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‘Traffic calming’ boosts breeding on coral reefs
New evidence on how adults’ large bone injuries repair
For large bone injuries, it’s Sonic hedgehog to rescue
Precursor of spine and brain forms passively
Mouse stem cells for primitive endoderm established
Cells take their ease in curves
Designer neurons offer new hope for treatment of Parkinson’s disease
Findings on how gen YWHAZ can alter neuronal development
Chile’s first complete ichthyosaur recovered from glacier in Patagonia
Findings on how gen ‘YWHAZ’ can alter neuronal development
Tethers bring distant genes together to coordinate embryo development
BGI-led international team releases first panoramic atlases of life in cell
New data revealed about origin of circulatory system during development
Amino acid deficiency shrinks childhood tumors
Unravelling origins of human spine
Unraveling origins of human spine
An epigenetic cause of miscarriages is identified and cured in mice
Zeroing in on new treatment for autism and epilepsy
New discoveries about origin of brain’s immune system
From cell fat to cell fate
Act of sabotage determines mammalian embryonic development
Silencing disease-causing genes
Metaphor for epigenetic inheritance
Mapping chromatin landscape reveals determinants of placental stem cell identity
Pluripotent stem cells from northern white rhinoceros: BioRescue moves one step closer to artificial egg cells
Non-hormonal pill could soon expand men’s birth control options
BGI groundbreaking research results in cells that may facilitate advances in organ regeneration
Researchers may have unlocked blood-brain barrier
ISU scientists receive federal grant to advance research on blood stem cells
‘Roadmap’ tracks trajectories of embryo development
One step closer to artificial rhino eggs
International team creates first complete fruit fly cell atlas
Researchers discover genes unique to humans in search for source of our evolutionary distinctiveness
Intestinal cells change functions during their lives
Converging lenses on embryo development
Genomic regulatory map of zebrafish
Water filtration membranes morph like cells
Smoking before and after conception linked to delayed embryonic development
UB and IDIBAPS study links mechanisms that control embryonic development with cancer cell growth
How Embryo Cells Gain Independence
Metabolism found to regulate production of killer cells
Strange mechanics of pregnancy in one Australian shark
In world-first, Tel Aviv University researchers engineer human spinal cord implants for treating paralysis
‘Lefty’ tightens control of embryonic development
Fish study shows role of oestrogens in sense of smell
Unmuting genome
Current marsh pollution has dramatic, negative effects on sea anemone’s survival
Division of labor among genetic switches