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WLWT: ‘Everyone is attacking everyone’: cyberattacks skyrocket
Adherium releases next generation respiratory platform integration services
Digital devices should have built-in adult content blockers to protect children
Community Pitch voting now open
Advice on how to use digital devices to detect and manage arrhythmias published today
Canada introduces Bill to safeguard traveller privacy and rights in examination of personal digital devices
Millions are turning to TikTok for latest on Ukraine, but can platform be trusted?
New laws bring nation-leading reforms for community safety
Children’s health fears due to rise in screen time
Child exploitation investigation, Mackay
UNITAR to Hold Online Conference on Digitalization
Sydney man charged with possessing and transmitting child abuse material
HKU Digital Citizenship Study reveals digital competence as protective factor against gaming addiction
Back to school with cyber secure devices
NSF grant to support FIU antenna design that will deliver complex data faster
Electronic surveillance law review won’t stop Border Force’s warrantless phone snooping
COSMIC Among First to be Named to Global Davos Alzheimer’s Collaborative
Breakthrough measurements/theory of vibrating atoms in nanostructures ushers in new class of technology
New smart devices cyber security laws one step closer
Stories that challenged our thinking in 2021
New technologies usher in an era of virtuous growth in discipline of marketing
How ‘deepfaking mind’ could help people with disabilities
Canada announces support for new accessible technology projects
New fund to empower Pacific Peoples to navigate Covid’s protection framework
World Bank Provides $100 Million to Accelerate Rwandas Digital Transformation
U.S.’s Supply Chain was Ticking Time Bomb. Here’s How to Rebuild It
Michele Polacsek publishes article on parents’ perceptions of privacy for school-issued devices
Central Coast man charged for procuring child to engage in sexual activity
Victorian man charged with possessing child abuse material
New cyber laws to protect people’s personal tech from hackers
New World Bank Project to Improve Quality of Learning for Over 5 Million Students Across Andhra Pradesh
‘Deepfaking mind’ could improve brain-computer interfaces for people with disabilities
New World Bank report: RemoteLearning during pandemic: Lessons from today, principles for tomorrow
Older Adults Can Improve Prospective Memory Functioning Using Smartphone Technology
Studies suggest no causal link between young children’s screen time and later symptoms of inattention and hyperactivity
Digital transformation demands skills upgrades
Victorian man charged with possessing and transmitting child abuse material
Reduce screen fatigue with these helpful tips
Queensland man charged with possessing child abuse material 14 October
ASEAN Digital Generation Survey Calls for Joint Action for an Inclusive and Sustainable Digital Economy
Cyber Security Awareness in Darwin and Alice Springs
Young or old, UN calls for ‘digital equality’ for all
Brisbane man charged with possessing child abuse material 1 October
Tasmanian tech deployed across national fleet
Digital evidence at risk of being missed because of fragmented police training and coordination, study warns
NSW man charged with possessing child abuse material
OSCE Economic and Environmental Forum UK opening statement
ABF wraps up National Child Protection Week with arrest in Sydney