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New clinical trial will test deep brain stimulation as Alzheimer’s treatment
Unravelling prehistoric fire use: ‘Variation in fire conditions equals variation in human behaviour’
Bound by infection: identifying how COVID-19 interacts with cells
Social dialogue crucial to tackling impact of COVID-19 says Global Deal report
Real Price of art: International UNESCO campaign reveals hidden face of art trafficking
New edition of eGovernment MONITOR
Open Access agreement for Nature journals
Driving export opportunities organically
Ensuring long-term stability in Central African Republic
Improving incentives for people to use COVID apps is key to widespread usage
International Team of Scientists Identifies Common Vulnerabilities Across Coronaviruses
Humans and Climate drove Giants of Madagascar to Extinction
Taking charge by seeking ways to achieve gender balance
ZEF’s Joachim von Braun gives special lecture for 2020 World Food Day
Energy System 2050: Solutions for Energy Transition
New benchmark to protect biodiversity after bushfires
Moving toward a ceasefire and preventing famine in Yemen
NASA’s James Webb Telescopes will reveal hidden galaxies
UK sanctions Alexey Navalny’s poisoners
Small RNA as a Central Player in Infections
$1 million reward for information over German backpacker Simone Strobel’s murder
Project combines geology and technology to generate a new approach to calculating earthquake hazard
Blinded by light no more: simulations show NASA’s James Webb Telescope will reveal hidden galaxies
Hand surgeon and microsurgery specialist Dr. L. Scott Levin new Chair ACS Board of Regents
When tumour cells lose their grip
Goethe University partner in US$ 7.2 million research project on Parkinson’s disease
Leading academies say science is more important than ever in solving global challenges
Australian-first CT scanner to transform delivery of trauma and cardiac services
Tribunal Initiates Final Injury Inquiry- Heavy Plate from Chinese Taipei, Germany and Turkey
Tribunal Issues Determination of Reasonable Indication of Injury-Wheat Gluten From Australia, Austria, Belgium
Combination Therapy against Cancer
A study indicates that hair loss might be prevented by regulating stem cell metabolism
Ultrafast Fiber Laser Produces Record High Power
UK PM call with Chancellor Merkel of Germany
U.S. Air Force medical entomology supports wide-reaching mission, seeks candidates
Media Invited to Virtual Briefing on Launch of Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich Satellite
Special Representative for Iran and Venezuela Elliott Abrams Traveled to Germany for Consultations with European
2020 Nobel Prize in Physics: FSU astrophysicists break down winning work on black holes
United States Conducts Training to Identify and Respond to Use of Weapons of Mass Destruction for Assassination
Composite Leading Indicators , OECD, October 2020
Odors as navigational cues for pigeons
Prices of several staples up to multi-month highs
Shepparton’s WWII Italian Ossario Makes Heritage Register
Long-term consequences of global change difficult to predict
Cerenkov Luminescence Imaging Accurately Identifies Surgical Margin Status During Radical Prostatectomy
Evidence of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and motor neurone disease found in brains of young people exposed to
UN Human Rights Council 45 statement for resolution L.45, Human Rights Situation in Syrian Arab Republic
Santer honored with geophysical union award