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More efficient drug development with help of computer models
MUSC, HPE make innovative drug discovery software open source
Manufacturing toolbox for porous silica is good news for production of medicine
Frankfurt researchers discover potential targets for COVID-19 therapy
New imaging tool helps researchers see extent of Alzheimer’s early damage
Regeneron and Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine Announce Major New Human Genetics Research Collaboration
University of Alberta pharmaceutical institute leads effort to fill looming hospital drug shortage
HKU organises Big Ideas virtual forum on Combatting COVID-19 Pandemic
Uppsala chemists part of international COVID-19 collaboration
Coronavirus mutations offer insights into virus evolution
Adaptive Biotechnologies and Microsoft launch virtual ImmuneRACE study to inform novel COVID-19 diagnostics
Exploiting a chink in armour of bacteria
New initiative co-ordinates COVID-19 trelated research for Liverpool City Region
Southampton to play leading role in fast-tracked COVID-19 treatment trial
Schizophrenia related to abnormal fatty metabolism in brain
New model of GI tract could speed drug development
New brain cell models to evaluate therapy on neurodegenerative disease Sanfilippo C
A Study Finds Neuropeptide Somatostatin Enhances Visual Processing
MIT’s Love Lab developing a Covid-19 vaccine to potentially reach billions
Oncology treatments dominate drug development pipeline
New Macrolactone Database Could Aid Drug Discovery, Research
EPFL lab headed by Francesco Stellacci gets 5 million research grant
TeleTown Hall: building treatment capacity in pandemic
Super-charging drug development for COVID-19
Open science drug discovery partnership, READDI, aims to invest $125 million to prevent future
CMU-Developed Microneedle Patches Ready for COVID-19 Fight
Rice chemist wins grant to simplify drug design
FDA: Human trials can begin for Emory COVID-19 antiviral
Researchers seek universal treatments to impede coronavirus
A new antiviral drug heading into clinical trials offers hope for COVID-19 treatment
Scientists launch multiple studies into novel coronavirus
Southampton Coronavirus Response Fund launched to accelerate urgent research and offer student
COVID-19 Update: April 1, 2020
Researchers gain new insights into pain signaling in brain
Eight University researchers win new federal grants for COVID-19 research projects
Antiviral used to treat cat coronavirus could hold key to COVID-19
Eye blinking on-a-chip
Newly discovered enzyme “square dance” helps generate DNA building blocks
Heart attack on a chip: scientists model conditions of ischemia on a microfluidic device
Possible COVID-19 treatment: transfusion of antibodies from recovered patients’ blood
Emory’s DRIVE, Ridgeback partnering for drug vs coronavirus
Tip of Iceberg: Virologist David Ho Speaks About COVID-19
Adaptive Biotechnologies and Microsoft expand partnership to decode COVID-19 immune response
Faculty of Medicine to lead drug trial into treatment of COVID-19
Using “organs-on-a-chip” to model complicated diseases
Malaria finding may pave way for drug development
New findings boost understanding of arterial aneurysm
New drug discovery centre to fast-track medicines