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Erasing Bad Memories Boosts Long-Term Parkinson's Care
Midbrain Dopamine Neurons Hold Short-Term Memories
Researchers Find Key Role of Lateral Septum in Addiction
Age Doesn't Reduce Sensitivity in Hairy Skin, Study Finds
Sex Differences in Brain Reward Paths May Enhance Psychiatry
BATT Signal Controls Germ Cells in Planarians: New Study
Anxiety More Than Doubles Parkinson's Risk, UCL Study Finds
Anxiety Sufferers Face Over Double Risk of Parkinson's
Chen Receives Dual Scialog Grants for Cognition Study
Prescription For Quitting Nicotine
Brain Areas Driving Mood Bias in Bipolar Disorder Identified
Dopamine Raises Hope for New Social Understanding Treatments
Creating Art Proves Unique to Humans, Boosts Health
Blood Test May Foretell Parkinson's Seven Years Pre-Symptoms
Blood Test May Foretell Parkinson's Seven Years Prior
Vanderbilt Postdoc Fellows Honored at 2024 Spring Awards
Cancer Drug May Target Parkinson's Protein Link: Study
Simplicity Vs Adaptability: Balancing Habitual, Goal-Directed Behaviors
Dopamine Connection to Mentalising Abilities Uncovered
Antipsychotics Effective Beyond Brain, Impact Whole Body
Choice Enhances Pleasure of Touch, Study Finds
Psychiatric Medications Have Effect Below Neck
New Era of Flexible Piezoelectric Sensors for Humans, Robots
Depressive Symptoms Could Accelerate Memory Loss in Elderly
Protein Study May Propel New Antibiotic Development
Learning from Negative Experiences: Brain's Role
Brain Myelination Crucial to Opioid Addiction Learning
Genetics Study Uncovers Potential Restless Leg Syndrome Treatments
Ultrasound Promises Novel Approach to Deep Brain Stimulation
Unraveling Brain's Role in Self-Initiated Goal-Directed Actions
Tiny Worm Reveals Lasting Prenatal Impact of Amphetamines
DoD Funds Gut Microbiome-Targeted Parkinson's Treatment
Sugar Does Not Cause Hyperactivity in Kids
Multi-purpose Mucus
Dual Role of Fentanyl: Neurological Roots of Opioid Addiction
Research Unravels Antidepressant Recognition, Dimerization at Noradrenaline Transporter
Few Aware of Medications to Treat Alcohol Use Disorder
New Findings Uncover How General Anaesthesia Works After 180 Years
Research Links Autism to Interrupted Dopamine Development
Fairness Sensitivity Linked to Gut Microbiome
UofT Researchers Pioneer Parkinson's Treatment via Neural Cells
Brain's Flexibility Balances Complexity and Chaos
Laser-Printed Sensors from Fallen Leaves Advance Med Tech
AI Companions Aid Loneliness, Yet 4 Chatbot Red Flags Emerge
Scientists Develop Tourette Trait Mice Through Advanced Genetics
Stem Cell Transplant Trial Update for Parkinson's Treatment
Stem Cell Transplant Trial Update for Parkinson's Disease
Researchers Receive $42M+ in NHMRC Investigator Grants