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Giant friction experiment at Kilauea volcano
Scientists test friction laws in collapsing crater of an erupting volcano
Develop Your Disaster Risk Reduction Plan: Call for Applications
New SAFECOM Chief Executive appointed
Toyota to Launch All-New Aqua
NRMA Insurance Provides Help Like No One Else in new campaign
Engineering revolutionary, rapid, resilient, recyclable buildings
Tibetan Monks Harshly Sentenced: China
How to build quake-proof bridges on uncertain ground
Underwater seismometer can hear how fast a glacier moves
Producing Clean Energy Can Diminish Earthquake Risk
Old oil fields may be less prone to induced earthquakes
Boring to study slow earthquakes
World first natural disaster response model for New Zealand
Euro Corporation fined $361,000 in last steel mesh case
Rock crystals from deep give microscopic clues to earthquake ground movements
Shifting sands, creeping soils, and a new understanding of landscape evolution
Natural hazards threaten 57% of US structures
Analysing volcanoes to predict their awakening
NASA Balloon Detects California Earthquake – Next Stop, Venus?
Major New Building Standard Can Map Out Tornado Threat for First Time
IV International Forum of Gran Sasso and Euro-African Conference of Rectors
Vice Regal visit to mark completion of Newcastle City Hall restoration
Public Services and Procurement Canada unveils design, scope and timelines for rehabilitation of Centre Block
Shining light on arts and culture
Balanced rocks set design ground motion values for New Zealand dam
Cost of Government Southern Response proactive package released
IMF Staff Concludes a Remote Staff Visit to Albania
Startup revolutionises breast milk expressing experience
Linked faults under Salt Lake City may elevate risk of building damage
Hidden magma pools pose eruption risks that we can’t yet detect
Fisheries Resilience Following Tohoku Tsunami
Dry metastable olivine and slab deformation in a wet subducting slab
New research to help businesses increase seismic resilience
Ensuring Māori perspectives are integrated in our emergency management system
New study shines light on hazards of Earth’s largest volcano
Electromagnetic anomalies that occur before an earthquake
Clean Water and Toilets for Healthy Shelters
One material, two functionalities
Hope for Kaikoura paua fishery, five years post-earthquake
Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force and U.S. Navy Prepare to Celebrate Fleet Week Japan – Fleet Week New York
Imaging technique could help identify where landslides are likely
Anisotropic zoning in upper crust of Tianshan Tectonic Belt
A super slow earthquake that lasted 32 years in Indonesia
NTU study of ancient corals in Indonesia reveals slowest earthquake ever recorded
Space-based system can provide seismic monitoring for large earthquakes and tsunamis
New study pinpoints source of largest recorded Mediterranean earthquake in AD 365
High-density seismic network detected inland earthquake precursors