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Grants Open For Gippsland Lakes Environment Projects
Dolphin found dead on Auckland beach
Better Helmets to Prevent Football Concussions
Toothed Whales Use Vocal Fry to Fish Deep Waters
Toothed Whales’ Voices Revealed By Unique Nasal Structure
Together we stand, divided we fall
Investigation Demanded After Santos Dolphin Death Claim
Travel Co’s Still Fail Wildlife: New Animal Guide
DOC: Wildlife, Tracks & Facilities in Auckland Region
2023 Pre-Season Challenge
Genes Behind Whale’s Gigantic Size Revealed by Marine Biologists
Dolphin-inspired compact sonar for enhanced underwater acoustic imaging
Human-made noise impacts dolphins working together, reveals new study
Dogs and Cats: Why Do They Bring Us Dead Animals?
90-year-old Hyde Park fountain’s new lease of life
90-Year-Old Hyde Park Fountain Resurrected
Recovery works ready for summer
Humans Losing Body Hair: Rapid Change
Territory tourism gems top Insta-hits in 2022
NRL announces record-high salary caps for 2023 season
Biden Pays Tribute to Football Legend Franco Harris
Stranded dolphins show signs of Alzheimer’s
Great Walks to see great numbers visiting this summer
Great Walks Draw Big Crowds This Summer
US court decision shows need for stronger protection of Māui dolphin
Regime shift in Arctic marine ecosystem is likely to be permanent
Beaked whale found dead in Hawke’s Bay
Raiders v Dolphins: NRL game in Wagga Wagga in 2023
NRL returns to Sunshine Coast next year
Learning from animal evolution to reproduce materials for vibration damping and acoustic wave control
Green pressure helps keep check on commercial fishing
United Kingdom reiterates strong anti-whaling stance at International Whaling Commission
Hector’s dolphin in Northland for first time in 100 years
New measures to further protect South Island Hector’s dolphins
How “wonderful net” of cerebral vasculature protects cetacean brain from swimming-generated pulses
Griffith to make splash at short course championships
Hector’s dolphin spotted off Northland and Auckland coasts
Did primitive cetaceans feed like marine reptiles?
Blood tests reveal gene expression changes in dolphins following Deepwater Horizon oil spill
Team of Baylor Researchers and Collaborators Provides Novel Baseline Data on Leopard Seals, Mysterious Apex Predators of Antarctica
Prince Rupert commercial diver receives largest fine to-date under Canada’s Marine Mammal Regulations
As oceans warm, snapping shrimp sound warning
Ancient megalodon super-predators could swallow a great white shark whole, new model reveals
Update on Waiheke Island dolphin pod stranding
Dolphins form rare alliance near Bimini, scientists say
First insights to potential competition between New Zealand’s toothed whales and dolphins
Look before you leap: Study provides safety guidelines for diving
Connecting Redcliffe seniors with support