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Mountain gorillas are good neighbours – up to a point
Native revegetation to protect groundwater and create new home for endangered Carnaby’s cockatoo
New study first to link plastic ingestion and dietary metals in seabirds
Breeder stock display calmer behaviour when fed twice
Tapping silk secrets of Australia’s basket-web spider
High Fructose Intake May Drive Aggressive Behaviors, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder
How top predators and fisheries can survive on same prey
Crayfish ‘trapping’ fails to control invasive species
Ancient tiny teeth reveal first mammals lived more like reptiles
Ants adapt tool use to avoid drowning
Tracking turtles from space
Two Pesticides Approved for Use in U.S. Found to Harm Bees
Birds of prey in North West
Penguin poo helps solve puzzles
Ancient Human Footprints in Saudi Arabia Provide Snapshot of Arabian Ecology 120,000 Years Ago
Chaotic “Lévy walks” are a good strategy for animals
Malnutrition among a hunter-gatherer group – why are key nutrients missing from their food environment
Gulls pay attention to human eyes
Air pollution renders flower odors unattractive to moths
Lyrebirds: nature’s ecosystem engineers
Seals hitting beaches in Eastern Bay of Plenty
Following African elephant trails to approach conservation differently
Changing ties that naturally bind
Out of sync: Ecologists report that climate change is affecting bee, plant life cycles
Stone tools reveal how island-hopping humans made
Ingested single-use plastics create ‘flying trash bins’
National Science Week call to keep your eyes peeled for banded pelicans
Where lions operate, grazers congregate … provided food is great
Rebuilding Western Australian softwood plantation estate
DNA unravels tangled food web of Southern Ocean predators
Banks of Antarctica’s Ross Sea offer rich food source for emperor penguins
Turning tide for hoiho/yellow-eyed penguin
Lemon sharks – live fast, die young
Optu5G gives Westfield shoppers a taste of future
A pets guide to going back to work
Ecology Institute announces grant recipients
Burrowing crabs reshaping salt marshes, with climate change to blame
When calling loudly, echolocation is costly for small bats
‘Evolution Makes World Less Ragged’
How to bring conservation messaging into wildlife-based tourism
Golden lion tamarins play safe with food
Sweet release – endangered regent honeyeaters soar
Life after COVID-19 shut down – preparing our pets for future
Beetle That Can Survive in Volcanic Areas Inspires New Cooling Materials
Mixture and Migration Brought Food Production to sub-Saharan Africa
Study on shorebirds suggests that when conserving species, not all land is equal
Human presence weakens social relationships of wild giraffes
Living seawalls bring new life to our city harbour