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‘Feel good’ brain messenger can be willfully controlled
DNA helps solve riddle of how clever crows craft tools
Clever cockatoos in southern Sydney have learned to open curb-side bins – and it has global significance
Clever cockatoos learn through social interaction
Young forests are preferred summer vacation destinations for bats
“Backpacking” hedgehogs take permanent staycation
Bats in Tel Aviv enjoy rich variety and abundance of food city has to offer
Wolf pups born on Isle Royale, moose poised for decline
Griffith launches Australia’s first marine wildlife cell bank
Fine nose of storks
Seabird colony creates ‘halo’ of depleted fish stocks
‘The farm that time forgot’ joins growing list of nature reserves
Kea study shows impact of stoats and feral cats
Madagascar’s hungry ‘holding on for dear life’, WFP chief warns
Invisible crisis: WFP Chief appeals for world not to look away as families starve in Madagascar
Footprints discovered from last dinosaurs to walk on UK soil
Call for Participation: Winter School Digital Visual Engagements in Anthropological Research
Mouse numbers stabilise with cold weather, but plague is not over yet
Evolution of Good Taste
Modifying mosaic: How patterns in traits help animals adapt to change
New insights into survival of ancient Western Desert peoples
Promising biological control agents detected faster based on their ‘kill rate’
Spiders can sniff out and avoid killer ants, SFU study finds
Juvenile white-tailed sea eagles stay longer in their parental territory than nest protection periods
2021 Newfoundland and Labrador fisheries decisions
Parasites as fountains of youth: Study finds infected ants live much longer
How army ants’ iconic mass raids evolved
Young Orangutans Have Sex-Specific Role Models
How can we support our native bees?
‘Alien’ plants could pose risk to fruit bats
Role of Asian hornet in decline of bees is confirmed
Philippines cave art becomes first directly dated in Southeast Asia
Flying foxes briefly return to spruced-up camp
Mediterranean turtles recovering at different rates
Large bumblebees start work earlier
Large bumblebees start work earlier
Cryptic sense of orientation of bats localised – sixth sense of mammals lies in eye
Wood ants show way when it comes to getting a good meal
Discarded ostrich shells provide timeline for our early African ancestors
More than 1,000 grasses planted for endangered finch
Study of marine noise highlights need to protect pristine Australian waters
Baiting program expands in fight against foxes
Entomologist to examine how plant domestication influences pollinator evolution
Whales dive deep for profitable prey
Rodenticides in environment pose threats to birds of prey
Lack of prey reduces breeding success in puffin populations
Omnidirectional cameras reveal secret underwater lives of marine animals
Wasps share resources on offshore island