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Sixth sense of animals: an early warning system for earthquakes?
Australian bushfires six months on
Slow Earthquakes in Cascadia are Predictable
EQC grant unites earth and social sciences
EQC grant unites earth and social sciences
Study reveals how water in deep Earth triggers earthquakes and volcanic activity
New book explores history of disasters in Australia and New Zealand
Catching a wave to study granular material properties
Hugh Sheridan launches COVID-19 fundraiser for world’s most vulnerable communities
US engineer designs resilient building with a little help from his Kiwi friends
New research reveals how water in deep Earth triggers earthquakes and tsunamis
How water could trigger earthquakes and volcanoes
Natural Fluid Injections Triggered Cahuilla Earthquake Swarm
How earthquakes shape landscape
How giant sequoia protects itself
Jitterbug: Roaches and Robots Shake It To Transition Between Movements In Tricky Terrain
Looking Up to Stars Can Reveal What’s Deep Below
Past stressful experiences do not create resilience to future trauma, new study finds
Further funding for completion of Hundertwasser Art Centre
Five faculty members receive Outstanding Research Awards
Australia’s ancient geology controls pathways of modern earthquakes
‘Quake brain’ study could give insight into future effects of COVID-19 crisis
Recognition for New Zealand Police in Royal Honours
Study ties magma changes to quakes below quiet volcanoes
Designing a flexible material to protect buildings, military personnel
Pretty as a peacock: gemstone for next generation of smart sensors
FSU researcher detects unknown submarine landslides
Maverick spirit shines in Class of 2020
Research fortifies soil against potential disasters
New natural approach to strengthening soil against disaster developed at Western
Research probes repercussions of seafloor activity on society
Growing mountains or shifting ground: What is going on in Earth’s inner core?
Why Restarting Global Economy Won’t be Easy
Fiber Optic Seismic Array in Pasadena Tracks Rose Parade
Pursuing future of lunar habitation
“Wobble” may precede some great earthquakes, study shows
Yes debt was low, but it’s path out that counts
Study recommends new approach to managing risk of earthquakes triggered by fracking
New study finds connection between fault roughness and magnitude of earthquakes
AFCAP V increases field assistance
Researchers create seismic stress map of North America
Manchester academic leads coronavirus fight at city’s Nightingale Hospital
Earth Day 2020: Song of Ice
UH Researchers Improving Resolution in 3D Data Collected by Drones
Dance and engineering form unique collaboration
Actin ‘avalanches’ may make memories stick
Michigan Stadium seismometer captures eerie quiet during pandemic
Inquiry report into EQC released