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Research finds manual cleaning of medical instruments exposes staff and surrounding environment to potentially contaminated fluids
Simple test could lead to more personalised treatment for rare ovarian cancer
Endangered fruit-eating animals play outsized role in tropical forest
Lung, breast and colorectal cancer tackled in latest Texas computational oncology collaboration
Simple test could lead to more personalized treatment of rare ovarian cancer
Research finds potential therapeutic target for colonic disorders
Medical history may help predict autism in young children, researchers find
Historic data released on physician views on race, ethnicity and diversity in gastroenterology
Determinants of persistent and severe Covid revealed
Mapping disease risk at human-wildlife ‘hotspots’
Fungal association with tumors may predict worse outcomes
National Institutes of Health awards $15.75M to research team led by Case Western Reserve University and Duke University
MD Anderson and ARTIDIS announce strategic alliance to advance nanomechanical technology platform for optimizing cancer treatment
Easy-to-use tool predicts complications in patients undergoing hysterectomy for benign disease
UC Davis Health expands acid reflux testing
Research finds main target of Covid in brain and describes effects of virus on nervous system
Myotonic dystrophy: GABA receptors implicated in sleepiness, via mouse model
GABA receptors implicated in sleepiness, via mouse model
Surface mapping reliable diagnostic tool for gut health
New PET Tracer Shows Promise for uPAR-Targeted Therapy of Neuroendocrine Neoplasms
Research reveals bed bugs produce potentially dangerous amounts of histamine
Robotic capsule developed to deliver drugs to gut
New findings on effects of Covid on colon
Helping patients to find early answers
Fighting Foodborne Pathogens with Natural Antimicrobials
Intestinal fortitude: gut coils hold secrets of organ formation
Experimental brain cancer drug fast tracked in clinical trials
Endoscopy Covid testing requirements disproportionately impact medically underserved communities
How pathogen colonizes tsetse flies
Two popular diabetes drugs outperformed others in large clinical trial
New Emergency General Surgery Verification Program Releases Inaugural Standards for Quality Care
Lower-Income Patients with Heart Pumps More Likely Hospitalized with Major Bleeding, Infection or Heart Failure
Anti-sedative could alleviate cancer therapy side effects
New imaging information system could speed up prognosis for certain cancers
Study links Incarceration to higher cancer mortality
New way to improve outcomes in kids with eosinophilic esophagitis
Kids get relief from eczema’s terrible itch
Gay men are two times more likely to have inflammatory bowel disease, according to new research
When microbiomes collide
Nutritionally Balanced and Whole Food-based Fiber-rich Diet is Beneficial to Gut Health
CBD Shows Health Benefits in Estrogen-Deficient Mice that Model Postmenopause
New survey finds forty percent of Americans’ daily lives are disrupted by digestive troubles
Tiny, caterpillar-like soft robot folds, rolls, grabs and degrades
Patients had ‘significant and clinically meaningful improvement’ for survival in colorectal cancer trial
New checkpoint gene demonstrates ability to supercharge immune cells against cancer
BioMed Valley Discoveries announces first patient dosed in phase II combination trial with ulixertinib
Patients with refractory metastatic colorectal cancer experience survival benefits with fruquintinib
Imfinzi plus chemotherapy further improved overall survival benefit in advanced biliary tract cancer