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Shorebird Friendly Zones: Bayside
Gene regulatory networks linked to honey bee colony aggression
Desert Ants Enhance Nest Visibility Without Landmarks
Scientists Find Foraging Methods Can Attract Predators
Scientists Discover Foraging Methods Attract Predators
Research Suggests Second-Guessing is Hard-Wired
Identifying bee’s knees of bumble bee diets
Research: Carrying Pollen Heats Up Bumble Bees, Raises Climate Questions
Carrying Pollen Heats up Bumble Bees, Raises Climate Change Questions
Southern dotterels suffer breeding season blow
Bats Control Garden Insects
Hammerhead Sharks Freely Dive to Regulate Body Temperature
Hammerhead Sharks Hold Breath to Stay Warm on Deep Water Hunts
Hammerhead Sharks Hold Breath on Deep Water Hunts to Stay Warm
World Bank Report: Inflation Hampers Lao Families’ COVID-19 Recovery
Special vibrations at EDGE GreenWay
Before you reach for that firewood…
Powerful Owls in Port Stephens
Male California Sea Lions Grow with Increasing Population
Rebounding California Sea Lion Population Yields Bigger, Stronger Males
Urban Honeybees Harm Wild Bee Populations: Concordia Study
Birds’ camouflage promotes diversity
Machine Learning Detects Social Grooming Behavior in Baboons
Researchers Find Elephant Seals Sleep Only 2 Hours During Short Dives
How bee-friendly is forest?
Cod love artificial reef in wind farm
Stop Signals Lower Dopamine Levels and Dancing in Honeybees
Grassy Woodlands in East Africa Influenced Hominoid Evolution Earlier Than Thought
Stop Signals Lower Dopamine and Dancing in Honeybees
Brain Uses Multiple Alternative Decision Strategies Simultaneously
East, West U.S. birds display contrasting behavior patterns
Jellyfish & Fruit Flies Illuminate Origin of Hunger Control
Light Pollution May Prolong Mosquitoes’ Biting Season
Luna Moths Use Tails to Evade Bats
Research Shows Cassowaries Remain Crucial for Seed Dispersal
Yalukit Willam Nature Reserve Thrives in Im-peck-able Photos
Oysters back from brink thanks to novel restoration
Wild mushrooms warning
Cassowaries still crucial to seed dispersal, study shows
Fewer Salmon Means Less Time for Orcas in San Juan Islands
Protecting little brown bats from white-nose syndrome
Rising Temperatures Increase Pesticide Danger to Bees
Antarctic Minke Whales Smallest Filter Feeders in Oceans
Robots Survive Wing Damage, Keep Flying
Bug-Sized Robots Fly On Despite Wing Damage
Honey Bees Learn Flight, Source Navigation Through Dance
Air Pollution Disrupts Fly Mating Success
Minke Whale is Smallest Lunge-Feeding Baleen Whale