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For him it rains, for her it pours: how weather affects our consumption
Us fda accepts regulatory submission from pfizer and OPKO for review of somatrogon to treat pediatric patients with growth hormone
Surgery may offer survival advantage in certain metastatic breast cancers
Adding checkpoint inhibitor to chemotherapy improves responses without negatively impacting quality of life
More than 30 research studies led by Dana-Farber faculty to be presented
Age, Gender and COVID-19: A Complex, Hormone-Driven Interplay
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Proteogenomics enhances identification of therapeutic vulnerabilities in breast cancer
Removal of Synthetic Estrogen from Water
A Better Alternative to Phthalates?
Trial finds benefit of immunotherapy-chemotherapy combination in early-stage triple-negative breast cancer
Mutation leading to biological changes may play role in cancer
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute to establish Benderson Family Program for triple-negative breast cancer
Pharmaceutical Residuals Have Been Detected at 10 Different Sites Along Israeli Coastline
Pharmaceutical Residuals Have Been Detected at 10 Different Sites Along Israeli Coastline
Study shows how a single gene drives aggression in wild songbirds
Operation delays due to COVID-19 appear non-life-threatening for early-stage disease
Researchers discover sex-specific differences in neural mechanisms for glucose regulation
New androgen receptor structure suggests prostate cancer treatment options
‘Terminator’ protein halts cancer-causing cellular processes
Genes May Play Role in Weight Gain from Birth Control
UO lab looking at aging arteries and Alzheimer’s disease
Activating an Estrogen Receptor Can Stop Pancreatic Cancer Cells from Growing
Research provides new insights into menopause and weight gain
New insight into breast cancer resistance to hormone therapy
Study IDs non-hormonal options for menopause symptoms