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Master developmental genes play role in adulthood, according to new study
Oxford-led research maps milestone stage of human development for first time
Affairs of heart
Matters of Heart: an exclusive research at UB, makes cover of ‘Nature’
OSU study yields first in fossil research: Seeds sprouting from an amber-encased pine cone
Scientists identify essential role of gene in placental development
Xist marks spot: How an RNA molecule silences X chromosome
Brain connections have their own tempo
Stem cells do not play dice
New insights into kidney disease with tropical frog models
Pernette Verschure appointed professor by special appointment of Functional Dynamics of Epigenome
Mammals’ noses come from reptiles’ jaws
First dissertation from University of Oslo:Life Science’ convergence environments
Delicate dance of developmental genes
Scientists identify core genetic networks driving human embryonic stem cell behavior
Covid disrupts timing of immune response
Aided by stem cells, lizard regenerates perfect tail for first time in more than 250 million years
Aided by stem cells, lizard regenerates perfect tail for first time in 250 million years
Penn Medicine Researchers Receive Prestigious NIH 2021 Director’s Awards
Genes Are Individualists, Not Collectivists, During Early Fruit Fly Development
Study detects origins of Huntington’s disease in 2-week-old human embryos
Pruning dendritic tree
New leads in research into origin of identical twins
Antibody-producing b cells may be “predestined” for their fates
Researchers Build Embryo-Like Structures from Human Stem Cells
Link between inflammation and pancreatic cancer development uncovered
On Outskirts of Nucleus
Repairing tendon injuries with stem cells
Embryonic development of pancreas, gallbladder and liver is more connected than previously thought
Genomic Data Reveals New Insights into Human Embryonic Development
Embryonic development in slow motion
University of Southern California-led study traces blueprints for how human kidneys form their filtering units
Faulty regulation of an architect gene can lead to rare bone disease
New fossils show what ancestral brains of arthropods looked like
Light can trigger key signaling pathway for embryonic development, cancer
Origins of mutation
Early land plants evolved from freshwater algae, fossils reveal
Cellular filaments keeping pace
New study sheds light on development and evolution of dolphin, whale blowholes
Plastic pollution and ocean acidification reduce Antarctic krill development
Basic research involving embryos provides solid basis for developing better infertility treatments
Scientists research breakthrough in cell mechanics discovers abnormal embryo elongation for early treatment
Life’s Moving Picture
Molecular atlas reveals how brain cells develop
New study sheds light on function of sex chromosomes in turtles
Research sheds light on function of sex chromosomes in turtles
Toxicity testing on placenta and embryo
CNIO researchers clarify role of two isoforms of KRAS, most common oncogene in humans