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How cranberries could improve memory and ward off dementia
Health screening, genetic tests might identify people at risk of premature heart disease
Treatment for commonest form of blindness moves step closer
Rare genetic variants not major contributing factors to common diseases
Excessive Gestational Weight Gain Increases Long-Term Maternal Cardiovascular Risk
Prediabetes linked to higher heart attack risk in young adults
Study links Prediabetes to higher heart attack risk in young adults
Links connecting stress, depression and heart disease risk found in mouse model
Links connecting stress, depression and heart disease risk in mouse model
Menopausal hormonal shift alters women’s metabolism
Hypertensive pregnancy disorders linked to higher risk of cardiac events later in life
Hypertensive pregnancy disorders linked to future cardiac events
Food insecurity risk related to diabetes later in life
Experts recommend additional cholesterol lowering drugs for adults at high heart disease risk
No health benefits among adults who used both e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes
New tool better predicts COPD risk for people of non-European ancestry
Research “exonerates” urban pests like rats as one-of-a-kind disease reservoirs
Using BMI to measure your health is nonsense
‘Longevity diet’ characteristics: What to eat for long life
Childhood obesity increases risk of Type 1 diabetes
Calcium supps linked to earlier death in older people with heart valve disease
Hispanic women face inequities affecting maternal health outcomes
Greater than sum of your genes: DNA does not define us
Less prostate cancer screening reduces overdiagnosis but may miss aggressive cases
Faster accumulation of cardiovascular risk factors linked to increased dementia risk
Following Mediterranean-style diet during pregnancy may reduce risk of preeclampsia
Following Mediterranean-style diet during pregnancycould help lower risk of preeclampsia
About 1 in 4 adults has an often-missed liver disorder linked to higher heart disease risk
Northern growers warned to consider elevated disease risk when making chickpea planting decisions
Obesity significantly increased heart failure risk among women with late menopause
Researchers find first strong genetic risk factor for disorder
Study Finds Intervention Improved Rates of Tobacco Screening, Cessation Support in Small North Carolina Practices
Research challenges Durum sowing window and reduces Fusarium Crown Rot risk
Gene map may identify heart disease risk for people with Type 2 diabetes
Johns Hopkins Scientists Contribute to 1st Complete Sequence of Human Genome
Funding boost builds capacity for kidney research through expanded education and training
New partnership to establish Biosecurity Training Centre to support skilled and responsive biosecurity capability
Research reveals 10-second videos predict blood cancer relapse
Chronic low back pain linked to atrophy in pain-related brain regions
Research finds health inequalities for Black and South Asian women following gestational diabetes diagnosis
Top End residents reminded of mosquito borne disease risk
Chief Vet warns rescue charities to follow documentation requirements
Research challenges theory that light alcohol consumption benefits heart health
Exercise holds even more heart health benefits for people with stress-related conditions
Plant-based omega-3s may boost heart health, reduce risk of heart disease
Origins of diabetes may be different in men and women, according to new Concordia research
As temperatures spike, so do deaths from heart disease
100g of cranberries day improves cardiovascular health