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Turkey Earthquakes Cause Over 20% Loss in Food Production
Walnuts’ Gut Connection to Heart Health
Canadian Tobacco Users Exposed to High Levels of Cyanide: McMaster Study
Patient-Specific Cells from Thymus Grown in Lab
Being Fit Can Counteract Bad Effects of High BP: Study
UF/IFAS study: new mosquito species reported in Florida
Florida Reports New Mosquito Species
Improved Family Screening for Inherited Heart Muscle Disease
Elite Footballers at Higher Risk for Dementia: Study
Gene Linked to X Chromosome May Explain Female’s Lower Virus Severity
Researcher aims to assess ripple effects of rodent disease
Mediterranean Diet Cuts CVD, Death Risk in Women by 25%
Mediterranean Diet Cuts Women’s CVD Risk by 25%
Test Rapidly IDs Patients Who Can Benefit from Hypnosis for Post-Op Pain
Strong Winds Increase Pathogen Risk For Outdoor Chickens
Animals Survive with Disgust Avoidance
Winds Exacerbate Pathogen Spread on Outdoor Chicken Farms
Low Dose Radiation Increases Heart Disease Risk
Low Dose Radiation Raises Heart Disease Risk
Habitat Split May Increase Disease Risk in Vertebrates
Coronary Calcium Scoring Guides Statin Therapy, Cost-Effective
Ex-NFL Players with Lower-Body Injuries and Arthritis at Risk for Cardiac Issues
Genetic variation shields from Black Death, ups autoimmune risk
ApoB protein test more accurate for heart disease risk
AI Technique to Aid in Diagnosing Alzheimer’s from Brain Scans
Apple Women’s Health Study Advances Menstrual Cycle Science
Obesity Linked to Diabetes and Hypertension in Women
Got splitting headache? it could be all in your genes
High BMI Linked to Precarious Jobs
GRDC Honours Chickpea Expert for National Impact
Childhood Obesity Raises Diabetes Risk in Adulthood
Pregnant Women’s Obesity Linked to Placenta Risk
Better targeted prediabetes care needed
Mid-Life Relationships Linked to Lower Risk of Chronic Disease
UT Health San Antonio: Obesity Linked to Alzheimer’s Genes
Oral bacteria may increase heart disease risk
Analysis Finds US Unprepared for Zoonotic Disease Risks
Mosquito Numbers in Greater Shepparton Drop, Disease Risk Up
Diabetes Risk Rises with COVID-19 Infection Confirmed
US Public May Seek Genetic Enhancements for Kids’ Education
Physicians’ Race, Culture Bias Linked to Poor Health Outcomes
Harnessing good fats to relieve MS symptoms
Tree Health Pilot Success: Improvements Made
Updated NVT disease ratings vital tool for managing looming stripe…
Pregnancy Complications Up Heart Disease Risk Long-Term
Quail could be unknown reservoir of Tuscany and Sicilian viruses
Coeliac Disease Linked to Cardio Risk Despite Fewer Known Factors
Risk of Cardiovascular Disease Higher in Celiac Sufferers