grown ‘mini brains’ hint at potential treatment options for motor neurone disease and frontotemporal dementia
Pain relief without side effects with promising technique
Wearable head scanner could allow for comfort, mobility during brain scans
Charting hidden territory of human brain
Stem cell project to create new model to study brain development and Down syndrome
Steps in Development of Brain’s Cellular Geography Revealed by New Studies
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Evidence for neuroprotective effect
Why words become harder to remember as we get older
Seeing both forest and trees: Trans-scale scope shows big picture of tiny targets