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New research could help clear backlog of surgery since it shows use of airway device
African Swine Fever response biosecurity shield
Unique season for truffle hunters
Tiny, Injectable Sensors Could Monitor Brain Activity without Surgery or Implants
Neutron-clustering effect in nuclear reactors demonstrated for first time
Astrophysicists detect first black hole-neutron star mergers
Researchers Propose Advanced Network for Object Detection
ALICE is “FIT” for Run 3 after last new subdetector installation
Scientists help fight biosecurity threat
Scientists part of team to discover support for disputed universal truth of particle physics
2021 LHCb prize winners
MoEDAL bags a first
With photon-counting-detector CT, Mayo Clinic at forefront of CT imaging technology
Astrophysicists prepare for age of multimessenger astronomy; build galaxy catalog to study black holes
Call for residents to reduce their winter fire risk
Canada delivers on plan to build safer communities and reduce firearms violence
Ducks in danger: 23 per cent increase in calls to Wildlife Victoria prompts support for Discover Ducks
UK builds first modular quantum brain sensor and records signal
Man arrested attempting to board flight to Dubai after $7 million cash seized
Observing quantum coherence from photons scattered in free-space
TSU laboratory will check security systems at transport station
From NIF to Z: LLNL continues to collaborate with Sandia on technology transfer projects
Scientists create unique instrument to probe most extreme matter on Earth
Greening gaseous detectors
High-Luminosity LHC project takes shape at Point 1
Official handover of $2.77 million firefighting appliances for City stations
FASER catches first candidate collider neutrinos
Dog seeks parthenium weed on North Coast
Borexino Collaboration receives award
Insights into spinning neutron stars
Dark Matter Particle Explorer Reports Most Precise Measurements of Cosmic Ray Proton and Helium Spectra above TeV and Reveals
An upgraded Inner Tracking System joins ALICE detector
Candid cosmos: eROSITA cameras set benchmark for astronomical imaging
RADES joins hunt for dark matter
Researchers see atoms at record resolution
Bumblebee detection dog on research duty
Nuclear terrorism could be intercepted by neutron-gamma detector that pinpoints source
AMS, a decade of cosmic discoveries
Removal of war artefacts from Ruapekapeka Pā results in $1600 fine
Annual conference on new telescope moves science ahead
LS2 Report: Installation of CMS beam pipe
A SciFi moment for LHCb experiment
FASER is born: new experiment will study particles that interact with dark matter
Thin, large-area device converts infrared light into images
Scientists get first detailed look at how charge transfer distorts a molecule’s structure
Nano flashlight enables new applications of light
Metal detector wanding trial at Gold Coast
Buildings – mirage effect