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CMI welcomes Safeguard Mechanism consultation, Grattan report findings
Ag visa moves forward
Victoria River Research Station field day rescheduled
Government makes National Farmers Federation’s coveted Ag Visa reality; provides hope for this year’s harvest
Accelerating wheat breeding with aerial imaging
Pasture recovery focus for Yarram paddock walk
Team effort will continue to keep shearing workforce safe from Covid
Tested tips to get flooded river flats back in production
Primary Producer Safety Rebate Scheme launched
Joining DNA dots to improve dairy breeding worldwide
Stop Puppy Farming laws pass lower house
Bug watch – New research to track pests in fruit and veg
Nutritious & delicious blueberry banana bread
Nearly 60 towns in running for 2021 Ag Town of Year
3D wool printing – cutting edge of fashion innovation
Australian farms: Where REAL climate action happens
Farmers share how they are part of solution
Planting seed for future generations
Restoring farmland ponds can help save our declining pollinators
Farmer banned 10 years from owning livestock and fined $60,000
Monitor for stripe rust infections emerging in wheat
Quad bikes must be regularly serviced
Vermin are coming back
Fake medicine, future of farming, meat grown in vats, and what’s cost of research?
Canada increases total AgriRecovery funding to up to $500 million to support farmers facing extreme weather
Crop insurance and unintended consequences
Five questions about chicken meat in supermarkets
How treechange led to cheese creation success
How Australia’s livestock industry is part of climate solution
Space food, growing meat in vats, agriculture in warming world, what’s in our soil, and more
Best slow cooked pork shoulder
Levelling out toll of rail crossings
Understanding insurance for better risk management
Help Shape How New Onshore Gas Industry Is Overseen
Pakrasi to work on positive farming effort
Ag Town of Year nominations extended by week
IPCC report sobering reading, farmers continue to cut emissions
IPCC report stark warning on need for ambitious climate action
Growers urged to keep monitoring mouse numbers
Basin Inspector-General must deliver improved outcomes for farmers, communities & environment
Family farm doing big things on outskirts of Sydney 9 August
Know your responsibilities when transporting bobby calves
National Farmers Federation says new survey is proof of dangers of fake meat labelling
Farmers herald new feral pest predator
Diamantina National Park de-fenced
If pugging is an issue, try these tips to get out of mud
Improving Census data for agriculture occupations
Mallee Corner Post opens for business