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New Cover Story of Nature: Tropical forests’ carbon sink is already rapidly weakening
LLNL and HPE to partner with AMD on El Capitan, projected as world’s fastest supercomputer
Tropical forests’ carbon sink is already rapidly weakening
Tropical forests’ carbon sink ‘already rapidly weakening’
Climate science pioneer extends legacy with scholarship gift
New approaches to help businesses tackle climate change
Climate scientists help businesses tackle climate change
Research shows how glacier algae creates dark zone at margins of Greenland Ice Sheet
To combat climate change, human activities more important than natural feedbacks
Methane emitted via human fossil fuel use ‘vastly underestimated’
Warmer, Drier, Browner: Climate Scientists Connect Drought and Human-Caused Climate Change
South West to host Europe’s largest Arm supercomputer
IU creates climate change data portal to model state’s future water supply
First-of-its-kind study examines toll of nuclear war on world’s oceans
NASA Awards Launch Services Contract for Earth Science Mission
Global Cooling After Nuclear War Would Harm Ocean Life
Study: Aerosols Have an Outsized Impact on Extreme Weather
Rapid weather swings increase flu risk
Reducing risk, empowering resilience to disruptive global change
Industry meet to discuss objectives of new Earth observation satellite
Arctic sea ice can’t ‘bounce back’
“We have found a fundamental shortcoming in air pollution models”
It was asteroid impact, not volcanic eruptions, that killed dinosaurs
Cloud study aids climate predictions
Clouds and climate change
Clearing up cloudy climate predictions
NASA, NOAA Analyses Reveal 2019 Second Warmest Year on Record
Thanks to clouds, new climate simulations predict more warming than predecessors
Statement regarding Australian bushfires
Interactions between aerosols and clouds are in good agreement between satellite data and climate
Thanks to clouds, latest climate models predict more global warming than their predecessors
Rethinking climate modelling to prepare for even hotter temperatures
Atlantic and Pacific oscillations lost in noise
Fingerprint of climate change detected in daily weather
New study estimates global extent of river ice loss as Earth warms
Plant-eating insects disrupt ecosystems and contribute to climate change
Climate change could make RSV respiratory infection outbreaks less severe, more common
Barrels of ancient Antarctic air aim to track history of rare gas
Study finds that multi-species grassland mixtures increase yield stability, even under drought conditions
Greenland losing ice ‘faster than expected’
Greenland ice losses rising faster than expected
Large atmospheric waves in jet stream present risk to global food production
Gulf Coast corals face catastrophe
Seal Takes Ocean Heat Transport Data to New Depths
Early climate modelers got global warming right, new report finds
Energy advances open door to more aggressive climate policies
NASA, French Space Laser Measures Massive Migration of Ocean Animals
Machine learning and artificial intelligence to aid climate change research and preparedness