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Aerosols add new wrinkle to climate change in tropical Pacific Ocean
Rainfall Becomes Increasingly Variable as Climate Warms
Australian farmers are adapting well to climate change, but there’s work ahead
Possible future for Western wildfires: Decade-long burst, followed by gradual decline
Martian global dust storm ended winter early in south
Global warming may limit spread of dengue fever, new research finds
California’s carbon mitigation efforts may be thwarted by climate change itself
Using archeology to better understand climate change
Climate change definitively linked to increases in extreme rain and snow, UCLA research finds
Climate change to bring more intense storms across Europe
Dinosaurs lived in warmer and more dynamic climate than previously thought
Northwest heat wave ‘should not have been possible’
Decline in carbon uptake Southeast Amazon
Few common bacterial groups gobble up majority of carbon in soil
Study Reveals How ENSO’s Impact on Asian-Western Pacific Climate Would Change under Global Warming
Huge volcanic eruption disrupted climate but not human evolution
Reforestation may help mitigate droughts
Body of evidence
Study confirms: burning coal in Bulgaria causes water stress
Early humans were sheltered from worst effects of volcanic supereruption
To understand future of hurricanes, look to past
WMO awards IMO prize to Prof. In-Sik Kang
Emissions Cause Delay in Rainfall
Building a Global Storm Database
Asymmetry in CO2 emissions and removals could skew climate targets: SFU research
More intense and frequent thunderstorms linked to global climate variability
Assuming balance in CO2 emissions vs removals could skew climate targets: SFU research
Marine sediments explain how part of Brazil’s Northeast region became semi-arid
Severe drying of Amazon forest
£50 million infrastructure upgrade to cement UK’s status as science superpower
Climate Change May Lead to More Landfalling Tropical Cyclones in China
Reduced humidity increases wildfire threat in Southwest United States
New models predict fewer lightning-caused ignitions but bigger wildfires by mid century
Researchers reveal complex ecosystem changes cause more greenhouse gases to be emitted from peatlands
Accessing latest climate impact science just got easier
Human-driven climate change only half picture for krill, key species in Southern Ocean
Ground-breaking translocation of WA’s rarest bird
Meteorologists Improve Multivariable Integrated Evaluation Method for Climate Model
Climate Models Can Predict Decadal Rainfall Variations on Tibetan Plateau
Future of Weather and Climate Services
Ancient air bubbles speak to a much warmer Antarctica during ice-age than once believed
UOW researcher wins Tall Poppy Science Award
Antarctica: How have temperatures varied since last glacial period?
Batteries, Catalysts, Climate, Clean Energy: Secretary Granholm Treated to ‘Whirlwind’ PNNL Visit
Study of past South Asian monsoons suggests stronger monsoon rainfall in future
DOE honors two early career Lab scientists
Boeing and Alaska Airlines Partner to Make Flying Safer and More Sustainable
Less aviation during global lockdown had a positive impact on climate