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New statement provides path to include ethnicity, ancestry, race in genomic research
Four themes identified as contributors to diseases of despair in Pennsylvania
“To make even smallest contribution to improving my country would be my dream”
Reusing 10% of Plastics Can Prevent Almost Half of All Plastic Waste From Entering Ocean
Funding windfall to accelerate kidney research
Tasmania set to become centre for space tracking research in Australia
HKU launches new Data Science and Engineering minor programme to nurture future IT talents in big data
Emergency department-administered, high-dose buprenorphine may enhance opioid use disorder treatment outcomes
Some Alpine Plants Have North-south Genetic Structure Along Elevational Gap Between 30°N and 31°N
Progress in streamlining trade procedures continues despite COVID-19 crisis, UN survey shows
Deaths on Maritime Migration Routes to Europe Soar in First Half of 2021: IOM Brief
Breakthrough into leading cause of blindness
Language isolation affects health of Mexican Americans
Study shows forests play greater role in depositing toxic mercury across globe
MaxDIA — taking proteomics to next level
Does leadership style of male and female country leaders explain their success during Covid-19
Project launches to combat modern slavery and human trafficking in Greater Manchester
Faster statistical analysis of large data sets
Governance innovation boot camp culminates in pitch night
Aspirin reduces preeclampsia risk, affecting gestation metabolic clock
NIST Prize Challenge Launches Research for Unmanned Aircraft in Search and Rescue
Aspirin reduces risk of preeclampsia by decelerating gestation metabolic clock
Perpetual ageing of proteins remains unproven
Observation, Simulation, and AI Join Forces to Reveal a Clear Universe
ILR School curriculum changes to begin in fall ’22
5 Projects That Push Limits of Physics, Fabrication Techniques, Algorithm Design
ESCAP launches online tool to help countries visualize and analyze trade integration
Improving quality of Phys Ed classes may boost kids’ and teens’ academic prowess
Long COVID cases under-reported in NHS GP records
Innovative new water management measure to be trialled at Stroud Road
Black hole and neutron star merger detected for first time
Morrison Government’s national leadership on Australia’s labour force anchored by new skills priority list
Physicist Nagy has leading role in next-gen balloon mission
Unusual prey: Spiders eating snakes
As novel sights become familiar, different brain rhythms, neurons take over
Vegetation growth in Northern Hemisphere stunted by water constraints in warming climate
NASA funds Chakrabarty, Martin atmospheric data research
UN Economic and Social Council UK statement on innovation as a driver of change
A good start for every child, and how data science can help
Combined program was a perfect fit for grad with a passion for business and for helping people
AFIMSC accelerates change across enterprise with Big Data
Smartphone screening and referral system significantly increases access to care for people with eye problems
Reports about vaccine hesitancy could contribute to problem
Speeding up machine learning for particle physics
Accelerating Speed of Science
Atomic-scale tailoring of graphene approaches macroscopic world
Nashville suffered less than regional cities throughout Colonial Pipeline shutdown due to stronger waterborne petroleum access
Statistics for benefit of patient