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Fewer mistakes and improved production planning with award-winning VR technique
3D-models reveal efficiency of star factories
Algorithm reveals faults in self-driving test vehicles
First image of black hole in our galaxy’s centre
Most projects from Chalmers on IVA’s 100 list 2022
IVA’s 100 list: ‘Chalmers technology in service of humanity’
King of Sweden leads high-level delegation visit to IEA for discussion on energy markets and technologies with Executive Director
Reproducibility investigated by Robot Scientist Eve
He gets prestigious grant for second time
7971 paths towards better cell factories
Extremely quiet fans can improve our health
“School collaboration important part of research”
Robots in home, industry and healthcare
Converting solar energy to electricity on demand
Combination of changes essential to save climate
‘Robot scientist’ Eve finds that less than one third of scientific results are reproducible
Enzyme research paves way for sustainable biofuels
Integrating AI into university courses and programmes
Fifth-generation lab opens for AI
How e-scooters can safely operate in city
“Today will probably define whether I choose technology in future”
Residual water gives seaweed cultivation boost
Residual water from food industry gives seaweed cultivation boost
Continued partnership with life cycle perspective
Random numbers and shape of universe in new mathematical projects
Robust microorganisms for sustainable bioproduction
They get prestigious ERC-grants
New collaboration will accelerate Sweden’s green transition
Mathematical discovery could shed light on secrets of Universe
Bike commuting may be hindered by lack of equipment
Wikswo and VIIBRE team on track to build third gen ‘self-driving lab’ with $1M from National Science Foundation
New Covid research: Face masks play crucial role
Face masks play crucial role, new COVID research confirms
War in Ukraine: “Democracy and free expression must be protected”
Chalmers medalists for 2022 named
Potential breakthrough for production of superior battery technology
Cosmic flashes pinpointed to surprising location in space
Perfecting EV battery recycling process
Dream of future playground
Entrepreneurship researcher is 2022s honorary doctor
New battery investment demands cutting edge skills
Develops high speed lasers with support from ERC
Scaling up battery production drive down carbon emissions significantly
Photonics researcher gets prestigous ERC grant
Competition is going to attract more people to science subjects
Graphene sensors can detect bacterial pathogens
Networks with smart holes can solve big issues
New major investment in marine research