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University of Exeter’s Q-Step centre helping to plug shortages of graduates able to analyse data, evaluation shows
Bad behaviour set in stone
UK’s first Home Office licensed regular drug-checking service to open
Poor police training lets down disabled people
Increases in gender equality in education linked to declines in female incarceration rates
We have to stop child sexual abuse before it happens
Awarding exceptional crime and violence prevention programs for 30 years
Juvenile offenders can lift each other
Co-offenders likely to violently turn on one another, UK crime gang study shows
“Anti-Violence Scholarship and Racial Justice Activism: Reflections on Abolition Feminism”
Research explores impact of DNA evidence in sexual assault prosecutions
New Western Australian Governor announced
New national specialist FDSV financial counselling service
Improving world’s parks and green spaces
Street lighting may enable rather than hinder street crime
Under 6%of criminal justice cases get opioid use disorder treatment
Street lighting may help rather than hinder vehicle crime
Jobseekers face prison credential dilemma
Jobseeskers face prison credential dilemma
Queensland Police Academy celebrates 50 years
Economic Crime Act has loopholes, says leading economic crime expert
Missing offender: Milton
In Tempe, AZ, Covid pandemic had stronger impact on policing and crime than George Floyd’s death
AFP celebrates International Women’s Day
AIC research giving voice to victims of intimate partner homicide
Research finds those at risk of suicide behind bars
Technology and distance weaponised against rural women domestic violence victims
Stories from inside: failings of Australia’s criminal justice system
Taking hard line on crime
First ‘love-bomb’, then ‘financial emergency’: 5 tactics of Tinder swindlers
Do emotions impact decisions on punishment in context of crime?
Resistance to ‘defund’ or ‘abolish’ police rooted in policy proposals
UC-led research first to show benefits of police de-escalation training
Acting CCC Chair appointed
Increasing use of technology driving new forms of domestic abuse
Graduation day for 41 Protective Security Officers
System failures contribute to self-harm amongst imprisoned women who have been in care
Councillor Mark Hodges elected as Deputy Mayor
Incarcerated men’s religious beliefs did not improve their reentry-related outcomes
New Criminology Research Grants awarded by Australian Institute of Criminology
New reports spotlight hospitalisations due to family, domestic and sexual violence and service responses
New funding grants on offer for criminal justice research
Decline of brotherhood
University of Manchester announces new academic partnership with GCHQ
GCHQ announces new academic partnership with universities
Special Issue of Criminology & Public Policy explores effects of Covid on criminal justice system
Analysis: no systematic agency bias in Washington State Patrol traffic stops
New deaths in custody report released 2 December