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Neutrinos Used to Image Proton
King’s Researchers Help Make Groundbreaking Neutrino Discovery
High-performance detectors to combat spies
ABF Opens Tokyo Office to Boost Coast Guard and Customs Ties
New ATLAS management team takes helm
Take part in new seminar series on future colliders
Solved: Mystery of Cloudy Filters
Plane Crash in UK: Bombardier CL-600-2B16 (604), D-AAAY
NWO Offers Grant for Replication Research: Fundamental Questions in Field
LHCb Adopts Real-Time Processing of Collision Data
Quantum Twisting Microscope: New Lens on Quantum Materials
New Brunswick Man Charged After CBSA Firearm Seizure
Quantum Light Sensed with Single Pixel Detector
ChatGPT Troublesome in AI Text Detection Test
Perovskites Now More Efficient, Cost-Effective Silicon Alternative
Adelaide Fringe festival is here
Seizure of Contraband at Warkworth Institution 8 February
Tech Advances Could Bring Raman Microscopy to Medical Care
ERC Consolidator grants for detection of microwave photons and X-ray microscopy
Collins Bay Institution Seizes Contraband, Unauthorized Items 3 February
Seizure of Contraband at Warkworth Institution 3 February
Microfluidic for detecting SARS-CoV-2
Unmeasurable Proton Measured for First Time with World’s Intense Neutrino Beam
Prototype Particle Detectors Project Smashes Milestone
Open Source Stopwatch Time-Tracks Molecules in Living Cells
CT with Photon-Counting Enables Lower Contrast for Aorta Imaging
New detector could enable high-speed quantum communication
High-Speed Quantum Comm Possible with New Detector
Bath Institution Seizes Contraband
DNA detector exposes hidden Antarctic krill 24 January 2023
Physicists Observe Global Spin Synchronicity in Heavy-Ion Collisions
CRP Launches Tech to Boost Secure Trade with Nuclear Detection
Biosecurity’s Top Dog of 2022
Joyceville Institution Seizes Contraband, Unauthorized Items 19 January
Mobile Sensor Revolutionizes Water Monitoring: Colorimetric Multi-Channel on Phone
Learning from Insects to Avoid Car Crashes
ABF narcotics dog retires after illustrious career
Synthetic Genes for Flu Test
Seizures at Warkworth Institution: Contraband, Unauthorized Items
Ultrafast Camera Unveiled: Wide Range of Uses Discovered
Micro-LEDs Enable High Speed Visible Light Comms
Micro-LEDs Enable High Speed Light Comm for NextGen Comms
Matsqui Institution Seizes Contraband
2D MoTe₂ Layers Enable Broadband IR Detector with High Sensitivity
When antibodies do pirouette
Intelligent Meta-Imagers: Adaptive Sensing for Task Specific Needs
Further optimising car brakes
Bath Institution Seizes Contraband, Unauthorized Items