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Statement on sixth meeting of International Health Regulations Emergency Committee regarding coronavirus disease pandemic
Biomass-driven technology allows for enhanced energy conversion
Top leaders gain ‘chief’ global perspective
Towards new methods for replacing animal testing
Machine learning to prevent cyberattacks
Dire wolf was a distinct species, different from gray wolf, biologists discover
“Old Faithful” cosmic eruption shows black hole ripping at star
Your organic waste will be upcycled to fertilise fields
Genomes reveal new insights into iconic Aussie animals
IEA to produce world’s first comprehensive roadmap to net-zero emissions by 2050
Intelligent alarm system helps Covid-19 patients
World-first echidna, improved platypus genomes mapped
IMF Concludes Steps to Maintain its Lending Capacity
Bacteria can tell time
Expert commentary UK COVID-19 strain and vaccines in Australia
Mandatory COVID-19 testing introduced to bolster border measures
WHO warns of COVID-19 ‘tipping point’ as cases rise across Europe
FIFA World Cup 2026 media rights awarded in Nordic territories
Genomes reveal insights into much-loved Aussie animals
Unusual sex chromosomes of platypus, emu and duck
New insights into iconic Aussie animals
Bone Fracture Risk May Increase When Critical Enzymatic Processes Decline
DTU is Part of a New National Centre for Digital Technologies
Carrier Strike Group hits important milestone
19 new cases in 3 days of COVID-19 in managed isolation
New Year’s Babies: Over 370,000 children will be born worldwide on New Year’s Day – UNICEF
Crisis after crisis: How WFP helped Lebanon respond to 2020
Droughts, viruses and road networks: Trends that will impact our forests
IMO Secretary-General denounces “no crew change” clauses
COVAX Announces additional deals to access promising COVID-19 vaccine candidates; plans global rollout starting Q1 2021
Canada’s Export Performance
Researchers dive into biogeochemistry of ocean anoxic zones
Human rights violations and abuses in Chechen Republic of Russian Federation joint statement
DTU is sustainable from inside out
More reliable pain diagnosis tools needed in people with dementia
Europe’s rivers fragmented by one million barriers – but there is a fix
CBS and DTU join forces to overcome societal challenges
Nine million immigrant workers at risk of unemployment in Europe, according to new analysis
DKK 13 million invested in making Danish shipping greener
Desert Locust upsurge continues to threaten food security in Horn of Africa and Yemen despite intense efforts
More States join IMO call to designate seafarers as key workers
Detection of manipulation receives DTU award
Groundwater used for heating and cooling while being purified
Making of an ocean commission: A celebration of IOC’s 60th anniversary
Climate Ambition Summit raises ambition on road to COP26
Climate Ambition Summit Builds Momentum for COP26
New treatment could spare early-stage rectal cancer patients life-altering side effects
Can an abundant green mineral solve our climate crisis? Exploring power of Olivine