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DNA contained in honey finds honeybee health
Climate crisis is driving cousins of Lion King character to local extinction
New research approach using species traits could be critical for conservation efforts
World Migratory Bird Day illuminates dark side of light pollution
Young waterbirds take flight over New South Wales
Canada puts important measures in place to protect Southern Resident killer whales
Canada outlines 2022 measures to protect Southern Resident killer whales
Sharks lose natural response with prey if not rewarded
Plant tree for Forster wildlife
Study sheds new light on origin of civilisation
First European farmers’ heights did not meet expectations
Vegetarian birds more sociable than insect eaters, reveals research
Spotted hyenas adjust their foraging behavior in response to climate change
Spotted hyenas adjust their foraging behaviour in response to climate change
Unravelling mystery of parrot longevity
How would nuclear winter impact food production?
Unraveling mystery of parrot longevity
New marking method gives biologists better way to identify individual animals at night
Birds are laying their eggs earlier, and climate change is to blame
Rewilding apex predators can limit seed dispersal by frugivorous carnivores
Dense bones allowed Spinosaurus to hunt underwater
Monkeys play to reduce group tension – study
Snow conditions influence choice of habitat for wintering birds
Dispersal strategies drive marine microbial diversity
In surprise move, honeybee tongue hairs repel water
Laneways light up for Begonia Festival
DOC seeing bats for trees
Researchers find that beach hoppers can constitute significant portion of island fox diet
Tiny worms make complex decisions, too
Successful breeding season for one of our rarest birds 4 March
*Free* Human activity’s impact on bee foraging
Female chimpanzees avoid humans
Missing mohua return after 20-year absence
Bringing Out Best in Wild Birds on Farms
Altruism in birds? Magpies have outwitted scientists by helping each other remove tracking devices
Reacting to changing environment involves inhibiting previous behavior
Revegetation project success after recent rain
Study suggests words are needed to think about numbers
More fish in ‘twilight zone’ than previously thought
Citizen scientists to uncover secrets of Gang-Gangs
Water flows for local outcomes
Endangered green turtles nesting in their thousands on Raine Island
Human disturbance is most crucial factor for lynx in habitat selection
Echolocating “yin” and “yang” bats have a hidden difference in their ears
Future for sharks: adapt, move or die
Watering holes bring together wildlife, and their parasites, on plains of Africa
Hybrid fish raised in nature have fewer ‘mismatched’ genes than those in lab
Canada will continue to protect Southern Resident killer whales