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Pharmacy Researchers Develop Treatment for Glioblastoma
Case Western Reserve awarded $3M for MRI scans to fight brain tumors
Drug May Halt Brain Swelling in Glioblastoma Patients
Six new teams ready for SPARK Norway
Brain Cancer Patients May Benefit from WBC-Boosting Treatment
Research Finds Limited Evidence for Glioblastoma Treatment ML Algorithms
Pusan National U Uncovers Therapeutic Targets to Fight Brain Cancer
New fluorescent dye can light up brain
Machine Learning Predicts Brain Tumor Progression
Blood test for cancer shows promise thanks to machine learning
Scientists Create Vaccine to Fight Brain Cancer
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Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica B Vol. 12, Issue 12 Published
Mystery Behind Deadly Brain Cancer Solved
Rethinking How Cancer Cells Evade Targeted Therapy
Cooling glioblastoma to room temperature extends survival in preclinical study
Racial Disparities Found in Brain Tumor Surgery Recommendations
Phase I Clinical Trial Using CAR-T for Glioblastoma to Begin at UNC Medical Center
Uncovering Brain Cancer’s Molecular Signature
Hunting brain cancer cells
Chasing brain cancer cells
Brain cancer research draws support
Boosted by $3 million in seed funding, Queen Mary spin-out heralds developments
Final results of brain cancer clinical trial published
Two Uppsala researchers receive major project funding
Implanted Pump Safely Delivered Chemo Straight to Brain in Patients with Brain Cancer
QIMR and WEHI take home prizes for best early-stage project
Making glioblastoma more vulnerable to treatment
CDI scientist, colleagues look for microscopic clues to beating deadly brain tumors
Origin-of-life molecule, key to cancer research
Scientists identify specific alterations in BRAF gene that may affect response to treatment and survival
Scientists identify link between mitochondria and pancreatic cancer risk
Collaborative brain cancer research awarded $4.6m grant
Scientists improve vehicle for delivering gene therapies to central nervous system
$5.4 million boost for brain cancer research
Breakthrough brings potential glioblastoma drug into focus
Discovery broadens scope of use of CRISPR gene editing
Researchers identify promising therapeutic target for incurable brain cancer
Dual-targeting CAR NK cells can prevent cell dysfunction and tumor escape