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Baylor and TCH researchers honored with AACR Team Science Award
Gene Therapy Shows Promise in Initial Trial for Patients with Childhood Blindness
Experimental gene therapy for vision loss condition shows promise in mice
Toward a reliable oral treatment for sickle cell disease
Penn State’s industrial biotechnology ecosystem continues to bloom
Researchers devise more efficient, enduring CAR gene therapy to combat HIV
Researcher Develops Successful Zika Virus Vaccine in Preclinical Studies
Gene therapy technique shows potential for repairing damage caused by glaucoma and dementia
Gene therapy research repairs nerve transport systems damaged by glaucoma and dementia
UC group launches clinical trial using CRISPR to correct sickle cell disease gene defect
UC Consortium Launches First Clinical Trial Using CRISPR to Correct Gene Defect That Causes Sickle Cell Disease
University of Missouri adds advanced electron microscopes to NextGen Precision Health building
Annual LOWVELO community ride supports cancer research, survivors
Parkinson’s gene may impair how new neurons are made throughout our lifetime
Scientist Developing Gene Therapy to Help Girls With Rett Syndrome
University of Helsinki and University of Eastern Finland shareholders in a Finnish COVID vaccine company
Nanoparticle delivery offers hope to those with peripheral artery disease
A new blindness gene uncovered in a canine study
MIT team improving gene therapies wins Sloan health care prize
Study Shows Voluntary Running Reduces Neuromuscular Decline In Aging Mice
Advancing gene therapy for new glaucoma treatments
Visualisation of ‘dancing DNA’
Preventing pressure injuries
New study suggests genetic testing could be appropriate for all motor neurone disease patients
Future of Rare Disease Research: Ethics, Treatments, and Access
RAND study finds significant social and economic impacts by Lemelson-MIT Prize-winning inventors
Neurons from patient blood cells enable researchers to test treatments for genetic brain disease
Inherited immune condition reversed by random DNA change
Researchers Develop Potentially Safer, More Effective Gene Therapy Vector for Blood Disorders
Janssen publishes positive safety and efficacy data for single-dose COVID-19 vaccine
Novavax publishes positive efficacy data for its COVID-19 vaccine
NYU Dentistry Awarded NIH Grant to Investigate Oral Cancer Pain Treatment Utilizing Co-delivery of DNA and RNA
Researchers use patients’ cells to test gene therapy for rare eye disease
First hybrid gene therapy shows early promise in treating long QT syndrome
Cancer emergency rations could provide basis for new treatment
Research survey seeks views on gene therapy
Genome Editing to Treat Human Retinal Degeneration 26 January
Genome Editing to Treat Human Retinal Degeneration
Biodistribution of AAV Gene Transfer Vectors in Nonhuman Primate
CHOP and Penn Researchers Identify Nanoparticles that Could Be Used in Therapeutic mRNA Delivery before Birth
Pfizer Invests $120 Million in Biotechnology Innovation Through Pfizer Breakthrough Growth Initiative
Moderna COVID-19 vaccine authorised by UK medicines regulator
Pfizer Doses First Participant in Phase 3 CIFFREO study
Second COVID-19 vaccine authorised by medicines regulator
Scientists at Tel Aviv University Developed a Gene Therapy for Deafness
Our 10 most-read science news stories of 2020
Our 10 most-read science news stories from 2020
Gene Therapy for Placental Insufficiency Moves Toward Clinic