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How to prevent next pandemic?
World Bee Day: Imperial bee scientists share their research
Research “exonerates” urban pests like rats as one-of-a-kind disease reservoirs
VA, ORNL and Harvard develop novel method to identify complex medical relationships
Covid: Vaccination greatly reduces infectious viral load
New recommendations for forest pests and diseases management
Canada’s largest science-based regulator marks 25 years of protecting food, plants and animals
Artificial intelligence to bring museum specimens to masses
Breeding more resilient cattle
$2.7M for Digital Health Equity and Future Pandemic Preparedness
World Wildlife Day – Australia at forefront of global pandemic prevention efforts with One Health wildlife surveillance initiative
Fighting Covid with milk?
Harvard Chan research reveals actions to prevent pandemics cost 5% of lives lost every year from emerging infectious diseases
OHSU investigators awarded $3 million for innovative, promising research
Avian flu advice for travellers over Lunar New Year
Statement on U.S. Approach to Strengthening Biological Weapons Convention
UKHSA reminds travellers to China about risk of avian flu
Project aimed at improving safety in labs dealing with lethal viruses receives major funding grant
Researchers develop test for new Hendra variant
Covid vaccine candidate exhibits broad response against variants
EUA application expected for Covid antiviral discovered at Emory
Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University Partners with World Futures Studies Federation
New investigators named to Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Vaccine candidates for Ebola, other filoviruses show promise
Vaccine candidates for ebola family viruses shows promise
Former chief veterinarians urge PM on climate
ASEAN-related Foreign Ministers’ meetings 4 August
$20 million federal grant launches AI institute for better crops, agricultural production
Rutgers Inspires Establishment of New Jersey One Health Task Force
G20 Environment Ministers commit to action at G20 in Naples
Effectiveness of mRNA vaccines against Alpha and Beta variants in France
Where are French people catching virus?
World-first laboratory study finds low-dose Naltrexone may improve ME/CFS symptoms
Researcher Abir Monastiri, awarded by Arab Women Organization in fight against coronavirus
NIH study offers new evidence of early SARS-CoV-2 infections in U.S
Still time to reverse damage to ‘ravaged’ ecosystems, declares UN chief, marking Environment Day
4 reasons insects could be a staple in Aussie diets, from zesty tree ants to peanut-buttery bogong moths
Volunteers’ vital role in ‘scooping poop’ for science
Pests wreak economic carnage of US$1.28 trillion
Wildlife regulation, ‘one health’ keys to avert more pandemics
UK PM Announces 100 Day Target to Create New Vaccines
Independent experts to review imported prawn biosecurity risks
$43.5 million research boost to agriculture sector
Multi-Model Approach Could Help Farmers Prepare for, Contain PEDV Outbreaks
Bats may hold key to vaccines for future pandemics
Jane Goodall to keynote Cornell, WWF COVID-19 conference
Janssen publishes positive safety and efficacy data for single-dose COVID-19 vaccine
Novavax publishes positive efficacy data for its COVID-19 vaccine