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WashU, Pitt awarded $10.7 million for Alzheimer’s disease research
Prenatal exposure to famine heightens risk for later being overweight
Research into COVID-19 in South Asian communities in UK and India given UKRI funding
Thin and brittle bones strongly linked to women’s heart disease risk
Annual forum to discuss top plant disease risk
Sugar-sweetened drinks linked to increased risk of colorectal cancer in women under 50
Top journal publishes iPLAY, school-based kids fitness research
Early-warning ‘pandemic hub’ plan unveiled by WHO’s Tedros and Germany’s Merkel
Intestinal polyps in close relatives can increase risk of colorectal cancer
Women Face Unique Risks for High Blood Pressure and Stroke
If slightly high blood pressure doesn’t respond to lifestyle change, medication can help
New UN-led global immunization push aims to save more than 50 million lives
Heart Foundation welcomes funding pledge to support walking program in Tasmania
Individuals in lower-income US counties or high support for former President Trump continue to be less likely to socially distance
More belly weight increases danger of heart disease even if BMI does not indicate obesity
Mediterranean diet with lean beef may lower risk factors for heart disease
Mosquito borne disease risk
UBCO research shows a mother’s fat intake can impact infant infectious disease outcomes
What does life – and senseless deaths – of Black men and women mean for health of Black Americans
Researchers use satellite imagery to track interactions between cows and elk at interface of wildland and rangeland
Conservationists may be unintentionally spreading pathogens between threatened animal populations
Another way “good” cholesterol is good: combatting inflammation
Pilbara and Kimberley warned of increased mosquito-borne disease risk
Top plant disease risk intercepted at mail centre
Screen time for older adults: Mobile health tech can support seniors with heart disease
WHO Covid-19 report shows clear link between biodiversity loss and zoonotic disease – Greenpeace reaction
Emergence of Lyme disease on treeless islands in Scotland
Livestock health following floods
New Zealand needs urgent action to tackle frightening rise and cost of type 2 diabetes
2021 cereal and pulse disease guides out now
Uncovering how physical structure of dietary fibre underpins its benefits to health
Researchers investigate environment’s role in brain health
Report examines meteorological and air quality factors and COVID-19
There’s More Than One Way to Splice a Gene
In women, higher body fat may protect against heart disease death, study shows
High blood pressure controlled in only 2 out of 5 UK cases despite treatment
Convincing evidence that type 2 diabetes is associated with increased risk of Parkinson’s
Durham-based supercomputer helps tackle Covid
Opportunities and challenges for biosecurity as we look towards 2030
Protecting Australia’s dog population from biosecurity diseases
Abdominal Fat Gain Tied to Heart Disease Risk in Menopause
NIH invests in next iteration of public-private partnership to advance precision medicine research for Alzheimer’s disease
Plan to get 200,000 Aussies walking to tackle heart disease ticking time bomb
Zinc could be key to new diabetes treatments
New mini-medical school seeks to engage, serve Sacramento’s Vietnamese community
Overlooked Cilium Could Be Genetic Key to Common Diseases
Statins have no overall effect on muscle pain finds individual randomised, placebo controlled trial
Invention can help prevent deaths caused by blood clots