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Advanced microscopy shines light on new CRISPR-Cas system
Scientists harness naturally abundant CRISPR-Cas system to edit superbugs with hope of treating infections caused by drug resistant
Scientists harness naturally abundant CRISPR-Cas system to edit superbugs
Magic of science: FSU researchers use gene editing to tackle facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy
Bioengineering discovery paves way for improved production of bio-based goods using Baker’s yeast
Researchers Use Base Editing in Preclinical Model to Correct Lethal Lysosomal Storage Disease Before Birth
Genome editing for food: how do people react?
Protein appears to prevent tumor cells from spreading via blood vessels
Boosting barley production from ground up
Three-in-one approach boosts silencing power of CRISPR
Researchers illuminate invisible DNA repair pathways
Antibiotic-resistant bacteria found in cattle
New face mask prototype can detect Covid-19 infection
Researchers Reveal New Mechanism Underlying Pyroptosis Induced by Yersinia Infection
Novel gene editing in mice shows promise in treating Duchenne muscular dystrophy
New technique for studying cancer mutations – approaches for future therapies
‘Suffocating’ cancer: A new headway in melanoma immunotherapy
Three VP&S Scientists Selected as Paul A. Marks Scholars
New tool in bowel cancer fight
Landmark field trials show potential of gene-editing
Next-Generation T-Cell Therapeutics Set Sights on Cancers, Autoimmune Disorders and More
Engineer Develops Lab-on-Paper SARS-CoV-2 Diagnostic by CRISPR
PEW scholar builds on gene-editing technology
Could Yogurt in Diet Help Diagnose Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Future?
Targeted drug found effective in thwarting pancreatic tumors
Researchers’ algorithm to make CRISPR gene editing more precise
A new technique for correcting disease-causing mutations
Researchers Improve Efficiency and Accessibility of CRISPR
SMART researchers develop method for rapid, accurate detection of viruses
Elevating African Cichlid Fish as a Scientific Model of Social Disorders
How Brown neuroscientists are using CRISPR to accelerate brain research – and more
New study paves way to novel treatment for Triple Negative Breast Cancer
Researchers create new CRISPR tools to help contain mosquito disease transmission
Weill Cornell study: New species are all around us
Fungus partnership is at origin of terrestrial vegetation
Full-Genome CRISPR Screen Reveals Surprising Ways Neurons Survive Oxidative Stress
Full-Genome CRISPR Screen Reveals Surprsing Ways Neurons Survive Oxidative Stress
Change Agent: Dipali Sashital
Columbia Cancer Researchers Win Pershing Square Sohn Prize
$2M in New Frontier Grants boost high-impact A&S research
MD Anderson and Refuge Biotechnologies collaborate to advance next-generation cell therapies for treatment of solid tumors
CRISPR/Cas technology could enable early diagnosis of devastating citrus disease
‘Molecular glue’ makes perovskite solar cells dramatically more reliable over time
Accelerating pace of engineered cell therapies, from lab to bedside
$8M Grant Aims to Better Understand Disease Mechanisms of Schizophrenia
Researchers Discover New Disease that Prevents Formation of Antibodies
Single-Cell CRISPR Technology Deciphers Role of Chromatin Accessibility in Cancer
GORKY Protein Turns Bitter Tomatoes Sweet