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SA ready to lead COVID-19 vaccine production
Global methane assessment released
Researchers brewing up better ways to turn plant waste into ethanol
Labor backs Tasmanian farmers
Cranial Devices Inc. wins $75,000 in virtual tech tournament
Cracking open mystery of how many bubbles are in a glass of beer
Bacteria in heat-high temperatures facilitate fermentation
Ancient pottery reveals first evidence for honey hunting in prehistoric West Africa
Ocean bacteria release carbon into atmosphere
Penn State’s industrial biotechnology ecosystem continues to bloom
Here’s how sustainable fatty acids boost circular economy
Tech Tournament to showcase Penn State’s most disruptive innovations
Promise of super algae Galdiera – from volcanic springs to your plate
National success for industry-linked ARC grants
When is right time to wean calves?
Molecular geneticist recognised in prestigious Australian Academy of Science Awards
30 teams make it to next round of ReThink Protein Challenge’2
Fermented wool is answer
Common Bacteria Modified To Make Designer Sugar-Based Drug
Micro-organisms convert organic waste into high-grade fatty acids
Study finds ‘Achilles heel’ of Crohn’s-linked bacteria
6,000 years of dairying in Africa
Ancient Proteins Help Track Early Milk Drinking in Africa
New study: Which beverages burst with umami potential?
Why cancer cells waste so much energy
Kombucha-inspired microbial mixture lets scientists create ‘living materials’
Kombucha-inspired microbial mixture let scientists create ‘living materials’
Inspired by kombucha tea, engineers create “living materials”
Scientists create ‘living materials’ using kombucha-inspired microbial mixture
Researchers concoct probiotic coffee and tea drinks
More export choices for Tasmanian businesses
Amino Acid Recycling in Cells: Autophagy Helps Cells Adapt to Changing Conditions
Cutting edge Nobel tool in practice at Chalmers
Modified rye bran could turn unhealthy extruded snacks to healthy ones
DKK 25 M to develop recombinant snakebite antivenom
New membrane could pave way for cheap, efficiently made biofuels
Engineered C. Gglutamicum Strain Capable of Producing High-Level Glutaric Acid from Glucose
Wheat exporter developing ‘powerhouse model’ with Indonesia
Bacteria ensure better use of biomass
A spoonful of powder helps vegetables go down
Business recovery focus for South-West RED grants
Researchers develop novel process that turns branches and prawn shells into nutritional supplements and medicine
Wrinkled ‘super pea’ could be added to foods to reduce diabetes risk
Fungi add flavour to vanilla
$275 million commitment to brew better molecules for manufacturing
Brewing Up Ancient Beer
Bacteria in sediment continue to show effects of over-fertilisation
Silage inoculant or aerobic spoilage inhibitors – which one should I use?