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C-17 Globemaster III dedicated in honor of ‘Candy Bomber,’ Berlin Airlift
Multiple vulnerabilities present in VMware products
Police charge man after warrant in Diamond Creek
Man extradited over serious offences
Bureau app upgrades to help communities better prepare for severe weather events
Tyndall AFB hosts WESP-East 22-8
Here comes bang
Pancharatnam-Berry phase reversal via opposite-chirality-coexisted superstructures
DAF leaders testify before Senate Appropriations Committee
RF-A 22-1 concludes at Eielson AFB
New Device Creates Different Images Depending on Light and Environmental Conditions
Transport Manager scams
Assessing impact of loss mechanisms in solar cell candidate
25th SecAF portrait unveiled during ceremony at Pentagon
New micro device injects boost to IVF success
Going gentle on mechanical quantum systems
Kirtland AFB firefighters deploy to fight largest US wildland fire
Two-dimensional material heterojunctions hetero-integration
Further Operation Ironside arrest, South Australia
New effective treatment for chronic stroke rehabilitation
Tech Savvy Seniors returns to Stroud and Hallidays Point
Vermont ANG F-35s join NATO’s enhanced air policing mission
Music lives
Researchers Use Light for Thermomagnetic Recording on Silicon Waveguide
High-performance hysteresis-free perovskite transistors
Researchers Fabricate Filter with Waste Maize Straw for Efficient Phosphate Removal
Stolen vehicles in Alice Springs
2D-based Photodetector Developed with Fast and Broadband Photoresponse
How physics can help us make sense of multiverse madness
Dendo Systems Brings Affordable Motorisation to Existing Blinds
Air advisors engage Peruvian Air Force, rekindle training mission
Serious assault investigation at Springfield
Researchers Create Flat Magic Window with Liquid Crystals
New wearable technology – for plants
55th FS, FGS return to Shaw AFB after 6-month deployment to USCENTCOM
Police lay charges – Aggravated unlawful use of motor vehicle in Alice Springs
CMSAF visits Robins AFB
Researchers Add Antireflection Coatings to Complex 3D Printed Micro-Optical Systems
TCSPC technique to visualize weak pulse electroluminescence
HSF advises lead investor on Vitruvian’s Series capital raise
Researchers Propose New Strategy to Boost Pseudocapacitive Performance of Micro-supercapacitors
Lost Family Located Near Meander Falls
Our evolving view of macroprudential policy
First RED HORSE training squadron up, ready to run
Radiofrequency heating plus electromagnetic stimulation reduces belly fat and increases muscle
AFRL altitude chambers hit rare 50,000-foot mark for manned research
Whanganui trailer owners reminded to keep security in mind
High performance microscopy for noninvasive conjunctival goblet cell examination 26 April