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Proximity to fracking sites associated with risk of childhood cancer
Oil spill cleanup workers more likely to have asthma symptoms
Study finds filovirus antibodies in Australian bats
AHA statement offers guidance on sleep-disordered breathing and cardiac arrhythmias in adults
Covid vaccine critically important for cancer patients
BACK TO SCHOOL 2022: Giving Every School Tools to Prevent COVID- 19 Spread and Stay Safely Open All Year Long
People with Severe COVID Face Increased Risk of Blood Clots
For Checking Blood Pressure at Home, Basic Cuffs Are Just as Good
Rutgers Will Conduct Most Comprehensive Study Ever Done of High-Risk Children Newly Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes
Australians overwhelmingly support action to protect young people from e-cigarettes
Over half of six-year-olds in UK meet physical activity targets
San Francisco, San Mateo Co. Residents Urged to Share Long COVID Stories
Female vegetarians at greater risk of hip fracture
Research demonstrates combination of betadine and silver colloidal gel effectively eliminates infection-causing bacteria
Vegetarian women are at higher risk of hip fracture
What is this new Langya virus? Do we need to be worried?
High school athletes in contact sports more likely to misuse prescription stimulants throughout their 20s
Two-medication strategy offers both benefit and risk after coronary artery bypass surgery
BU’s Mask and Vaccination Mandates Prevented Spread of COVID in Classes, Research Finds
Experts take long view to aid Olympians’ health
Down on Vitamin D? It could be cause of chronic inflammation
Research reveals full-occupancy, in-person teaching did not lead to Covid in-class transmission
Dr Alisa Pedrana is Gust-McKenzie Medalist
Should we be worried about our pet cats and dogs getting COVID?
Telehealth could improve access to health care for pregnant mothers, their infants
El aislamiento social y la soledad aumentan el riesgo de muerte por infarto de miocardio y accidente cerebrovascular
ATAGI update following weekly Covid meeting 4 August
Winners of 2022 Addictions Clinical Academic Group Early Career Research Prize announced
Preeclampsia linked to increased markers of brain cell damage, inflammation
Daily cannabis users less likely to view heavy cigarette smoking as dangerous
Study links Preeclampsia to increased markers of brain cell damage, inflammation
How to fix Australia’s broken NHMRC medical research funding system
Persistent low wages linked to faster memory decline
Travel restrictions significantly reduced Covid cases entering Canada
Smaller airways increase COPD risk for women
Broadly diverse genomes study reveals new susceptibility genetic variants for lung cancer
Two heart medications tied to greater heart-attack risk during very hot weather
Broadly diverse genomes reveals new susceptibility genetic variants for lung cancer
Most but not all Texas coaches say they’ll plan for climate change
JAMA study, led by Heritage College faculty, reveals association between high insulin dosage and cancer
Growing evidence supports link between air pollution and dementia
Brown epidemiologist breaks down ‘forever chemicals’ and research on their health effects
Researchers aim to save lives by testing illicit drugs for secret, often-deadly ingredients
Only half of population of Geneva have antibodies that neutralize Omicron variants
Kiwis urged to ‘Stick it to hep C’ with launch of national hepatitis C awareness campaign
New MSc in Pandemic Sciences open for applications
Human lung proteins can advance or thwart Covid infections
Studies link Covid to wildlife sales at Chinese market, find alternative scenarios extremely unlikely