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Full adoption of existing mitigation strategies can help meet livestock methane reduction targets by 2030
Ocean organism could be key to animal-free meat
Fungi-based meat alternatives to help save Earth’s forests
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How protein industry is innovating to meet demand
Scientists discover bacteria capable of killing fungus that causes yield-reducing disease in sugarcane
Monkeys routinely consume fruit containing alcohol, shedding light on our own taste for booze
Monkeys often eat fruit containing alcohol, shedding light on our taste for booze
New perspective highlights promise of hybrid approach for cellulosic biofuel production
Researchers Investigate Physiological Changes in Japanese Black Steers During Feeding
Loaves and peaches sour hits sustainability sweet spot
Pathogenic bacteria causing lung diseases hitchhike on red blood cells
Fuel from waste wood
Manjimup brewery toasts distribution potential with help from grant
Sustainable leather, yarn and paper – from bread-eating fungi
Robust microorganisms for sustainable bioproduction
Roadmap to put uniquely Australian protein on global menu
New and improved cherry flavor courtesy of petunia flower
Less food waste in supermarkets
Possible new Covid vaccine could be accessible for more of world
Chemical analysis finds effects of wildfire smoke on grapes and wines
Artificial intelligence predicts algae potential as alternative energy source
Free food waste solutions served up
New cell culture research to cut costs and improve tissue biomanufacturing
Bacteria upcycle carbon waste into valuable chemicals
Researchers compared Kefir and Ryazhenka with South African drinks in terms of their health benefits and flavor
Annual James B. Beam Institute Bourbon Industry Conference in person and expanded for 2022
Researchers Find Hybrid Metabolism in Fermented Food Microbe
Scientists make nonalcoholic beer taste like regular beer
Real-time solid-state NMR spectroscopy inside living cells
Fermentation course gateway to opportunity
Yeast cells converted to ‘mini factories’ to make dementia drugs
Old-style Aussie beers ‘fly off’ Hong Kong shelves
Wildfire smoke’s impact on wine topic of next Oregon State Science Pub talk
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