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$2.7M Grant to UC Davis to Find New Addiction Treatments Related to Psychedelics
Early intervention helps keep families together
Community-focused strategy improves vaccine uptake in Black and Latino communities
Boost in nerve-growth protein helps explain why running supports brain health
Seven out of ten patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease feel stigmatized
Research finds most effective anti-vaping messages for teens
Opioid overdose detection patch under development, funded by National Institute on Drug Abuse
Budget 2022: More police to target gangs
New UCI study finds brain circuit responsible for cocaine withdrawal-induced anxiety and relapse-related behavior
Brisbane North co-responder team guiding young people away from crime
Secrecy another red flag for Labor’s second drug injecting room
Boost for public safety as four justice bills receive Royal Assent
Scientists Illuminate Mechanism of Common Drug Target
Single-molecule techniques illuminate mechanisms of GPCR activation
Tobacco smoking rates are decreasing in people with major depression and substance use disorder
Impact of Covid on drug use: and how it contributes to overdose risk
Impact of Covid on Drug Use-and How It Contributes to Overdose Risk
New Traralgon Youth Rehab Centre Delivered
Disasters could disrupt care for opioid use disorder in most vulnerable communities
Fruit snack or edible? Study finds some cannabis products look like popular snacks
Fruit snack or edible? Study reveals some cannabis products look like popular snacks
New 30-Bed Wangaratta Rehab Centre Now Open
Researchers prescribe possible remedy in opioid misuse
Adolescent drug overdose deaths rose exponentially for first time in history during COVID pandemic
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy reveals promise for opioid addiction treatment
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy shows promise for opioid addiction treatment
Further arrests made over methylamphetamine trafficking in south western Victoria
Opioid prescriptions for pediatric patients following surgical procedures have dropped significantly
Drug use severity in adolescence affects substance use disorder risk in adulthood
Growing number of pills containing fentanyl seized by law enforcement
Law enforcement seizures of pills containing fentanyl increased dramatically between 2018-2021
Atlas of migraine cell types sheds light on new therapeutic targets
People who use alcohol drank more frequently during early months of pandemic
Research reveals neurons that encode outcomes of actions
Only 1 in 4 people needing treatment received medication for Opioid Use Disorder in past year
E-cigarettes reverse decades of decline in percentage of US youth struggling to quit nicotine
NIH analysis of Reddit forum suggests experience of non-suicidal self-harm shares characteristics with addiction
In U.S., alcohol use disorder linked to 232 million missed workdays annually
Teens and young adults overdosing on drugs for common mental health issues
Break link between illicit drugs and social media: UN-backed report
Syringe program user survey shows ‘stunning’ fentanyl surge
Blood pressure medications impact brain function
Risk of schizophrenia assessed with new screening tool
Police seize 69 kilograms of illegal drugs concealed in tea
Take-home antibiotic therapies may improve health outcomes, lower costs
Improving Lives of Boys and Men of Color
Psilocybin Treatment for Major Depression Effective for Up to Year for Most Patients, Study Shows
Psilocybin treatment for major depression effective for up to year for most patients