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Researchers Identify Potential Genetic Variants Linked to Increased Cancer Risk in Children with Birth Defects
Researchers identify potential genetic variants linked to increased cancer risk in kids with birth defects
Covid policies harmed minority women’s perinatal experiences, magnified inequities
Study finds earlier mammograms for women with family history of breast cancer may not be needed
Hollings recruits researcher who targets aggressive breast cancer
Online Testing Tool Identifies People Likely to Benefit from Genetic Testing for Inherited Risk for Certain Cancers
Bigger is better for genetic tests that check for cardiomyopathy, arrhythmias
Dana-Farber Brigham Cancer Center opens new facility in Foxborough
Evaluating Costs Associated With Genetic Counseling Among Insured Patients With Cancer
Changing treatment of cancer
Informing children of mother’s genetic cancer risk does not impact their health behaviors
Cancer survivorship program aims to marry research, clinical care
Know your risk for hereditary cancer
Researchers assess effectiveness of telemedicine for pediatric patients with genetic conditions
Targeted agents, combination therapies, and clinical trial equity headline Dana-Farber research
265 students receive diplomas at Baylor College of Medicine’s first full in-person commencement in two years
Genetic test can diagnose certain immune system disorders
American College of Medical Genetics and genomics publishes clinical practice resource on hearing loss
Community health educators help Latinas access breast cancer prevention and treatment
Baylor College of Medicine names new dean of School of Health Professions
Annual Interprofessional Education Day Includes Focus on Health Equity
Genetic Testing for Parkinson’s Disease: What You Need to Know
Comprehensive framework outlined for addressing early-onset colorectal cancer research
New England Cancer Specialists to become Affiliate Member of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Unraveling complexity of vitamin B12 diseases
Penn Medicine Awarded $9.5 Million Grant from Warren Alpert Foundation to Increase Diversity
African American breast cancer patients less likely to receive genetic counseling, testing
Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy’s ground-breaking effort
Diagnosed With Cancer in Her 20s, Kelly Moyer Finds Her Way Back
Global Incubator Seed Grants awarded
Identification of genetic causes of childhood epilepsy reveals way to improved treatment and care
University starts new program in genetic counseling
Genetic counseling program helps patients take control of their health
Black and White Women Have Same Mutations Linked to Breast Cancer Risk
Graduates encouraged to be ready for unexpected forks in road that can lead to success
A Break from Chemo: PARP Inhibitor Shrinks Tumors in Pancreatic Cancer Patients with Mutations
Insurance isn’t enough for women at high risk of breast cancer
Artificial intelligence can accelerate clinical diagnosis of fragile X syndrome
Death of ‘Black Panther’ Star Sheds Light on Young Adults’ Colon Cancer Risks
Evenings with Genetics: at-home genetic testing?
At-home screening for ovarian, breast cancers is effective