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Connecting Dots to Find New Treatments for Breast Cancer
Chemical pollutants disrupt reproduction in anemonefish
Higher physical activity linked to better metabolic health risk factor profile in menopausal women
Water disinfection byproduct disrupts reproductive hormones, damages pituitary in female mice
Arvinas and Pfizer Announce Updated Phase 1 Dose Escalation Data for ARV-471 to be Presented in Spotlight Poster Session
Identifying Therapeutic Targets for Aggressive HR-positive Breast Cancer
PTSD symptoms vary over course of menstrual cycle
Surgery has survival benefits for male Stage IV breast cancer patients who are receptive to systemic therapy
After Breast Cancer Twice in One Year, Early Detection and New Radiation Therapy Made All Difference
Changes in menstrual cycle length before menopause may predict risk of heart disease
Brain-circuit discovery may help explain sex differences in binge drinking
Role of age at menarche and age at menopause in Alzheimer’s
New mouse model unlocks drug testing of hormone-sensitive human breast cancer
What you need to know about urinary tract infections
Newly Approved PET Imaging Agent Solves Clinical Dilemmas in Breast Cancer Patients
Ultrasensitive detection of endocrine disruptors via superfine plasmonic spectral combs
High cholesterol fuels cancer by fostering resistance to form of cell death
Seeking unique treatment for lobular breast cancer
Covid Immunity Varies Among Genders and Age Groups
Research suggests women over 65 be offered hereditary cancer genetic testing
Non-neuronal cells drive sex differences in early brain development
Can turmeric reduce joint pain during breast cancer treatment?
UMass Amherst research pinpoints role of dopamine in songbird’s brain plasticity
Extracellular matrix guides growth and function of epithelial cells
New markers for coronary microvascular disease identified
Does Using Hair Relaxers Cause Higher Breast Cancer Risk for Black Women?
A path to aggressive breast cancer
Tumor marker may help overcome endocrine treatment-resistant breast cancer
UChicago study finds lasofoxifene a promising treatment for resistant breast cancer
Same drug can have opposite effects on memory according to sexual differences
Diploid genome assemblies in marmoset shows huge variations
A case for simplifying gene nomenclature across different organisms
Targeting drug-resistant breast cancer with estrogen
Mutations can reduce effect of hormonal treatment in early breast cancer
Sexual receptivity and rejection may be orchestrated by same brain region
Bone microenvironment fosters breast cancer metastatic behavior
Enhancing treatment options of triple-negative breast cancer
Medscape: HRT Tied to Increased Risk of Severe Asthma Exacerbation
Medscape: HRT Tied to Increased Risk of Severe Asthma Exacerbation
Polymerized Estrogen Provides Neuroprotection in Preclinical Testing
Scientists model a peculiar type of breast cancer
Examining resistance to breast cancer treatments
For him it rains, for her it pours: how weather affects our consumption
Us fda accepts regulatory submission from pfizer and OPKO for review of somatrogon to treat pediatric patients with growth hormone
Surgery may offer survival advantage in certain metastatic breast cancers
Adding checkpoint inhibitor to chemotherapy improves responses without negatively impacting quality of life
More than 30 research studies led by Dana-Farber faculty to be presented
Age, Gender and COVID-19: A Complex, Hormone-Driven Interplay