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Reentry Services May Stabilize Substance Use Risks After Prison Release
Reentry Services May Stabilize Substance Use Risks After Mass Prison Release
Research: Frequent Cannabis Users Leaner Despite Munchies
High Suicide Attempts Among New Jersey Teenagers: Poison Center Data
Research Shows Link Between Relationship Health, Mental Health, and Sexual Satisfaction in Men Who Have Sex with Men
Over 80% of Injecting Drug Users Test Positive for Fentanyl, but Majority Avoid Intentional Use
Over 80% of People Who Inject Drugs Test Positive for Fentanyl, But Only 18% Plan to Use it
Funding Boost for Services Diverting Women from Life of Crime
Researcher Awarded $3.2M to Study Child Brain Development
National Study Finds Adolescent Vapers More Prone to Cannabis and Binge Drinking
Nonprofit Battles Crisis After Boyfriend’s Fentanyl Death
NIH Launches $140M Effort to Investigate Genetic Variation in Normal Human Cells and Tissues
Relationship Education Lowers STIs, Risky Sex in Young Gay, Bi Men
Cannabis Use Disorder Linked to High Schizophrenia Risk in Young Men
Young Men at Highest Risk of Schizophrenia Linked with Cannabis Use Disorder
Patterns of Opioid Prescribing Linked to Suicide Risk
1 in 4 US School Students Report Misusing Prescription Stimulants
Placebo Boosts Retention and Sleep, Even when Participants Knew
Patterns of Opioid Prescribing Linked to Suicide Risk, Study Finds
Buprenorphine Initiation in ER Safe & Effective for Fentanyl Users with Opioid Use Disorder
Telehealth and Medications for Opioid Use Reduce Overdose Risk During COVID
HIV Persists for Years in Myeloid Cells on Antiretroviral Therapy
HIV can persist for years in myeloid cells of people on antiretroviral therapy
People Living with HIV/Drug Use Feel Empowered to Seek Care
Post-Overdose Programs Linked to Lower Opioid Fatalities
Naloxone Use Widespread, No Rise in Adolescent Heroin Use
Australian School Principals’ Health, Wellbeing at Risk: ACU Study
New Brain Defense Against Opioid Recurrence Found: Epigenetics
Black Women Trauma Linked with Intergenerational Substance Use
Your first Covid vaccination ‘hurts’ subsequent boosters
Psychostimulants: Effect Variation Explored
UK Offers Scholarships for Women’s Health Research
USF Program Seeks to Increase Addiction Researchers from Diverse Groups
Teen Drinking Rises Sharply After Initial Use
Overdose Deaths Don’t Spike with Prescribing Ease for Buprenorphine
OHSU will test promising intervention to reduce overdoses, encourage recovery
Decreasing Opioids Post Knee/Hip Surgery Proves Beneficial
Endocarditis in patients with cocaine or opioid use disorder saw marked increase between 2011 to 2022
Marked Increase in Endocarditis Among Cocaine & Opioid Users 2011-2022
Risk of endocarditis more than 3x higher after Covid infection in patients with cocaine, opioid abuse disorders
More US Users Simultaneously Using Cannabis & Alcohol After Legalization
Buprenorphine use remained stable during first year of pandemic
Record high overdose deaths reported among pregnant and postpartum women
Kids ditch alcohol for marijuana, as 20-year national US study reveals 245% increase
New report showcases strategies to keep children safe online
Buprenorphine, Not Methadone, May Be Safer Treatment for Opioid-Use Disorder During Pregnancy
Discovery involving sodium could lead to safer painkillers such as fentanyl
New Trial Targets Reducing Risk Behaviors, Increasing PrEP Adherence for People who Use Drugs