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An alarming prevalence of smell, taste loss during COVID’s delta surge
Official opening of Digital Innovation Facility
Collaboration finds interplay between charge order and superconductivity at nanoscale
New method revolutionizes cancer diagnosis
University of Exeter’s Q-Step centre helping to plug shortages of graduates able to analyse data, evaluation shows
First U.S. study analyzing tooth survival after root canal in general population
Scientists Use Machine Learning Models to Help Identify Long COVID Patients
Scientists identify characteristics to better define long COVID
Breast cancer treatment plans at touch of button
Most female candidates contesting unwinnable seats
Massive single-cell atlas across human tissues highlights cell types where disease genes are active
Novel cell atlas for multiple human tissues finds discoveries underlying complex diseases
Bringing Black Holes to Light
Countering IEDs with novel electronic technologies
Machine Learning-Based Algorithm to Speed up DNA Sequencing
Bright, stable, and easy to recycle lighting
Celebrating 25 years of inclusion for Tasmania’s LGBTIQ+ community
CHAMPS decreases racial inequities in Mississippi breastfeeding rates through public health program
Enabling imaging across scales
Mapping climate policy
Global warming accelerates water cycle, with relevant climatic consequences
JustTrans4All updates
Machine learning can help address stigma of substance abuse in developing countries
Engineer ing investigates freezing technique for water treatment
For older men, urinary symptoms may affect mortality risk
Hidden spy cameras have “nowhere to hide”
Pet cats rarely stray far
Team wins global competition to develop next-gen tools, improve public health solutions
Impact of innovative game at heart of None In Three forum
UK to Collaborate on $10 Million NSF Cyberinfrastructure Initiative
OIST and Corundum Systems Biology to Jointly Establish Fully Automated Multi-omics & Microbiome Data Analysis Lab
Three pillars of malaria elimination
Widespread Brain Receptor Hides Surprising Mechanism of Action
Explore or exploit: How our brain makes choices
$1M USDA grant supports digital agriculture integration
Longer-acting eye treatment could reduce vision loss for Indigenous Australians
Collecting data and analysis on how war in Ukraine is impacting women and girls
Seeing more deeply into nanomaterials
Researchers find 10 new black hole mergers hiding in data from LIGO and Virgo
Strand 1 Foundations of public administration
Proud to be backing mātauranga Māori scientific research
Optimizing Data Collection is on Table for Restaurant Industry
Residential real estate purchases by foreign investor attract $250,000 penalty
Scientists have developed Russian-language method for preoperative mapping of language areas
Scientists designed space-based aperture-synthetic interferometer system?
10 new gravitational waves in LIGO-Virgo’s O3a data
Race, ethnicity impact how children access asthma care
Reconstructing states of nonlinear dynamical system