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Fake Content on Twitter Down, Influencers More Divided
Guterres demands renewed energy for peace in Syria
South Sudan’s future: stability or conflict?
Angola’s Forced Evictions Displace Hundreds of Homeless
UK Submits Statement on Sri Lanka Rights at UPR Review
Syria Peace: Addressing Causes of Failed State Needed
SECNAV Honors Robert Smalls by Naming Guided Missile Cruiser
War’s aftermath brought modern painting to Taiwan
UAB Unearths Opera Liceu Masquerade Ball Sheet Music
Black Canadian Doctors Honored by UofT
Plea to Halt ‘Lost Generation’ in Syria
Exploring Differences in Elite Mobility During Meiji Restoration
First UN aid convoy reaches Syria’s quake-hit northwest since disaster
President Biden’s State of Union: What to Expect
World Vision Australia Launches Türkiye-Syria Quake Aid Appeal
Condemnation of Murderer’s Release in Sudan by USAID Admin Power
UN Welcomes Swiss Asylum for 4 Kurdish Refugee Kids
UN: Human Rights Abuses in Libya Need Action
70% of Syrians Require Aid After 12 Years of War: UN Security Council
Guatemala: Protecting Judicial Staff Against Impunity & Corruption
Colombia: UN to Monitor Rural Reform, Indigenous Rights in Peace Talks
Syria Warns of Unacceptable Chemical Weapon Threat to All
Press Sec. Jean-Pierre to Hold Briefing 20 December
Investing in Impact: Paul Kavuma is champion of Africa’s economic resilience
Ancient Roman coins reveal long-lost emperor
Ancient Roman coins believed to be forgeries are now authenticated
What is behind uptick in antisemitic hate speech?
Concordia’s School of Irish Studies kicks off its 2022-23 lecture series
Social media polarize politics for different reason than you might think
Liberia Atrocity Trial in France
Researchers find evidence for food insecurity driving international conflict two thousand years ago
Unprecedented Cambodian literature collection published
Extended roadmap for lasting peace deal, ‘way point, not end point’
New Rice study: When it comes to military intervention, Americans prefer to ‘give peace chance’
“Making a difference for women and girls: it’s not just what keeps me awake at night
“Making a difference for women and girls: it’s not just what keeps me awake
LA Lakers’ Wenyen Gabriel visits homeland of South Sudan with UNHCR, to ‘speak up for refugees and displaced people everywhere’
Medicine: Hopkins story
New administration in Colombia provides ‘tremendous opportunity’ to further peace
Liberia peacekeepers honoured in South Sudan
On Passing of Former Angolan President José Eduardo dos Santos
Archaeological works recover an old factory where explosives were produced during Civil War
Labor leaks show Rebecca White has lost control
Will Labor hold State Conference this year as Squid Game continues?
Interstate Labor leaders call for federal intervention
Guterres underlines ‘moral imperative’ to continue cross-border aid operation from Türkiye
Juneteenth: last vestige of slavery ends
Chronicling faces of Juneteenth with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil