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Vanderbilt’s Engine for Art, Democracy and Justice brings Ibrahim Mahama’s art to Fisk University
‘Significant action’ needed by Security Council to prevent ‘bloodbath’
Distinctively Black names found long before Civil War
Alphonso Davies becomes first footballer to take UNHCR’s Goodwill Ambassador title
New machine harnesses Earth’s magnetic field to detect chemicals
Syrian photographers find hope despite 10 years of civil war
Poetry and pain of loss and leaving; a voice from Syria
Ten years on, Syrian crisis ‘remains a living nightmare’: UN Secretary-General
Sky is limit: Sierra Leone’s ‘barefoot’ women solar engineers
New book describes turning point in racialization of classical music
Fight or flight? Why individuals react as they do
Violence in South Sudan engulfs country, 10 years after independence ‘children all have guns’
Finally”, UN rights investigators urge after decade of conflict
How can we create a more just world?
Nine-year old Ugandan forced to commit ‘horrendous acts’ as child soldier
37th Universal Periodic Review UK statement on Nepal
Remarks by Vice President Kamala Harris at Celebration of America
2021 far right storming of United States Capitol
U.S. President Trump Awarded National Medal of Arts and National Humanities Medal
Sara Polak: ‘We have seen a failed attempt at a revolution’
Camera traps document wildlife’s return to Gorongosa National Park
Coronavirus escalated armed conflicts in several war-torn countries
Peace dividend for Libya economy, as oil flows and Central Bank unifies exchange rate after years of deadlock
Animals are back at Gorongosa National Park after civil war, but savanna community doesn’t look quite look like how it used to
Public Designations of Current and Former Government Officials Under Section 7031 of Department of State
Contract Archaeology director Dello-Russo to retire
Equality has always been best remedy against famine
With democracy under threat, GOP silence draws scrutiny – and censure
From refugee to community justice advocate
A Tale of Two Air Forces: How Tuskegee Airmen bridged divide
Giuseppe Pagano and Design for Social Change in Fascist Italy
History detective reveals Civil War massacre cover-up
Winter classes at Vanderbilt Osher Lifelong Learning Institute range from military history to art of Tai Chi
Researcher wins NSF grant to decipher civil conflict with code
What refugee crisis teaches us about human connection
Executive Order on Establishing President’s Advisory 1776 Commission
Science: UC biologist was unheralded pioneer
What Do We Know About Security of Voting by Mail? From Caltech Science Exchange
Researchers examine decline in average body temperature among healthy adults over past two decades
‘Big picture’ economist wins top prize
Honouring slaves experimented on by ‘father of gynaecology’
Penn State historian argues Supreme Court has always been political
Past contested elections resolved in ways that might not work now, says Stanford historian
How much do our genes restrict free will?
Pandemics, Protests, and Populists: 2020 Presidential Election
Avery Point Marine Sciences Building to be Renamed in Weicker’s Honor
‘Pressing Issues’ at Krannert Art Museum shows WPA printmakers’ thoughts on social justice
Executive Order on Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping