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St. Jude finds cancer drug resistance genes and possibly how to limit their effects
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New funding to support male contraception studies
Professor calls for caution around gene editing in human embryos
New Cas9 variant makes genome editing even more precise
Cells carrying Parkinson’s mutation could lead to new model for studying disease
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CRISPR “Minigene” Approach Stops Genetic Liver Disease in Mice
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Neu entdecktes Protein gibt Signal für Virusinfektion
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A new pathway for lung cancer treatment
University of Exeter academic wins prestigious research prize
New technology delivers genome editing complexes directly to stem cells
Cluster of drug-resistant gut bacteria found in gay men
Wheat and holy grail of crop transformation
Imaging combined with genetic screening of cells enhances genomic discoveries
Moths avoid caterpillar feces during oviposition
Cancer targeted by genome-editing research
Cancer targeted by genome-editing reserach
Grant to fund research on future of human genome editing
Genome screen uncovers new targets for cancer immunotherapy
Scientists show how soybeans may get more nitrogen from atmosphere
European science community urges rethink on genome editing