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Australia’s first ever hyperbaric test facility for subsea control modules to be based in WA
Emory-led collaborative puts COVID tests to test
Visiting researchers
New partnership to accelerate diagnostic health solutions for remote and rural communities
REDI Fellowships for medical research
Australian researchers in race to prevent prostate cancer deaths
HKUST Pushes Forward Research on Early Diagnostics and Gene Therapy for Neurodegenerative Diseases
23Strands and UTS team up to research into how genomics can benefit from artificial intelligence
In balance: Quantum computing needs right combination of order and disorder
Researchers identify rare genetic markers of drug-resistant tuberculosis
Skills revved up at race track
Researchers develop new computational tool to interpret clinical significance of cancer mutations
Quantum computing needs right combination of order and disorder
MARPLE diagnostics reaches South Asia
Scientists Develop Test That Easily Detects Variants Causing Covid
Bye, bye, biopsy? Handheld device could painlessly identify skin cancers
Advancing Diagnostics for Lupus Nephritis
Researchers announce comprehensive regional diagnostic of microbial ocean life using DNA testing
India planned to eliminate TB by 2025, but it’s estimated half a million Indians are still dying from it every year
Diet type can increase potentially harmful gas in gut
Seashell-inspired Sandia shield protects materials in hostile environments
INOViQ announces manufacturing agreement with MP Biomedicals
Researchers develop smartphone-powered microchip for at-home medical diagnostic testing
Mayo researchers use AI to detect weak heart pump via patients’ Apple Watch ECGs
Sensor makes strides in detecting infection indicators
Scientists develop smartphone-powered microchip for at-home medical diagnostic testing
We’ve created a device that could allow instant disease diagnosis – while fitting inside your phone lens
How organizational identity orientations impact firm-supplier relationships
Research finds genetic changes in patients who progress to esophageal cancer
Researchers update measurement ratios key for inertial confinement fusion experiments
Beyond emergencies: Researchers rethink role of paramedics in health system
Molecular tests for TB
Three pillars of malaria elimination
Positive steps to malaria control
Roadmap for deepening understanding of puzzling universal process
Race of people given Alzheimer’s blood tests may affect interpretation of results
UConn Junior Awarded Prestigious Goldwater Scholarship
Three new next-gen shark monitoring receivers installed on Busselton Jetty
New research partnership creates nurse leadership role
DoD Awards Texas A&M University for Applied Hypersonics Research
New understanding of how immune system deals with malaria
New process enables 3D printing of small and complex components made of glass in just few minutes
Markey Cancer Center Joins Global Network to Advance Precision Oncology Research
Nanoparticles could enable more sensitive and durable rapid Covid test
Is 5 Days of COVID Isolation Enough? New BU Study Has Some Answers
Game changer for medical testing devices
Deputy Trade Commissioner for Latin America visits Paraguay
Brendan Crabb: Australia’s $85 million commitment to COVAX welcomed