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Diving beneath waves with giant mantas off Peru
Whale Sharks show remarkable capacity to recover from injuries
European wasp season heating up in ACT
Why plant diversity is so important for bee diversity
Friends Matter: Giraffes that Group with Others Live Longer
Stanford analysis shows plastic ingestion by marine fish is a widespread and growing problem
Ocean surface slicks create superhighway for diverse fishes
Soldiers, snakes and marathon runners in hidden world of fungi
Noise and light pollution alter bird mating behavior
Nest to ocean program to save more turtle hatchlings
Banding together to protect vulnerable species
Fish sex organs boosted under high-CO2
Penguins benefit from extended maritime zone
Foraging humans, mammals and birds who live in same place behave similarly
Environment shapes behaviour
Bees respond to wildfire aftermath by producing more female offspring
Humanitarian crisis looms in Madagascar amid drought and pandemic
Broilers’ natural behaviour and welfare stimulated by eating fly larvae
Brain gene expression patterns predict behavior of individual honey bees
Researchers make ‘high vis vests’ to help monitor bee behaviour
$300,000 for Turtle Nest Cooling Trial at Mon Repos
Could spotted owls benefit from forest fires?
“Electronic amoeba” finds approximate solution to traveling salesman problem in linear time
Mixed results for Yellow-eyed penguin/Hoiho on mainland, decline on Rakiura
Green light for Green Jobs
Found as a stray with a massive tumour, this brave dog’s story of survival is nothing short of inspirational
Satellite tracking finds turtle foraging areas in north-west
Mandrills; timing is everything
Critically endangered possum calls local backyards home
Grant to fund study of acoustics in turfgrass pest control
For mandrils, timing is everything
125,000 seabirds to benefit from expansion of protected site
Mon Repos welcomes home most studied turtle in world
New research helps detect change in Arctic Ecosystems
Zebra finches amazing at unmasking bird behind song
Blue whales return to South Georgia after near extinction
Track cockatoos, ‘bin chickens’ and brush-turkeys for science
Urban gulls adapt foraging schedule to human activity patterns
Study: As Mid-Atlantic’s Native Bee Populations Decline, an Exotic Species Proliferates
Honey bees lose sleep after ingesting pesticides, leading to greater stress and lower hive survival rates
Eye-spy a turtle nest
Local cooking preferences drove acceptance of new crop staples in prehistoric China
First Australian night bees recorded in darkness
Birdwatching from afar: amazing new AI-enabled camera system to target specific behaviors
Mountain gorillas are good neighbours – up to a point
Native revegetation to protect groundwater and create new home for endangered Carnaby’s cockatoo
New study first to link plastic ingestion and dietary metals in seabirds
Breeder stock display calmer behaviour when fed twice