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New test better detects reservoir of virus in HIV patients
No new community cases; 7 cases of COVID-19 in managed isolation; 1 historical case
New border-related positive COVID-19 case
Update on border-related case; crew member under investigation on ship
Discoveries on Vitis amurensis Genome May Shed Light on Cold Tolerance of Grapevine Breeding
Scientists Create Simple Synthetic Cell That Grows and Divides Normally
No new community cases; 11 cases of COVID-19 in managed isolation
Queensland latest coronavirus data as at 27 March
Ministry reporting positive COVID-19 case at border
Fragmenting in private
Ministry reporting postive COVID-19 case at border
New method for genome assembly in barley provides excellent results
Sharing Shears: Conserved Protein Segment Activates Molecular DNA Scissors for DNA repair
How one patient’s rare mutation helped solve a mycobacterial mystery
Biographer Walter Isaacson on CRISPR and his new subject, Jennifer Doudna
Mandatory form for international travel launched to prevent illegal trips
Regulation of cell division by signaling protein ECT2
Identified: A mechanism that protects plant fertility from stress
1 further COVID-19 community case; already in quarantine and linked to Auckland cluster
World’s oldest DNA reveals how ice age mammoths evolved
Research shows that, genetically, high-CBD “hemp” plants are mostly marijuana
Wolves, dogs and dingoes, oh my
5 cases of COVID-19 in managed isolation, no new community cases
Update on genomic sequencing
NIH’s TOPMed program publishes data on over 53,000 diverse genomes
TOPMed reports early data on large-scale sequencing
We’re more like primitive fishes than once believed
Study uncovers structural features regulating mRNA processing
Underestimated mutation potential of retrogenes
Study’s findings may help eventually close door on COVID-19
New method shows promise in identifying disease-fighting drug targets
Filling a crucial gap in aquafarming: ion beam breeding to rescue
Green millet genome resource provides a valuable tool for studying major crops
Plant biologists reveal genetic patterns in maize development
Genetic material packaged inside cells is more solid than liquid
Researchers Identify Protein that Restricts Herpes Simplex Virus Infection
Biomarkers in fathers’ sperm linked to offspring autism
Confirmed positive case linked to hotel cleaner
COVID-19 variant
Western Australia coronovirus update as at 5 January
Australian Health Protection Principal Committee statement on new variant of virus that causes COVID-19
Biographies: Appointments to Canadian Grain Commission
Corona: How virus interacts with cells
COVID-19 information about new virus variant
NSW public health alert – urgent call for testing
NSW public health alert – new avenues
NSW latest coronavirus data as at 17 December
Public health alert – Further Northern Beaches venues