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Imperial College Researcher Wins ERC Grant for Study on Organ Formation
License Agreement for CMG901 Antibody Drug Conjugate Completed with KYM Biosciences
New Therapy Overcomes Chemotherapy Resistance in Colon and Rectal Cancer
Tale of Probiotics and How to Help Your Gut Microbiome
National Doctors’ Day Honors Physicians Making Difference
Gut Microbiome and Drug Addiction: Emerging Link
Eplontersen Shows Sustained Benefit in Phase III Trial for Hereditary Transthyretin-Mediated Amyloid Polyneuropathy
Scientists Make Progress in Preventing C. Diff Infections
Walnuts’ Gut Connection to Heart Health
WHO Unveils Priorities for Age-Suitable Antibiotic R&D
Preterm Infants: Solutions in Sight for Health Challenges
Chimeric Therapeutics: Positive Response to CHM 2101 Plan
Ludwig von Beethoven’s Genome Reveals Health Issues, Cause of Death
Clinical Trial Tests New Type 2 Diabetes Treatment
Lone Star Tick Bites Linked to Unexplained Digestive Issues
Lone Star Tick Linked to Unexplained Digestive Issues
Neighborhoods Impacted by Disparities in Complex Cancer Surgery
10 things you probably didn’t know about dietitians
10 Surprising Facts About Dietitians
Understanding, Preventing, Treating Young-Onset Colorectal Cancer: Dana-Farber Study
Gut Bacterium Uses Rho Factor for Mammalian Colonization
Dana-Farber Paves Way for Young-Onset Colorectal Cancer Treatment
Sisters Identify Genetic Cause of Uterine Cancer: Study
Novobiocin Fights BRCA-Mutated Cancer Cells Inside and Out: Study
Minister Launches Cancer Breath Test Study at Imperial
Sisters Uncover Potential Genetic Cause of Uterine Cancer
Research to Enhance Gut Health of Military Abroad
Immune System Fights Bacteria in Intestines
Potential New Liver Cancer Treatment Discovered
Anti-Nausea Drug in Prenatal Period Linked to Colon Cancer Risk
Grant to Study Children’s Guts Aims to Improve Global Healthcare
Patients receive infusion care from comfort of their home
Gut Virome’s Role in Health and Disease
Chimeric Therapeutics Advances CHM 2101 Viral Vector Manufacture
Brain Detects Infection
New Zealand should brace for spillover infections from animals after floods
Covid Infections Increase Risk of Long-Term GI Problems
COVID-19 Increases Risk of Long-Term Digestive Issues
American Gastro Society Advises Expanding Endoscopic Classification of Esophagus Integrity
Norovirus GII.4 Exploits Unexpected Entry, Causes Gastroenteritis
HMRI Poo Palace puts digestive issues conversation on menu
Genetic test could guide use of cancer chemotherapy
Norovirus GII.4 Uses Unexpected Route to Cause Gastroenteritis
Ingestible Microdevices Track GI Environment Wirelessly
Georgia Urged to Revisit Saakashvili’s Medical Release
Dana-Farber Highlights Novel Therapies for Colorectal Cancer
National Team IDs New Diet Treatment for Eosinophilic Esophagitis
Mass Gen Team Identifies Rare Disorder Mutation in Non-Coding Gene