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Key to predicting future climate: Look back millions of years
FSU researcher leads international project on how tropical clouds change with climate
Saudi Arabia faces increased heat, humidity, precipitation extremes by mid-century
Sea-ice loss to disrupt almost all Arctic chemistry and ecosystems
Antarctic expeditioners in Hobart for pre-departure isolation
Artificial intelligence reveals hundreds of millions of trees in Sahara
Addressing humanity’s environmental challenges
New Jeep ad supports Carl Sagan Institute initiative
Is afforestation in any case climate-friendly?
Literal rise of internet enables new climate science
An old pollen seed can predict tomorrow’s climate
Ice melt projections may underestimate Antarctic contribution to sea level rise
Hongkai Zhao: Creating Efficient Algorithms for Science and Engineering Applications
Key Indicators Discovered of Climate Change’s Impact on California Water Supply
Polar ice, atmospheric water vapor biggest drivers of variation among climate models
Climate change could mean fewer sunny days for hot regions banking on solar power
New climate model helps researchers better predict water needs
Santer honored with geophysical union award
Himalayan glaciers melting because of high-altitude dust
Together we see more
A champion of renewable energy
A better understanding of how cirrus clouds form
Researchers gain new insights on river dynamics, which suggest that rivers may begin jumping course much farther
Geologists glean insights about how Earth went from a hothouse to an ice age, and what that may mean for future
China’s air pollutant reduction success could make it tougher to control climate change
New woodlands can help reduce flooding risk within
Bureau of Meteorology raises La Nina status to active
Throwing a warm sheet over our understanding of ice and climate
Researchers join $1M NSF effort to model nation’s groundwater
Increasing stability decreases ocean productivity, reduces carbon burial
Testimony of trees: how volcanic eruptions shaped 2000 years of world history
New research strengthens evidence for climate change increasing risk of wildfires
Island-building in Southeast Asia created Earth’s northern ice sheets
Dinosaurs, dodos, and future of life on Earth
Research dives deep to understand climate impacts on whales
Up to 15 inches of sea-level rise from ice sheets by 2100
New estimates for rise in sea levels due to ice sheet mass loss under future climate change
Long-term health impacts of bushfires still unknown
Climate explained: will tropics eventually become uninhabitable?
Michael Mann receives World Sustainability Award
Why clouds are missing piece in climate change puzzle
Experts: Wildfires across Oregon herald one possible future
Reliability of El Niño simulation matters for predicting future climate
Scientists unravel 66 million years of climate history from ocean sediments
Ocean salinity: Climate change is also changing water cycle
Study analyses impact of carbon dioxide on Earth’s climate 30 million years ago
Scientists track tiny atmospheric ripples using data from internet-beaming balloons
Atmospheric scientists study fires to resolve ice question in climate models