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Global agreement in green tech will open doors for UK PLC
Toyota car sales to push planet beyond 1.5C heating limit: study
Toyota, Volkswagen auto sales to push planet beyond 1.5C heating limit: study
AI helps optimise power electronic converters
Charging lithium-ion cells at different rates boosts lifetimes of battery packs for electric vehicles, Stanford study finds
MP Weiler Announces Federal Support for EV Charging in Pemberton, British Columbia
Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer MP visits Imperial
Rev up or burn out: ranking popular vehicle brands’ progress to zero emissions
Li-rich Mn-based Layered Cathode Materials Enable High-performance Li-ion Batteries
Ceramics That Breathe Oxygen at Lower Temperatures Help Us Breathe Cleaner Air
UK’s first large-scale merchant lithium refinery announced
Major milestone for Arafura Resources
Exciting progress for Surf Coast’s microgrid project with Monash Unive
Powering ahead on charging stations plan
UK strengthens Taiwan trade ties as Minister visits Taipei
UK’s Presidency of COP26 ends as world leaders meet in Egypt for COP27
Biden- Harris Administration Makes Historic Investment in America’s National Labs, Announces Net-Zero Game Changers Initiative
Council’s first electric car takes to road: Bayside
Music to energy consumers’ ears as Project Symphony premieres
Advances in thermoelectric power generation possible with various ‘metal chalcogenide’ materials
Climate Action Can Help Kazakhstan Diversify its Economy Away from Oil and Create New Drivers of Growth
Volvo Australia’s massive EV call should send jolt through policymakers
Act now: Public support for EVs accelerating
Port Phillip charging ahead with first kerbside EV charging trial
U.S. President Biden’s Remarks at Infrastructure Talent Pipeline Challenge Event
Climate Concern at Record High amid Floods: Largest Tracking Research on Climate in Australia
Health is compromised by global fossil fuel addiction
More road benefits for electric vehicles
We all need energy to survive. Here are 3 ways to ensure Australia’s crazy power prices leave no-one behind
Spring in step of SPring-8
Researcher aims to make lithium ion batteries more eco-friendly
Accelerating Next Generation Of Electric Vehicle Chargers
Secretary Blinken and Canadian Foreign Minister Mélanie Joly at Tour of Lithion Recycling
World Energy Outlook 2022 shows global energy crisis can be historic turning point towards cleaner and more secure future
Global collaboration saved countries $67 billion in solar panel production costs
Labor’s ‘sensible’ budget leaves Australians short-changed on climate action
Readout of Cybersecurity Executive Forum on Electric Vehicles and Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Hosted by Office
Statement by President Joe Biden on Hyundai Investments in Georgia
Greenpeace Budget verdict: Small change to tackle climate and energy crisis
Skills and industry budget to help power Victoria’s future
Budget boost for Northern Australia and critical minerals
Climate features big in Budget but little relief for cost of living underscores need to hasten renewables transition
Toyota Announces bZ3, Second Model in bZ Series
University of Warwick wins £1 million grant to help UK get ready for electric vehicles
Energy Minister heading to Singapore to promote WA successes
NSW supercharges EV rollout
Australia-Japan Strengthen Critical Minerals Cooperation
Critical minerals strategy vital for future