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QUT research shows bushfire safe rooms may save lives
Low emissions roadmap for Queensland agriculture launched
CSIRO Hails Completion of IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report
Citizen Scientists: Hunt for Shark Egg Cases in Australia Begins
Search is on for WA’s next STEM champion
$1 million for Indonesian partnership in FMD fight
Butterfly Flaps Predict El Niño: Autumn Not Ideal Time
Ocean Lovers Fest Calls for Plastic Action
How to chase five total eclipses coming to Australia
Australia Launches Responsible AI Network to Boost Industry
Captured CO2 Transformed Into Everyday Products via New Method
New process gives CO2 conversion more “bang for buck”
Australia Must Harness Carbon Capture Advantages: AFR
Looking to AI to drive business growth
National AI Centre Examines AI Adoption by Businesses
Research pays off in India avocado trade deal
Energy SMEs get free innovation program to boost R&D
1st Australia-India Annual Summit
Climate scientists producing regional climate projections
Global Coffee Supply at Risk from Increasing Climate Hazards
Macquarie Island Warrants Larger Marine Park Status
New technique detects crown-of-thorns starfish early
CSIRO Hires Chief Digital Officer to Transform Science Delivery
CSIRO study uncovers cystic fibrosis screening limitations
Anthropogenic Climate Change Threatens Coffee Cultivation
CSIRO launches CarbonLock to tackle climate change
International Women’s Day prompts calls for tech equity
Research develops test for bat-borne virus in Asia
Global Warming Increases Ozone Pollution Frequency: Study
Cleaner Sydney Harbour using AI technology
$8.2M national project to boost canola establishment
Training Our MRNA Manufacturing Workforce
New biological control released against invasive cabomba weed
CSIRO, Boeing to create roadmap for sustainable skies
Ancient eggshell fragments ‘crack’ giant bird’s life secrets
DNA from Fossil Eggshells Unveils Extinct Species’ Life
Superbugs: Can We Stop Climate Change Before We’re in Danger?
Path to Curb Antimicrobial Resistance Charted: CSIRO-ATSE Report
Wheat geneticist wins prestigious Seed of Light award
GRDC announces $12.7M project for long coleoptile wheat
La Trobe Vice-Chancellor to conclude tenure
$6 million injection to help fund flood mitigation
This week with NSF Director Panchanathan 25 February
Lismore responds to flood report
CSIRO scientists geek out at Sydney WorldPride 2023
Northern Rivers Initiative Launches with 1st Projects
AI Used to Increase Food Production Through Improved Pollination
Innovate to Grow opportunity for WA agrifood SMEs