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Climate change is altering terrestrial water availability
Record warming at South Pole
Computing collaboration reveals global ripple effect of shifting monsoons
Seasonal sea ice changes hold clues to controlling CO2 levels, ancient ice shows
Why Mediterranean is a climate change hotspot
Carbon emission from permafrost soils underestimated by 14%
Empowering wine communities to map their climate future
Risk of massive wildfires continues to grow in California
Prakash invited to represent US on global scientific data committee
Presence of airborne dust could signify increased habitability of distant planets, research shows
Imperial and France’s CNRS expand partnership with joint PhDs and data projects
Study: Reflecting sunlight to cool planet will cause other global changes
Tropical Ocean Diversity Declines Ar Not All Humanity’s Fault
Lull in forest seeding after last year’s mast
Using Machine Learning to Estimate COVID-19’s Seasonal Cycle
Volcanic Activity Does Not Contribute to El Ninos, Hard Evidence Says
Increased chances of devastating heatwatves, study finds
Melting glaciers cool Southern Ocean
Expansion, environmental impacts of irrigation by 2050 greatly underestimated
Some of latest climate models provide unrealistically high projections of future warming
Drilling projects set to break new ground
Agricultural pickers in US to see unsafely hot workdays double by 2050
Research expedition faces extreme conditions in fast-changing Arctic
Human-caused warming will cause more slow-moving hurricanes, warn climatologists
Earth’s atmosphere far dustier than previously believed
Online tool helps to protect tropical forests
Assessing El Niño’s impact on fisheries and aquaculture around world
North pole will be ice-free in summer
Changes in snowmelt threaten farmers in western U.S
Citizen science to aid bushfire recovery
New report on river ecological quality in Barcelona area gets published
Long-lived tropical trees play outsized role in carbon storage
Earth’s atmosphere far dustier than previously believed
Scientists working with NASA to map air pollution and its impact on health
Climate Change Could Cause Sudden Biodiversity Losses Worldwide
Researchers forecast longer, more extreme wildfire seasons
Traces of ancient rainforest in Antarctica point to a warmer prehistoric world
Traces of rainforests found in West Antarctica
Coral tells own tale about El Niño’s past
Ships’ emissions create measurable regional change in clouds
Staring into vortex
Increasingly mobile sea ice risks polluting Arctic neighbours
Antarctic marine predators tracked to Areas of Ecological Significance
Researcher reveals influence of global warming on extreme weather events has been frequently underestimated
Increasingly mobile sea ice risks polluting Arctic neighbors
New Cover Story of Nature: Tropical forests’ carbon sink is already rapidly weakening
LLNL and HPE to partner with AMD on El Capitan, projected as world’s fastest supercomputer
Tropical forests’ carbon sink is already rapidly weakening