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Immunotherapy after bladder cancer surgery reveals excellent cancer-free survival rates
First Mutation-Targeted Bladder Cancer Drug May Be Under-Used
Ultrasound technology helps destroy liver tumors in rats
New algorithm dramatically increases speed of identifying two cancer drugs that work synergistically
Australian researchers in race to prevent prostate cancer deaths
Researchers discover new tools to fight potentially deadly Protozoa that has pregnant women avoiding cat litter boxes
NRG oncology study of photon versus proton therapy for patients with newly diagnosed glioblastoma completes accrual
Better use of data needed to tackle NHS backlogs
Frozen testicular tissue still viable after two decades
ASTRO issues clinical guideline on radiation therapy for brain metastases
Study finds cells take out trash before they divide
Prescient expands PTX-200 AML cohort following additional complete remission
Following cancer’s status updates: University of Melbourne
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Know and respond quickly to signs of stroke
Top 3 questions – COVID treatments, close contact rules & COVIDSafe aged care visits
Scientists closer to outsmarting malaria parasites
Research reveals new targets for diagnosing and treating aggressive cancers
New linear accelerator to further improve cancer care in Tasmania
India planned to eliminate TB by 2025, but it’s estimated half a million Indians are still dying from it every year
Magnetic therapy pioneered by NUS researchers enhances chemotherapy treatment of breast cancer
Could exercise counteract cardiotoxic chemotherapy for women with breast cancer?
Ridner concludes five-year, multi-site trial to assess lymphedema prevention
Biological pathways found that drive genomic changes and bone metastasis in ewing sarcoma, rare childhood cancer
Research finds barriers to successful bloodstream infection surveillance in home healthcare settings
Promising combination therapy for triple-negative breast cancer
Dana-Farber nurses present research and evidence-based practice projects at 2022 Oncology Nursing Society Congress
Enhertu granted Breakthrough Therapy Designation in US for patients with HER2-low metastatic breast cancer
In reality, escapist fiction could be what doctor orders
Moderate exercise improves immune response in breast cancer survivors
Could blocking or deleting protein help prevent common oral cancers?
New graphite based rapid sensor chip for real-time theophylline monitoring
New €2.8m project will seek insights into aging from pre-term births
Innovative new surgery provides new hope for patient with prosthetic leg
First targeted treatment for aggressive breast cancer disproportionately affecting younger people funded by Government
Wireless device to provide new options for colorectal cancer treatment