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Oldest reconstructed bacterial genomes link agriculture and herding with emergence of new disease
Discovery of ancient Salmonella
Mangrove invasion threatens Ahuriri Estuary
First genetic evidence of resistance in some bats to white-nose syndrome, a devastating fungal disease
Life on marsh in A585 bypass exhibition
Sea lion and pup hit by vehicle in Coastal Otago
Patrick Calf is foraging a fresh menu at Fossix in Sydney’s CBD
Study reveals evolutionary clues to honeybees’ social complexity
River Great Ouse gets Christmas present with fish restocking
Chemical users BeeConnected about pollinator safety
Featured species Gang-gang cockatoo
Entwined in Valley returns
Thriving animal collectives like ants should move through their environment like ‘savvy gamblers’
Finding one’s way in rainforest
Exposure to parasites may have greater negative effect than previously thought: study
Aussie birds turn down their thermostat to save energy in winter
Ants maintain essential interactions despite environmental flux
Elephants walk more direct paths under risk of poaching
Dolphins form friendships through shared interests just like us, study finds
Male dolphins like sponging for mates
New model predicts impact of invasive lionfish predators
Stronger rules in place to support seabird safety in Commonwealth Trawl Sector
Mother Nature given helping hand by HS2’s Green Corridor
Australia Post abuzz with native bee stamps
Canada announces enhanced measures for protecting British Columbia’s Southern Resident
Shorebird surveys identify important local habitats
Commemorative stamps feature our flightless birds
Zoo animals enjoy Easter surprise
Sink or swim? White sharks do both