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New theory about spread of antibiotic resistance
How short circuits in lithium metal batteries can be prevented
Bionic touch does not remap brain
Drinking milk while breastfeeding may reduce child’s food allergy risk
Designing 6G networks of future
Tiny quantum computer solves real optimisation problem
Extracting precious zinc from waste ash
New center for leading research into bionics and pain
They’re developing an AI-based ship support system
AI offers closer look at stellar nurseries
They made it through ERC’s needle’s eye
Cutting edge Nobel tool in practice at Chalmers
Global built environment sector must think in new, radical ways – and act quickly
Supermarkets as batteries in smart grids
Cooling electronics efficiently with graphene-enhanced heat pipes
Prestigious funding for photonic research from Swedish Research Council
Cosmic flashes come in all different sizes
Cell ageing can be slowed by oxidants
Risks with nanorobots must be investigated
How do we get to transportation heaven?
IPBES received Win win award
International competition for ‘cyborgs’ at Chalmers
How to make perfect edges in 2D-materials
New masters for major shifts in future transport
Champions with a love of maps
Synthetic shuttlecock on its way to world cup
Mentoring program to stop leaky pipeline of academia
Groundbreaking research into solar energy technology develops through new EU-project
Most sensitive optical receivers yet for space communications
Exploring heavy element creation in neutron-star mergers
On dusty roads through Universe
Scrubber discharge water – A toxic cocktail
Heart disease patients benefit from vegetarian diet
Controlling ultrastrong coupling at room temperature
New product helps new-borns with breathing difficulties
Chalmers maintains highest reputation in Sweden – again
Chalmers steps up climate work
A new way to search for dark matter reveals hidden materials properties
New research lab for cancer treatment and new diagnostics
Chalmers tech start-ups on 33-list of rising stars
Mathematicians awarded for their impact in society
New method reveals how Parkinson’s disease protein damages cell membranes
Bouillon fortified with a new iron compound could help reduce iron deficiency
A spreadable interlayer could make solid state batteries more stable
Graphite nanoplatelets on medical devices kill bacteria and prevent infections
Comparisons between organic and conventional agriculture need to be better, say researchers
Nanostructured rubber-like material with optimal properties could replace human tissue
Cooperation with core partners kick-started