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Brain networks come ‘online’ during adolescence to prepare teenagers for adult life
Maternal depression on rise in poor countries
Concordia’s Natalie Phillips examines link between cognition and hearing or vision loss
OSU study offers pathway to better address mental health in rare disease patients
Could depression be linked to our cells’ metabolism?
Body ideal determines men and women’s use of doping agents
Facial paralysis stigma takes emotional toll, especially when acquired later in life
Queensland prison is world’s first remand centre to introduce parkrun
Improving detection and treatment of depression in people with MS
Prepare for flooding to reduce impacts on mental health
New research confirms lingering mood benefit of psychedelics
Lifetime suicide risk factors identified
Gut bacteria might hold clues to improving mental health after spinal cord injuries
Higher rates of post-natal depression among autistic mothers
Aerobic exercise + strength training = lower odds of depression
Compassion training for parents may reduce their children’s stress
Art from heart: ‘This is Us’ exhibition demonstrates healing power of art
Women in STEM: Anna Chaplin
Victorian government acts to ensure people affected by bushfires can access essential medicines
Parents aren’t powerless when it comes to sleep-deprived teenagers
Bacterial link in coeliac disease
Study finds bereavement program helps children deal with grief
Brain scans could flag children’s future mental health problems
Inflammation predicts response to anti-depression medication
WSU researcher wins large grant to study sex hormones’ effect on embryo fertilization
Australian Men’s Team to hit cyber-bullying for six this Boxing Day Test
Brains of teens with mental illness may be wired differently, study suggests
Watching TV makes us prefer thinner women
How to maintain your mental wellness during holidays
Treating pain and fever in kids, antidepressants, and medicines for nerve pain
Midsumma Comes to Brimbank
This is what your patients really want to know: Top 10 topics for 2019 revealed by NPS MedicineWise
Religious coping’s impact on older adults with depression
Scientists develop new method that predicts vulnerability to stress
Mothers’ and babies’ brains ‘more in tune’ when mother is happy
Everyday activities help people with MS manage symptoms, study shows
UBC research says poor sleep can impact recovery from a stroke
National will invest in quality healthcare
My Business Health a lifeline to small business owners under strain
Study Reveals Increased Cannabis Use in Individuals with Depression
Kulchaya Sheaya Lender capsules
People should not always expect a medicine when they go to their doctor
Face mask can help combat mild cases of sleep condition
“Health care needs to be better at detecting anxiety among young people”
Liberals continue to ignore desperate pleas from correctional officers
Opinion: Depression – men far more at risk than women in deprived areas
Ban mobile phones from schools
Children of abused mothers 50 per cent more likely to have low IQ