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City’s young leaders have their say
Astrocytes Identified as Master ‘Conductors’ of Brain
UCLA-led research proposes strategies to control pandemic with fewer restrictions on economy
‘Diseases of despair’ have soared over past decade in US
A genetic test predicts THC versus CBD in Cannabis plants
Histamine circuits in brain reward center
When Addiction and COVID-19 Collide
Congratulations on Seychelles’ Elections
As suicide numbers rise – UniSA calls for a national priority on prevention strategies
From pills to powder: 1 in 3 high school seniors who misused prescription opioids later used heroin
Barch, Bateman elected to National Academy of Medicine
More young adults are abstaining from alcohol
UConn Releases Annual Safety Reports
Meth, cocaine found hidden in adult sex toys
Ground-breaking drug treatment facility for male prisoners opens
Child neglect linked to teen pregnancy
Readout from White House National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month Event
Study Finds Partygoers Turn to Virtual Raves and Happy Hours During Pandemic
Opioid Prescription Rates for Knee Surgery Patients Vary, But Higher Strength Dosage Common
Nearly half of teens who vape say they want to quit
Words used to describe alcohol intoxication may give clues to drinking habits
Desire to Be in a Group Leads to Harsher Judgment of Others
Desire to Be in a Group Leads to Harsher Judgement of Others
Cash from criminals to fund crime-stopping projects
Young adults’ risks from first-time opioid prescriptions may not be as high as previously thought
Study points out opioid risks for hospital patients transitioning to skilled nursing facilities
Embrace data to deliver for public, Chief Secretary tells Whitehall
Psychiatric Visits to Emergency Room Rise Despite ACA
Expanded access to treatment in prisons and jails can reduce opioid overdose deaths by 31.6%, study finds
Legal marijuana may be slowing reductions in teen marijuana use, study says
Stanford neuroscientists target drug-associated memories as a way to prevent relapse
Awareness campaign to connect families with services
A focused approach to imaging neural activity in brain
Local musician exposes roots of racism through song
Baby blues hit men too
Early childhood intervention programs may reap benefits across generations
COVID-19 Update: May 27, 2020
Job skills training leads to long-term reduction in drug abuse
New measure of broad psychopathology can predict future care requirement
Emergency departments slow to adopt proven opioid use disorder therapy
Melania Trump Celebrates Second Anniversary of “BE BEST”
U.S. President Trump’s Remarks Before Marine One Departure
HEDCO clinic helps parents, families with coronavirus stress
Vaping and edible use of marijuana growing among adolescent users
Holistic approach best for tackling nonmedical drug use, study finds
COVID-19 Update: April 22, 2020
Large majority of state’s heroin users want to reduce
Using certain e-cigarette devices can lead to smoking more cigarettes