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British Antarctic Survey’s 2021-2022 field season is underway
Application for Field Trial of Genetically Modified Organisms: High Iron Wheat
Alexii Sigona on supporting his tribe as an academic
Who’s boss?
University of Canterbury offers first internationally accredited BSc Biology major
Migrating between two UMs
Maternal emergencies without safety net
“Mystery plant” from Amazon declared a new species after nearly 50 years of flummoxing scientists
Long-term monitoring reveals protected areas safeguard bird populations and support federal and state mandates
MRC/UVRI and LSHTM Uganda Research Unit donates life-saving PPE to Covid taskforce
Research reveals microbes play critical role boosting vigor of hybrid corn
Understanding our perception of rhythm
Male dragonflies lose their ‘bling’ in hotter climates
ASM Advocates for Scientific Solutions to Climate Change
Sevilleta project uses past data to predict future
Browning Could Make Lakes Less Productive, Affecting Food Webs and Fish
Plant consumers play unexpectedly large role in evolution of seedling success
Wetland classroom recognised for research & innovation
Trophic cascades curtailed by prey use of dangerous places during safe times
University research hub one step closer for Point Nepean
Drone surveys reveal fire damage and recovery in UC natural reserves
Invisible fungi revealed by their genetic material
‘Fish lollies’ capture predator activity, revealing how global marine food webs change with climate
‘Honey bee, it’s me’
Inland Fisheries Service Annual Report
Artists wrote onto, together with and in forest
Michigan Stadium seismometer captures eerie quiet during pandemic
New report tells grim story of heat, drought and fire
Birds of a feather better not together
Naked mole rats migrate above ground with no help from moon
‘We’re better off if things stay frozen,’ says FIU arctic researcher
Big Bird’s take-off escalates GC climate change research
New wetland classroom brings science to life