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Electricity bills expected to reduce for Powerco and Wellington Electricity consumers
Using Fiber Optics to Advance Safe and Renewable Energy
Scientists get first look at cause of ‘slow motion’ earthquakes
NIST Releases Online Economic Decision Tool to Help Communities Plan for Disaster
How does corruption fuel so-called ‘natural’ disasters?
This Drone Can Play Dodgeball – And Win
Researchers develop new theory to explain random movement of particles in fluids
Lincoln Platt selected to contest Christchurch East
Long-Distance Fiber Link Poised to Create Powerful Networks of Optical Clocks
New Low-cost Approach Detects Building Deformations with Extreme Precision in Real Time
Designing minimal and scalable insect-inspired multi-locomotion millirobots
Robertson must accept realities of business
Support for business welcomed
Government must defer minimum wage increase
New software combines quantum and classical machine learning
Relief package needed as NZ nears recession
Seismic biomarkers in Japan Trench fault zone reveal history of large earthquakes
Seismic imaging technology could deliver detailed images of human brain
Planning changes for bushfire affected communities
1,000 insurance cases resolved
Where is Government’s plan to save jobs?
Contingency response experts practice teamwork, training during Patriot Sands
Researchers develop new explanation for destructive earthquake vibrations
Bendable, safe, long-lasting and green cement-free concrete
Space weather model gives earlier warning of satellite-killing radiation storms
Machine learning picks out hidden vibrations from earthquake data
Machine learning reveals earth tremor and slip occur continuously, not intermittently
Historic WWII site reopens in Christchurch
Fur-friendly ‘wearable for pets’ developed at Imperial
Takatsuki Mayor moved by Toowoomba East Rotary recovery funds
NZ First pledge major funding support to St. John
Measuring magical wavelength of cadmium
Seismic data collected around Otaniemi geothermal project enables earthquake science and explains
Bill to Amend Greater Christchurch Regeneration Act
Rental reforms a step closer with introduction of Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill
Earthquake-Prone Building loan scheme: eligibility criteria announced
Early treatment for PTSD after a disaster has lasting effects
Researchers at AAAS to discuss latest science on Cascadia earthquake hazards
New grants for seismic strengthening of heritage buildings
Agriculture Minister declares adverse event in Southland
Kicking stadium can down road
Ohio Airmen proud to support Puerto Rico earthquake relief
Observing Unobservable: Models Predict Mechanical Origins of Earthquakes
Kaikōura $10.88 million boost in tourism & business
U.S. President Trump Approves Puerto Rico Disaster Declaration
More than 20,000 children evacuated from ‘danger zone’ around erupting volcano in Philippines
Will Prosper’s NFB doc Kenbe la, jusqu’à la victoire screening
NZ Education at pivotal moment of change – academics respond