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WMO celebrates 150 years of cooperation and data exchange
Arctic Sea Ice to Vanish in Summer: History Repeats Itself
Northern Hemisphere Climate Modeling Improved
Extreme snowfall in West Antarctica driving sea-level rise
State-of-Art Climate Models Simulate Global Drought, Room for Improvement
Antarctic Ice Sheet Sheds 3000+ Billion Tons of Ice in 25 Years
Billions of tonnes of ice lost from Antarctic Ice sheet
UN Climate Report: What to Know About IPCC
Butterfly Flaps Predict El Niño: Autumn Not Ideal Time
UT Austin Examines Global Water Supply
Probability of Summer-Like Fall Rises: Examining New Normal?
Atmosphere: Sulphur takes new paths
9 Billion Trees Counted to Manage Climate, Restore Nature
Antarctic Seabirds Struggle to Breed Amid Snowstorms
Arctic climate modelling too conservative
Arctic Climate Models Underestimate Change
Climate scientists producing regional climate projections
WA Supercomputer Predicts Climate Change 75 Years Ahead
Climate Change Threatens Asia’s Water Tower: MSU Study
External Forcing Drives Southern Atlantic and Indian Ocean Co-variability
Global carbon cuts can significantly reduce flood risk, says study
Global Carbon Promises Key to Reduce Flood Risks
‘Science on Saturday’ extends into Tracy
Nine Billion Trees to Help Manage Climate & Nature Restoration
Moose Contribute to Global Warming: Study
Scientists improve accuracy of weather and climate models
Princeton on ice: Documenting climate change at ends of Earth
AGROS Project Enters Autonomous Control in Cucumbers
El Niño’s Impact on Drought Unclear
Pakistan Streamflow Speed Tripling by 2100
Ice Sheet Movement Reveals Clues to Sea Level Rise
Interactive Antarctic Sea-Ice Tool Launched Feb 21, 2023
Stronger El Niño could cause irreversible melting of Antarctica
Complex interplay behind great heat
Scientists: Climate Action Urgency Heightened by Feedback Loops
Climate Action Urgency: Scientists Highlight Feedback Loops
European Summer Droughts: 2015 Worst in Centuries, Multi-Year Ones Before That
Ice mission success into deep Antarctica 16 February 2023
Earth’s Temp Pre-Global Warming: Cooling or Heating?
Irreversible loss of ice sheets imminent past 1.8°C warming
Global Sea Level Rise to Accelerate Past 1.8℃ Warming
Public Ignorance of ‘Nuclear Winter’ Threat Risks, Expert Warns
Low Public Awareness of Nuclear Risks, Expert Warns
Atmospheric Dust Masks Greenhouse Gas Warming Impact
Ancient Climate Shaped Deep Sea Sand: Study
Automating math for decision-making under uncertainty
Arctic Sea Ice Recovery Slowed by More Atmospheric Rivers
Oxford Uni Launches Project to Forecast Disease Outbreaks