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Rebuilding retina to restore sight
Genetic detectives
Something old, something new combine for effective vaccine against parasitic skin disease
University researchers identify genes that enable cancer to evade immune system
Realizing tremendous potential of biological collections will require strategy, action and investment
Realizing tremendous potential of biological collections will require strategy
Filmmaker becomes co-author on paper published in top international journal, ‘Science’
Research shows potential of gene editing in barley
New molecular therapeutics center established at MIT’s McGovern Institute
Robotic testing platform helps to scale up COVID-19 testing capacity
Matching CRISPR to Job Improves Safety, Efficiency of Gene-Editing Tool
Mammoth task: Russian family on a resurrection quest to tackle climate crisis
Editing Immune Response to Boost Gene Therapy
International project seeks to improve cancer-fighting therapeutics
CRISPaper: Understanding gene-editing through art
UZH Introduces Five New University Research Priority Programs
Cesar Orduña: Delivering free virus tests to Rhode Island’s underserved
Newly discovered anti-CRISPR protein gives viruses a leg up against bacteria
At C&EN Futures Festival, Aug. 25-26, leading scientists look to discoveries of tomorrow
National Cancer Institute Designates Penns Abramson Cancer Center as Exceptional
Lauren Brown: Simplifying hair care journey for Black women
Engineering superpowered organisms for a more sustainable world
Research cracks RNA structural code to create opportunities for plant, animal and human health
Megaphages harbor mini-Cas proteins ideal for gene editing
‘Bystander’ Cs meet their match in gene-editing technique
Listeria protein provides a CRISPR ‘kill switch’
New molecular tool precisely edits mitochondrial DNA
Green Glowing Worms Provide Live-Action Movies of Body’s Internal Scaffolding
Scaling Up Science During a Global-Scale Emergency
Unravelling epigenetic reprogramming
New c-FIND test accurately diagnoses infection in minutes
Silencing SARS-CoV-2 receptor with epigenetic modifications
Experimental peptide targets Covid-19
Newly discovered plant gene could boost phosphorus intake
Cancer cells adapt to lack of key nutrient, posing potential problems for drugmakers
Unique mutation reveals a new role for well-known DNA-repair gene
Scientists Aim Gene-Targeting Breakthrough Against COVID-19
Enabling functional genomics studies in individual cells
Taming CRISPR’s collateral damage
End of plant patents facilitates new varieties
Scientists pivot to COVID-19 research, hoping for quick results to deal with pandemic
Nature-inspired CRISPR enzymes for expansive genome editing
Grant will help ISU scientists break new ground in gene editing
Tracing origins of cells
CRISPR Plants: New Non-GMO Method to Edit Plants
SHERLOCK-based one-step test provides rapid and sensitive Covid-19 detection
Researchers identify neurons that regulate blood sugar
Scientists develop a faster, less expensive COVID-19 test that can be deployed in field