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Cannabis Use During Pregnancy Impacts Placenta and May Affect Subsequent Child Development
Police enforcement of New York City Covid mandates finds racial inequities by zip code
Compound developed at UArizona Health Sciences provides innovative pain relief
E-cigarettes don’t help smokers stay off cigarettes
Yelp Star Ratings on Health Care Facilities May Reveal County-Level Death Rate Disparities
Researchers identify brain circuitry in rodents that may be responsible for negative emotional aspects of pain
Buprenorphine misuse decreased among U.S. adults with opioid use disorder from 2015-2019
New Case Western Reserve University, National Institute on Drug Abuse study finds people with substance-use disorders may be 16 October
Study could pave way for creating safer opioids
Awareness and Knowledge of PrEP Varies by Rural vs. Urban Setting Among People Who Inject Drugs
New Case Western Reserve University, National Institute on Drug Abuse study finds people with substance-use disorders may be
Recreational ketamine use has increased in recent years, but remains rare
Naloxone access doesn’t make heroin seem less risky
People with substance use disorders may be at higher risk for SARS-CoV-2 breakthrough infections
NIH BRAIN Initiative Unveils Detailed Atlas of Mammalian Primary Motor Cortex
People with substance use disorders may be at higher risk for Covid breakthrough infections
Suicide and drug addiction in young people: two interconnected phenomena
UNM receives $10 million grant to support research on chronic pain and opioid use disorder
New analytical technique helps researchers spot subtle differences in subcellular chemistry
Misuse of stimulants linked to other drug abuse
Cannabis use by pregnant women increased during pandemic
Drugs used by some Type 2 diabetics may lessen risk for severe Covid outcomes
Research finds mechanism by which nicotine withdrawal increases junk food consumption
Deaths with drugs as contributing factor rising dramatically
Nursing Researcher Investigating Treatment to Increased Pain Sensitivity from Opioid Use
First UK manufactured rapid tests deployed across England
ADHD and impulsivity: new potential targets to approach treatment for neuropsychiatric disorders
$4 million for traumatic brain injury research
Patients with opioid use disorder die at rate similar to heart attacks
International project seeks to eliminate HIV in kids
Marijuana use at historic high among college-aged adults in 2020
Kids and cannabis: California dispensaries lack adequate screening to keep out minors, study finds
New biomarkers identified to detect consumption of emerging illicit drug
NIH HEAL Initiative: Research Meets Moment to Address Opioid Public Health Crisis
Researchers Identify Potentially Safer Approach to Opioid Drug Development
Scientists identify potentially safer approach to opioid drug development
NIH Awards Emory and partners $27.6M for Pediatric HIV Cure Research
App did not improve adherence in opioid addiction program
Research reveals uptick in U.S. alcohol beverage sales during Covid pandemic
NIH-funded study suggests single skills-based session on pain management packs punch
Canada highlights funding for Indigenous communities to support critical infrastructure
Afghan Relocation and Assistance Policy
UK Government consults on increasing access to lifesaving overdose medicine
Closeness with dads may play special role in how kids weather adolescence
Real-time stress detection devices could help fight alcohol relapses
Words matter: language can reduce mental health and addiction stigma, NIH leaders say
Emergency department-administered, high-dose buprenorphine may enhance opioid use disorder treatment outcomes
More Americans in Addiction Treatment, But Gaps Persist